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  1. Any chance of getting mine changed? Preferably to plasmashadow but will take plasmashad0w also.
  2. This is truly outstanding! This could lead to the rumoured last Legendaries of Kalos being found, plus more Megas! (Since we wont know others until PokeTransporter) However, if the rumor of Gen 6 having 2 regions (since only haveing 72 new Pkmn and such) and there is additional Pokemon/Region (The rom size is 1.7gb, most 3DS roms are ~1gb) we could find that out too? I know that would be in the rom, but hints would be in the save of course. Anyways, great work! Can't wait to see where this goes!
  3. There isn't one. You need to hack the game to insert the Shadow Lugia/XD001 sprite in. It's not in the game, was only in :Gale of Darkness
  4. It did?...I might have posted the perminate code without knowing. The shorter, universal one is a constant 'keep it on' code. Sorry for misunderstanding.
  5. The key System is in the ROM not save, so the code doesnt affect the save. This then doesnt create a perminate unlock as the code does not affect or edit the save. YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT ON TO HAVE THEM UNLOCKED.
  6. You say that as if I don't know what it does. I said you have to keep it on at all times if you want them permanent unlocked due to it not affecting your save!
  7. There is, but i couldn't find it. You need to keep the code on as it doesn't reflect on the save.
  8. Black 2 code, I can't find the universal one though 52010494 5881008A 020104CC 4804BD00 020104C8 2001FFF3 020104C4 F7FFB500 0201049C 5880BD00 02010498 2001FFF3 02010494 F7FFB500 D0000000 00000000
  9. I beg to differ. I can interchange between my Black 2 Rom and my brothers White 2 Rom. Siemen - Make sure they are the same name. Mine is Pokemon Black 2.nds and Pokemon Black 2.nds.sav (Im using an Ak2i) but yours may just be .sav MAKE SURE THERE ISNT A SPACE BETWEEN THE 2 AND THE DOT. Thats your problem
  10. Hang on, isnt ever legit Pokemon sent to your games from Pokecheck deemed hacked/illigal? Seeing as they get given a Ribbon...
  11. Ah right, so how would I load Gen 4 PKM files so i can have them on my Gen 5 Save?
  12. Why not just scrap Legendaries and breed proper Pokemon to show your good at the game? Some Legendaries are OP and your friends may not like you using them. Obtain the properly or don't use them at all.
  13. I tried inserting some PKM Files from my SoulSilver but the names are messed up and look wierd. Do I have to do something beforehand?
  14. EDIT: It does work for B2/W2 Dream World, but One Pokemon is preventing it from working.
  15. Codr, why not make 2 versions? (If you can keep them up to date) so 1 as it is now, and one like you plan to. Some people will like the old UI but may not like the new UI however.
  16. Nice! Just a few grammatical errors and such. but other than that - excellent!
  17. In snivyguy's defence, I found it difficult to add an Item at first. Could you make it a bit easier or obvious to edit them? or even add a screentip.
  18. I have never used a Master Ball on any Pokemon. I will always try and catch them with other PokeBalls. Like the other day I caught Zekrom in a Quick Ball on Black 2...or even XD001 in a Great ball on :GoD
  19. Yeah, my Mediafire Account was reported but I have uploaded them to Filedropper! Black 2 V4 Patch Link: http://www.filedropper.com/blk2translationv4 White 2 V4 Patch Link: http://www.filedropper.com/wht2translationv4 EDIT: 69th post!
  20. Right, Seeing as the link in the OP is down, I have uploaded them myself to my Mediafire Account. Both Patches are V4 so it is the latest. Black 2 V4 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zhffa9w3cm94vjf White 2 V4 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?j4s3cr52xshs6rb
  21. Can someone make this code work for Black 2? In trying to use White Forest throught the Key System. The code is Max Dweller/Level in Black City and White/Forest :Max Value for Front City Dwellers In White Forest/ Black city (Select) ::Hold Select before entering white forest/black city 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 C0000000 00000009 2003490E 00000064 DC000000 00000018 D2000000 00000000
  22. Nope, I got past it with this patch. The Password can be: 2202,7707, 9909, レシラム(Reshiram), キュレム (Kyurem) or ゼクロム (Zekrom) The Plasma Grunts say a Password hint though, like mine was: [2], [2], [0], [2]
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