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  1. This mod patches a lot of things to bring the best possible playing experience. Here's what it will patch for you: Starter editing - Makes playing as other Pokémon possible High-Res model patching - Prevents your model from disappearing during certain closeups Portrait patching - Shows the default portrait in the absence of a more specific emotion portrait Animation patching - Substitute missing story animations with dungeon ones to avoid the attack animation being used for everything And something else in the scripts that can't be mentioned without revealing spoilers. It is the last item in a similar list in this video if you're fine with being spoiled, or if you've seen it before. This mod only works for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and you must have Java on your computer to use this. Instructions On the New Project window, choose "Starter Mod" in the drop-down, and fill in the name with something that makes sense. Then click OK. Wait until the loading is complete. This is one of the heavier mods, and may take some time even on beefier computers. Save the solution, to avoid having to repeat step 2 if something goes wrong. Expand the project you just created and open "fixed_pokemon.bin". You can do this either by double-clicking or by right-clicking and clicking Open. Edit things to your liking. You should see this: For the purpose of this guide, I'll do this: Things to consider: Each Pokémon must have 4 moves. It's been a while since I tried having less, but I remember things not working with fewer than 4 moves. In my example, I got the first three moves from the level up, and the fourth from Zorua's set of egg moves, although you are not required to stick to these; you can pick anything you want. The evolution must be the final evolution in the line. If you pick a Pokémon with multiple evolutions, the first on will be used. Refer to the PSMD Pokédex index to find which evolution comes first (for example, if the starter is Eevee, the first evolution is Vaporeon). Click File -> Save -> Save File. You can now rebuild the mod-pack. Note that this may take a while.
  2. This mod lets you customize the Pokémon portraits. Additionally, it will copy the default emotion to empty slots, for use with the Starter Mod. Before continuing, please make sure you've reached the "Making Mods" section of the Sky Editor guide to ROM editing. Instructions On the New Project window, choose "Portrait Mod" in the dropdown, and fill in the name with something that makes sense. Then click OK. Wait for the loading to complete. This may take a while depending on your computer. Portraits should be under (Solution Directory)/(Project Directory)/Pokemon/Portraits. Sky Editor has no UI for this, so you will need to use another program. Remarks Portraits can only have 15 colors.
  3. Are there any errors in the errors dialog? It's pretty bad about putting stuff in there without telling you.
  4. That depends on how you want to run the hack. If you have Luma 3DS, simply enable game patching in the settings menu (hold select on boot), then copy the contents of the SD Card folder to your SD card. If you want a ROM for Citra, Gateway, Sky 3DS+, etc, then you'll need to choose an appropriate option in the modpack settings:
  5. After making the changes you've always wanted, it's time to put everything together. Setting the 3DS output If you're editing 3DS ROMs, you may want to choose what kind of output you want. By default, it will output a folder whose contents you paste onto your 3DS's SD card for use with Luma 3DS game patching, but you can choose a variety of other formats. Refer to this section for instructions. Building Luckily, this is a one-step process. Simply click Solution > Build: Sky Editor will start doing a lot of things: Then it will open up another form that applies all your changes to a ROM so you can try it out. Don't touch this window: When it's all done, "Modpack"'s status should be Complete: The files you want are on disk under (Solution Directory)/Modpack/Output. You should see two things: a zip file, and a either a NDS ROM, 3DS ROM, or a directory labled "SD Card". The zip file is the distributable patcher. You can give this to anyone you want, and they'll be able to apply your changes to their ROM. The other thing is the result of the patches for your use only. Do not distribute this, as it is illegal to share ROMs even if they are modified.
  6. Not possible without a lot more advanced editing, unfortunately. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to evolve into a Gallade post game, however. Just not with the harmony scarf.
  7. Transparency counts as a single color, but I'm not aware of any portraits that have any. Since some of the colors can be very close to each other, manual counting will not only prove difficult but also unreliable. I didn't check all of them, but Pained has one too many colors: To get here in GIMP, use Colors -> Info -> Colorcube Analysis Grin works because it only has 13. The maximum is 15.
  8. This mod lets you modify the models and animations. This only supports Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon for now, but can support Gates to Infinity with some more work. Leave feedback in this GitHub issue if you're interested, and I'll prioritize it accordingly. Instructions On the New Project window, choose "Model Mod" in the drop-down, and fill in the name with something that makes sense. Then click OK. Wait for the loading to complete. The portraits are in (Solution Directory)/(Project Directory)/Models, in various sub-directories (ignore the "Raw Files" directory). Remarks This project will not substitute missing animations. The Starter Mod will take care of that for you. You can use SPICA or Ohana 3DS to view the models and animations. Editing them is outside the scope of this guide.
  9. You shouldn't have to do anything more. Just be sure you're opening the correct files. Spica and Ohana won't be able to read the BGRS files, but they can read the BCH files. After opening a BCH, you can then import the BCHSKALA and BCHMATA (or whatever they were) files, which are animations for the BCH. You can mix and match models and animations for extra fun.
  10. I'm only seeing 15 colors in the standard one you uploaded. Having repacked the portraits a lot without error, I'd be very surprised if any of the existing portraits had more than 15 colors. The image format can only physically store 16, and one of those is for transparency. (I don't remember if Sky Editor supports transparency.)
  11. I have no idea what's causing the issue. But just to confirm, which region of the game are you using? That version is rather old. Try the one from the intro:
  12. Version 3.05


    Files: 0907_v3.0.5 — Windows drivers ndsplus-64-29nov2012.tar.gz — 64-bits statically compiled UPX compressed Linux build - updated to november 29, 2012 ndsplus-32-29nov2012.tar.gz — 32-bits statically compiled UPX compressed Linux build - updated to november 29, 2012 ndsplus-mac.zip — 64-bits Mac build (only libusb statically compiled) ndsplus-64.tar.gz — 64-bits statically compiled Linux build ndsplus-32.tar.gz — 32-bits statically compiled Linux build Sources: HK EMS's Downloads Page (Windows drivers) Thulinma/ndsplus on GitHub (Linux and Mac drivers)
  13. Oh, wow, that's quite the error. It looks like it's coming from inside the UI framework or something. What was the last thing you did before the error came up?