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  1. Hi, and welcome. I used to live in Saitama. I collected a lot of event pokemon while I lived in Japan. I visited Kyoto a couple of times but it was way too hot there. I really like the 6th generation games, so I think you should get a 3DS and give them a try.
  2. No, because I still don't see the purpose of having such a test, or why "expert genners" are needed. As we've said, it doesn't matter.
  3. From what I understand/recall: The Colosseum/XD PID stuff was a lot more complicated than the other games, and it took a lot of work to figure out. The people that DID figure it out incorporated it into various hack detecting programs, but never shared the information publicly. I don't know what site you are going to where people think they understand that (or why on earth there is a need for "expert genners" when as Kaphotics said, it's perfectly fine the way it is for non-despicable uses), but the way I remember it: the list people who DO understand it is very short.
  4. I doubt that. Or, perhaps you are misunderstading the meaning of "legit."
  5. You can sectionalize things to keep things organized. Tabs just make it too much work to get a general view of the data. Especially when it's a Wonder Card and there isn't a lot of data anyway.
  6. Nope. You'd have to load your save into a retail cartridge.
  7. I'd like to remind everyone that intentionally putting hacked Pokemon through Transporter is against the TOS of Pokemon Bank. It could get you banned from that service and discussion on how to circumvent it is not allowed here. I originally thought the purpose of this thread would be to report false positives getting blocked from being Transported, but it seems everyone is discussing why their hacked pkm were not able to get through. Any further discussion of that sort will result in this thread being shut down.
  8. I'd be willing to put money on the fact that they are just taking them from Serebii. They avoided doing it right away to make it less obvious. Okay, well... they did it right away, then undid it after he called them out on it, now they're doing it again slowly. But yes, Serebii uses a capture card for his XY images. And those images were shared with permission with veekun.com, and I'm pretty sure that's it so far. You really shouldn't be using Bulbapedia.
  9. Get their shit together? Did you not hear that PSN and Steam were also down due to huge amounts of sudden Christmas traffic? Not to mention that this has happened to other online services such as Netflix and Skype in recent years. This is not a problem unique to Nintendo.
  10. The official website says do not use hacked pokemon with Pokemon Bank or Pokemon Transporter/Mover. If you are worried about hack checks, do not transport in hacked Pokemon.
  11. If you got them from the Event Gallery, they are perfectly fine. Pretty sure it was determined that getting them from Dream Radar is what activates the flag for the mirror event. If you want it, you should buy the game. It's not that expensive anyway.
  12. I'm the one that let him know his translator missed those details.
  13. No, it isn't. It's a region marker. Wherever you read that, it's wrong.
  14. Nope. Anyway, your pokemon was likely leveled up to level 26 in a single battle, then evolved. Therefore it skipped the moves it learns before 26 as a Kadabra.
  15. My last post was made from my tablet, so it was a bit brief. I can explain a little bit better now. The webpage in question was the one outlining the rules for the kid's Dragon King tournament. It said Pokemon with that blue pentagon mark could be used and that the mark meant it was "Pokemon obtained through normal play in the Kalos region." People who read that focused on the "normal play" bit, but I wondered why it said "Kalos region" and dug for more info. In the more detailed regulations, it said pokemon from the national dex 001-718 could be used (excluding the usual legendaries) but that Pokemon brought in through Pokemon Bank/Transporter could NOT be used (suggesting these pokemon would not have the blue pentagon mark). In conclusion: I do not think pkx files have any kind of byte or mark or anything on them that is the result of an in-game hack check. I believe that mark is a visual representation of the region where the pokemon was encountered.
  16. The information was translated incompletely for Serebii. I read the website and informed him. He has made an update. I am convinced it is a region marker.
  17. So is it hacked or is it bred? If you actually bred it, what did you breed it with to get Thunder Punch? The B2W2 National Dex guide does not list Thunder Punch as one of its moves. Nor does any other website. Are you sure you aren't mixing up the data that you're looking at?
  18. This isn't the correct place to ask a question like this. But for battles via Friend Code, the PID for shiny doesn't matter. And just in case: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15396-Project-Pok%E9mon-does-NOT-support-CHEATING
  19. Contributed Text: (please feel free to point out any errors)
  20. Event Changelog and Credits Users are credited based on event contribution. Dates may differ slightly on actual upload date. This information can also be found in the second page of the excel tracker.
  21. Event Tracker of contributed Events (based on Wondercard ID) It shows existing and missing entries. Powersaves & uncertain wondercards are included as "missing entries" Legend: Lacking Entries (regardless of language): *PS: Most updated version will always be in the .rar package in first post* Thanks again to all of those who contribute to this community project!
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