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Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6


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Quick question as to whether this has been tried:

- Back up a save using Powersaves.

- Use the (reverse of) the KeySAV algorithm to place a new pkx into a box on the save file.

- Load the save back into Powersaves.

- Add a code to the save (any will do) so that it goes over to their servers [where hopefully they fix the necessary checksums].

- Load the save that came back from their servers.

Sorry if this has been tried already, was planning to give it a go this weekend when I have some time but wanted to check it hasn't already been tried and failed.

Yea, that's already been tried.. it gets rejected. That's part of the reason people believe Datel uses a 3DS farm.. their console's would have to be able to load the save to apply RAM hacks.

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Has been tried, does not work. Datel's setup can't load "corrupted" savefiles; all of their edits are done after their unit decrypts and verifies -- probably outside of their control.

What about using something like cheat Engine to view the memory while the power save program runs? Or maybe looking at the ASM of the program? (I just got this, and was thinking of trying it)

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Let me see if I got this, The en/decryption is done through the reader hardware, or is it sent to a server online? (I never applied cheats yet, only used it to back up saves).

Secondly, the cheats appear to be downloaded each time the card is connected. Is there any way we can view the cheats (again, through a memory editor?)

Lastly, is there a way if we can view the cheats, to maybe hack the cheats? (or is that stored on their server again?)

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Datel only sends index numbers for applicable codes for your game; you choose which "case" you want and the server side exploit will execute the relevant code for the number you chose.

There is no way to exploit their system unless they leave valid index numbers in their system (while not sending them in the list of codes to choose from). This recently public trick let's people get the old codes that were removed a while ago - they're still in their system, just not selectable unless you edit your selection in the XML.

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And how do you do this trick with Powersaves and the XML file?

You don't; Datel caught on and now prevents people from doing it. It only worked for previously allowed codes anyways. As has been said many times before, Powersaves is a dead end for getting anything beyond what they already offer.

In other news, I've updated the wiki with minor updates to the memory related data; the memories have an intensity, a memory type, (a variable word), and a feeling. PKHeX can output (and edit) the memory readout in its newest update.

No idea on what purpose the two remaining bytes serve.

There is still no method for injection unless you've got payload writing capabilities on a hacked 3DS.

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Someone could tell me how I can transfer a pokemon (.pkm) 6th generation to my Nintendo 3ds? I used to use pokecheck.org but it is disabled.


Well if you are talking about injecting pokemon into your X/Y game like Pokecheck allowed you to do in Black/White, you need a Japanese cart and the Cyber Save Editor 3DS by Cyber Gadget (which can only be imported from Japan) for starters. If you don't have those, then you are out of luck right now.

If you are talking about transferring Pokemon from Black/White to X/Y, then you need to use PokeTransporter along with Pokebank.

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