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Found 2 results

  1. Bob's Gods This is my Uber ladder team. It used to carry Arceus, but now it has been tweaked. Its new version works very well, and the few battles I've used this team on have been either a win, or very, very close. The team is pretty balanced, but the overall goals are: To clear the way for Rayquaza , my Late game sweeper For all offensive pokemon to be versatile enough to change jobs (Helps reduce random switching and collapsing if an element is taken out, Trick room from a TR team, for example) To reduce extra damage And... To WIN! Lineup: [sprite]150[/sprite][sprite]382[/sprite][sprite]249[/sprite][sprite]202[/sprite] [sprite]384[/sprite] Analysis: Deoxys-A @ Focus Sash Ability: Pressure Nature: Naive (+ speed, - special defense) Ev's: 252 Attack/252 Speed/6 hp Extremespeed Stealth Rock Superpower Mirror Coat ----------------------------------------------- Comments: Deoxys-A is my suicide lead. If their lead is Kyogre, I can Mirror Coat its Water Spout and 1HK0. I can lay down rocks, as well as attack faster Pokemon, mainly scarfed 'mon, with Extremespeed. If, for some reason, it doesn't die, I can use it as a main sweeper and let Rayquaza stay in the back and become a "Just in case" 'mon. This also opens gaping holes in the enemy team, as Deoxys-A is now not as common. Fewer teams are properly prepared for it, so it can function pretty well. Deoxys can also use superpower to mess up Blissey pretty badly. The EVs are pretty simple now, a 252/252 spread ---------------------------------------------- [sprite]150[/sprite] Mewtwo @ Choice Specs Ability: Pressure Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack) EV's: 252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed/ 6 defense Aura Sphere Flamethrower Ice Beam Thunder ---------------------------------------------- Comments: Specs Mewtwo is immensely powerful, and I get a lot of coverage with the moves here. Aura Sphere is for Darkrai, Dialga, and Flamethrower is for all those Steel types. Ice Beam takes out Dragons, and Thunder is primarily Anti-Kyogre. It is usable even if their lead was Kyogre, because of mine providing weather support. Mewtwo is my main sweeper, but it CAN act as a follow up sweeper if Rayquaza or Deoxys is disabled. The EV's are simple, 252/252 spread. ---------------------------------------------- [sprite]382[/sprite] Kyogre @ Choice Scarf Ability: Pressure Nature: Timid (+ Speed, -Attack) Ev's: 252 Spatk/ 252 Speed/4 hp Water Spout Ice Beam Surf Thunder --------------------------------------- Comments: ScarfOgre. It obviously works as my revenge killer, and helps stop any bulky attacker that could pose a threat to Rayquaza. Revenge killing is my favorite part of any battle, and my old Revenge killer was a scarf'd Deoxys-A. Wraith convinced me to use it as my lead instead, so I changed the killer. Its preferred that it focuses on its job, however, as with most of the team, it can function as a sweeper if Mewtwo or Rayquaza is disabled. Water spout is self explanatory, Ice Beam takes out dragons, Surf is for when I' running low on HP, and thunder works well with the rain. The EV's are a 252/252 spread, once more. -------------------------------------- [sprite]249[/sprite] Lugia @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Nature: Bold (+ Defense, -Attack) EV's: 252 HP/204 Speed/52 defense Whirlwind Roost Ice Beam Reflect -------------------------------------- Comments: Lugia is pretty much the best Uber wall ever. This one is a physical wall, poisoning, and then stalling out physical threats that don't build up. For the ones that do, we toxic, and then whirlwind. Whirlwind has some nice synergy with our deoxys, as a phazed enemy will take rock damage as well. The 204 Speed EVs translates into 307 Speed. This outruns all Pokémon of the base 90 Speed bracket that have a Speed boosting nature, an incredibly important feat in Ubers; this is because Groudon, Kyogre, and Dialga, all frighteningly powerful attackers, exist at that level. The hp and defense just help it out in its walling. ------------------------------------- [sprite]202[/sprite] Wobbuffett @ Leftovers Ability: Shadow Tag Nature: calm EV's: 28 HP/ 252 Sp. Def/228 def Counter Mirror Coat Encore Safeguard ------------------------------ Comments: Wobbuffet. He is DEADLY. I can encore a boosting move, or an attack. He can't switch, and I just counter/Mirror Coat Away. I can also use the Shadow Tag/ Encore Combo to help Rayquaza set up. The EV's help wobbuffet stay alive under the pounding it takes in battle ---------------------------- [sprite]384[/sprite] Here it is: Rayquaza @ Life Orb Ability: Air Lock Nature: Jolly (+ Speed, -special attack) EV's: 252 attack/ 32 hp/216 speed Dragon Dance Earthquake Outrage Overheat ------------------------------------------ Comments: Rayquaza. This guy's job is to tear through the defanged opposition. Earthquake handles Dialga, which poses a threat to my team, Outrage is an amazing STAB move, and Overheat stops all those steels ------------------------------------------ Problems that are known to exist: Burns on Rayquaza Pursuit People who have helped this team: Wraith89 Toffeuy Goldgross Randomspot Random people on TU Edit Log: 7/13: Fixed Blissey, Deoxys, Lugia, minor edits 7/14: Trying out Wobbufett 7/18: Set final team
  2. Hi guys vould you all please help me could u make me a level 100 legit look like Movie 12 Arceus I am asking you all this because i dont have a AR. So the date has to be July 18th 09 and has to say Pokemon Movie 09 it has to have the event moves and ribbon has to say A ribbon that proclaims love for Pokemon. Please help me :'( Thank You Guys
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