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  1. Sorry for the delay. This is done. Done
  2. You'll need to create the directory /luma/titles/00040000000BA800 on the SD card then put the code in the original post in cheats.txt.
  3. It can be changed from the main menu a little bit into the story.
  4. You'll need to unblock the zip file before extracting it as described in nthe start of Yeah, you'll have to remove the ability first. This cutscene is a little brittle.
  5. "Wolf" was taken, but "Le Wolf" was available.
  6. This one doesn't support extracting ROMs, but DreamNexus does:
  7. Looks like one of the important files is missing. Depending on what changes you made, it may be easiest to start over, making sure to save the project every chance you get.
  8. I'm afraid not. Its save file structure is rather complicated and requires having complete knowledge of how it's structured to edit things effectively.
  9. The ROM editor won't be able to edit items in your inventory, but it's great at editing the available starter Pokémon. Tutorial:
  10. To open the save editor, open SkyEditor.SaveEditor.UI.WPF.exe in this file: However, it does not support Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.
  11. I recommend using Layered FS to not need to install anything else. nxdumptool can dump ROM files straight to the correct directory, and Sky Editor DX is designed to use this.
  12. Try redownloading it. For version 1.0.3, you should have a file that's 89.3 MB.
  13. The 3DS starter mod covers both portraits and models. The Explorers of Sky one does not.
  14. Seems the font color picker's "automatic" option doesn't remove the font color but instead just picks one. A better option is the remove formatting button, but that removes all formatting. I fixed it for now by using find & replace with the underlying HTML.
  15. I recommend using nxdumptool to dump and extract the rom. It can even unpack it straight to the correct layeredfs directory. However, my knowledge of Switch hacking is a year and a half out of date, so there could be better alternatives out there, idk.
  16. The starter mod changes a lot of things and can interfere with other mods such as your portrait and script mods. In Sky Editor, right-click the starter project and click Properties, then you'll be shown some project settings. Disable portrait and model patching and then save. Alternatively, get rid of your own portrait and model projects (and remove the "Modpack Files" directory from (Solution Path)/Modpack) if you want the starter mod's changes instead.
  17. I do not, unfortunately.
  18. Left-click then right-click on the [Directory] node, then choose Create Project instead.
  19. I don't know about this error. But... This error means that you started with a CXI file. The 3DS builder library I'm using for building decrypted 3ds ROMs needs a little more information than a CXI file has, so you'll have to use another option instead. On this screen, I recommend "Build Luma Layered FS". If you're using Luma 3DS, just make sure game patching is enabled and paste the contents of the SD Card folder in the output directory onto your SD card. It should also work on Citra 3DS, although there's a chance you'll need to rearrange some of the files. See the Citra 3DS website for details.
  20. You need to install Java on your computer.
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