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  1. Alrighty, I'll look around on these forums. Thank you so much for the help!
  2. So I would have to do the ROM hacking twice if I want to have battles with my friend, got it. And ROM hacks seem to be my best bet for the results I'm looking for. In that case, I know PK3ds can edit base stats, but can it also edit sprites and in-game models? I would like to avoid having a caterpie with legendary-level stats in my game, as funny as it would be. As a follow up to that (and to keep the topic relevant to this forum), how do ROM hacks interact with PkHeX? Are they cross-compatable? Would I be able to use PKHaX in the same way as an unmodified ROM? I still can't thank you enough for your help, I see that you're really active on these forums! We'd be doomed without you, no joke.
  3. Okay, so keeping the hacked pokemon in your party will preserve the hacked stats, if I read that right. What if the hacked-stat pokemon is also a permanent mega/primal? In my experience, permanent mega/primal pokemon revert to their normal forms after saving/quitting and starting the game (not sure if this was changed with an update, though I'm pretty sure my version of PKHaX is up to date). I assume modified stats would be lost upon reverting to normal forms? Also, is there a way to modify the game itself such that it does store the edited stat values, allowing for storage of hacked-stat pokemon in the box? I figured ROM hacks would allow me to change base stats, but if I went this route, would I still be able to battle my friend with the edited pokemon? If so, would I need to modify his game as well as my own? Thanks for the quick reply! I know I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate your patience!
  4. Okay I posted something similar to this a while ago and tried my hand at ROM editing, but burned out and stopped working on it. Recently I wanted to try something similar, but I don't know if I have all my facts straight. Short version; my friend and I like to hack pokemon to battle each other with (we never go online with hacked pokemon), and I want to edit the raw stat values of one particular pokemon. For example, I want to create one charizard with an unusually high physical attack, and another charizard with a unusually high special attack. I understand that in PKHaX, one can simply check the "hacked stats" box on the stat screen and change the stats manually. But I notice that the stat values reset after setting the pokemon in a box and viewing it (referring to the above example, I'll set the charizard's physical attack to my liking, set the pokemon into a box, then view it and see the normal charizard attack stat). I read on another post that the hacked stat is still there, only it displays the 'normal' value; is this true? If so, and the hacked stats are still there, is there any way to display the hacked stat properly (via rom-hacks or other means if necessary)? If not, how can I work around this? Any clarification is helpful! EDIT: forgot to add, I'm doing this on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  5. Ok awesome!! I will look into it! You respond so quickly you are literally a lifesaver!
  6. Okay, so it can be done. How would I go about doing that? Do I need programs other than PKHeX? Thanks so much for the quick answer btw, I almost didn't expect a response at all haha.
  7. So obviously in Gen 6, PKHeX can modify IVs and EVs of any pokemon, and create permanent megas/primals and whatnot. But is there a way to modify the base stats of a pokemon, or create new pokemon entirely? I'm basically trying to create a superpowered mega charizard x and y, to match a story I'm writing. Thanks in advance!
  8. Very Lost in General: So I'm on Mac High Sierra, and I've downloaded Xquartz 2.7.7, Wine 2.03 and the file named PKHax_171017.7z, but I don't have much of a clue what to do from here. Help?
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