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  1. I did, can't find a 8badged/finished save. only living dex and stuff.
  2. I don't wanna create a new topic for this, anyone has a shield save where the main story is complete or at least with 8 badges?
  3. Thank you for all this hard work, you guys are the reason why I still play Pokemon, it would way to exhausting without you.
  4. Thanks for the reply, yeah you were right, I had to reinstall the components like 20 times, but now it finally works. Thank you.
  5. Can someone help me here, please. I try to compile the latest pkhex with Visual Studio 2019 (I have .NET Framework 4.6 and .NET Core 3). I always get this message: When I migrate the files, I get like a million errors, if I don't, It wont even show the options to build/rebuild/debug.
  6. Is it possible to check if a pokemon is edited with PKhex? (Edited IVs,EVs,Shiny and so on) Will there ever be something like a legit checker for gen6 ( and maybe 7 later)?
  7. I'm sorry, didn't know that, I was very tired and half asleep... It will never happen again ._. Thanks for the information tho~
  8. anyone has the german shiny Rayquaza event WC? I can't find it anywhere.
  9. Hey guys I need the UK Darkrai Event and the Jap Shiny Arceus Event as Pkx/Pk6 file and 100% legit . Could someone help me out?
  10. Can I update my emunand to the newest version or will gateway not work with pkhex anymore? the console firmware is 9.2
  11. I can't even find the hidden hex stuff on pkhex... maybe hidden abilities works different now?
  12. How can I use my Original Cartridge sav with gateway to use it with PKHex? Is it even possible?
  13. I dont get this part... could anyone help me out here? what exactly should I delete?
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