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  1. just wondering if its now possible to edit ur skin color in lets go pikachu/eevee? i believe its possible to change gender.
  2. just got everything working for pknx until i got to route 1 and the ability to see wild pokemon in the overworld. they’re randomized but they seem to just keep popping in and out, even if its the same species. did i screw something up? i did max slots for randomization. also side note the randomizer gave my pokemon unusable moves for swsh which is weird or is that supposed to happen
  3. Just keep adding a number into the reroll untill you see 3.00%
  4. I could be wrong, but I don't think pk3ds offers what your looking for.
  5. If you look on the right you can see whats called a Reroll Helper. This doesn't not affect the game in away, it's just used to help you find the correct reroll you want for your shiny rate. If you look over on the left THAT is what affects the code.bin. As you can see here, on the Reroll Helper I put 1.00, because I want a 1% shiny encounter rate. So under that you can see what says "Count 41". Basically, after you put your desired percentage into the Reroll Helper you put the number next to "Count" into the left side that says "Reroll". And thats it!
  6. Yet another question about pk3ds: I changed the shiny encounter rate to 1% and I obtained the shiny charm so does that mean the changes to find a shiny is now 2%? Or am I completely off?
  7. I'm not sure, the only codes I use is 100% catch for a quick playthrough and exp multipliers to take out having to grind...
  8. Wow, you actually have no idea how much you've helped me. I knew it was a problem with flags and event checks but I had no idea how to fix it! Thank you so much! Now I can finally see what the game has to offer for myself!
  9. Well I've been trying for two days straight but nothing, so I think it's fair to give up now. I'm just gonna download a completed save and just watch a play through of the last portion of the game ig. But if anyone happens to be playing the game again, it'd greatly appreciate it if you shared your save once you got up to the seventh gym. But thanks for all the replies regardless.
  10. Dang, so theres no way I can just make another save up to the seventh gym? Like using some kind of save editor? Because I'm not really on board starting over...and I'm curious to see how the game plays out. I looked all over the internet for a save up to that point but nothing...
  11. But I even tried using DSiMenu++ on 3DS. It runs games though the SD card very similar to a flashcart so it doesn't use emulation what so ever. Even then the event won't trigger.
  12. Heres an earlier save state I reloaded, just before I fought Drayden. I tried saving and reloaded but the same cutsence with team Plazma always screws up. Pokemon White 2.sav
  13. I tried all my save states and back up saves but no dice.So I'm think the save file got messed up way earlier in the game.
  14. Thanks so much for the reply. It seems even the backup save is still corrupted. I tried everything but nothing. It always crashes in the cutscence with Drayden and Team Plasma. Right when the story was at it's peak...
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