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  1. On one hand I feel the excitement of new discoveries, on the other hand, I see yet another generation of arrogant players taking advantage of such research to pollute the games with hacks…
  2. NDS Backup Tool WiFi works fine with DSiXL, thus this isn't the case.
  3. wondering about this as well, R4 clones apparently auto-DLDI or whatever that's supposed to mean is there perhaps a debug mode we could turn on to see who's the culprit there?
  4. Hm, wanted to give this thing a go, but I'm getting an "IO Read Error", found another couple of posts mentioning this but no solution followed...
  5. Sister thread on smogon: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2955460
  6. Greetings fellow Pokémon fans, The Pokémon fandom is truly remarkable: loyal, evergreen, creative and vast. However, while the sheer size of the fandom has certainly positive effects on the quality of the information produced, it also results into cluttered, cut-off bits. As common sense dictates, localized communities are not water-tight, meaning users roam around using different related programs and visit several websites / forums, often with equally active accounts on many of them. Not only they have to keep several instances of their online presence, they need to move their Pokémon data along, whether that is their team's information, "trade material" and whatnot. It would be overly optimistic (at the moment at least) to think of a portable "Pokéfan" identity across fansites; it is however possible to break all the rest free. tldr - My vision (in lack of a less pompous word) is that anyone will be one day able to Copy a line of text and Paste it in their favourite application, forum, website and let the software format, translate and display it, never to worry about having to input their information over and over again. In case I confused you already, let me illustrate using an example. This is the output of three popular IV calculation tools. You'll notice that every each one uses a different format. Go around in a couple of forums and you'll notice that every other post has a format of its own: Shuckle (Relaxed) HP : 15 - 19 Atk: 20 Def: 15 - 19 SAt: 20 SDf: 20 Spd: 15, 20 --AVG: 17.6667 #213 Shuckle [Relaxed] IVs: 15, 17, 19 / 20 / 15, 17, 19 / 20 / 20 / 20 Stats at Lv.20: 41|0 / 13|0 / 110|0 / 13|0 / 101|0 / 9|0 Shuckle - #213 (Relaxed) HP: 15 - 19 Att: 20 Def: 15 - 19 SpA: 20 - 24 SpD: 20 - 24 Speed: 20 A Pokémon data structure is merely a graspable example; such a set of rules / standards could facilitate anything related to information exchange within the community, for the benefit of the end user, that is... us. Like any other fandom, we occasionally quarrel, become fanboys and flame each other, often forgetting how we all enjoy playing the same games. This can be one of those different, rare cases of collaboration beyond personal grudges and language barriers that can easily yield efficient and palpable benefits for years to come. [align=right]yet another Pokémon fan[/align]
  7. opoq could enlighten us perhaps but he seems inactive unfortunately
  8. Now that's a nice update, kudos for the achievement! I know I am not the most skilled programmer around here, just learned how to code for a hobby actually, but I'd be very interested in looking at those logs. Drop me a line over legendarypokemon at gmail dot com when you get a chance
  9. It was bound to happen some day... kudos to LordLandon for the achievement though The bad part is that people are going to abuse it; hard. Now everyone is going to cheat and remain completely undetectable. I also doubt that they can patch this server side. I'm not sure whether releasing this in the wild was a good idea or not, time shall tell and it will depend on Nintendo's stance on the matter. The bright side is that now they will eventually be aware of the vulnerability, and fix their system on the next Generation. Nobody would blame them if there's no compatibility with the older generations either.
  10. And much alike G/S, the new games could support both the Nintendo DS and its successor In other news, congrats on your new layout
  11. Indeed, I do recall that, I hope you've been doing well Since I am mostly focused on my studies and other projects at the moment, i haven't engaged in anything deeper than opening the unit apart, I want to have a better look into it though when I get a chance. I'm mostly interested in analyzing the IR signal and replicating/altering it afterwards. However that required both some custom electronics (something I am not really familiar with) and perhaps custom software too. That'd require lots of reading, tinkering and fiddling and my free time is limited these days...
  12. And a teardown alongside the Activity meter: http://www.legendarypokemon.net/2009/11/26/Articles/pokewalker-and-activity-meter-teardown
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