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  1. Problem isn't with the site. It is with your computer. This site has never "had bugs". You are welcome to work on it yourself. But for the most part, there are legal versions of almost everything from Gen 3 on floating out there. I rreally don't know how much more work could be done, especially Gen 4 since almost all wonder cards are posted in the forum or hosted on the site.
  2. Please refer to the appropriate subforum. A quick Google has a ton of codes as well.
  3. You should probably contact this individual rather than post a thread.
  4. If you're referring to the fan-made GTS used to distribute pkm files from specific servers/IPs, that is unable to work without Nintendo Wi-Fi support, which is no longer possible for the non-3DS games.
  5. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33343-Gen-VI-Event-Contribution-Thread or search through that sub-forum for a pkm file attached to a post. I'm sure it is there somewhere.
  6. Please do not complain about Pokecheck's legality analysis detecting your hacked Pokemon when your Pokemon are, in fact, hacked/illegal. Since you didn't explicitly say you're trying to bypass an official legality check, I won't infract. But I'm still closing the thread.
  7. Question has been answered and it isn't so much about legality as it is about another website.
  8. Question has been answered. Your Pokemon are not legit nor are they legal and PokeCheck's legality checker is working as intended.
  9. The elimination of Wi-Fi services doesn't start until MAY. There is no word on if or when any type of fake-GTS services will be available for Gen 6.
  10. Microsoft and Sony have both said they'll be discontinuing support for PS3 and Xbox 360 around 2-3 years after the new consoles come out. That's a bit shorter than Nintendo is doing but not by much. Nothing at all unusual and people can still enjoy the games on the system.
  11. Normally, I'd shut this thread because it is kind of trading (and there's a thread for that) but I'll let it stand since it seem like it can be fun. All I ask is that, if you're going to run the contest here, that the contest cannot involve anything illegal, cannot involve an exchange of money or other things of value (gift cards) and cannot involve someone having to travel somewhere. For example, asking someone to e-mail you a humorous story would be fine and you choosing the best one. Asking someone to send you a story by traditional mail would not.
  12. More specifically, we are against circumventing official legality checks. That is, to the best of my knowledge, in GTS, Random Match/Battles, and in official tournaments. As far as I know, there is no legality check for Friend Code VS matches and assuming people fully disclose they generated their Pokemon, that is okay. But really, the simple rule is not to ask how to circumvent official legality checks.
  13. As per PP policy, we do not de-activate accounts. We can delete them, but there's no reason to. You are free to not use your account. It remaining here causes no harm. Regards.
  14. Value is strictly in the eye of the two people negotiating the trade. Someone else under different circumstances might find completely different values over the same trade. Question answered.
  15. In addition to what Guested wrote, please do not respond to people asking about circumventing legality checks or talking about them. Just PM one of us or click the report button.
  16. I'm not an admin proper and don't make the decisions around here, but I think I still have admin powers from a spambot invasion a while back. If you need to be in some usergroup permission or whatever, I'd be happy to click the few buttons it takes to do that.
  17. Use the trade thread. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33173-Temporary-X-amp-Y-trade-thread-Untill-a-proper-one-is-made
  18. Please use the normal trade thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33173-Temporary-X-amp-Y-trade-thread-Untill-a-proper-one-is-made
  19. There actually used to be a mobile version of the forums but I think it was lost with a forums upgrade some years back.
  20. There is a custom question already in place. Unfortunately, what sometimes happens is the spambot is made by areal person and then the account is turned over to a script or whatever.
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