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  1. I was trying to add these contest master ribbons to a pokemon from X thats in Ultra Sun now before transferring to bank then home. keep getting the red flag.
  2. I'm trying to get a near perfect Eevee starter in pokemon XD but do not know how to go about this properly my main goal is to get perfect Special attack and speed with modest nature but everything I do shows up as illegal in PKHex, trying to use PID generators but I'm new to genning in Generation 3
  3. did the US English Game Stop Mew get added to the files?
  4. oh well, I still have Y as a cartridge but the other 3 I have as downloads
  5. you think it will work with the digital games???
  6. so I have a question. is Florges form dependent on the pid?
  7. looking for a gamestop diancie with modest nature.
  8. well I used the region change code in conjunction with the language code but I cant tell if it worked. I wanna clone it and see if someone can open it for me?
  9. So I don't know if the region editor code on power saves works. im trying to make my tanbatta jirachi (from power saves) look like it was obtained on a japanese DS
  10. well are the codes for the jirachi and the diancie on power saves legal?
  11. Shouldnt we create another thread for poke hex request? Mainly I want a legal Diance and Tanabata Jirachi. If i use power saves to get them on my game they will be english origin but I want one with japanese origin...
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