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  1. A bit late but... you have to go to Block data and then type in the Block Key "7526A53C". After hitting enter, you should see that it changed to "*Bool KUnlockedWaterModeBike" Now you change the "Bool 1" to "Bool 2" and it should be finished
  2. Hey, Is there a way to store all my pokemon from various games? If I select the game scarlet, many pokemon are missing out. But if I use ultra sun then the newer pokemon aren't showing up. I would like to store all my pokemon on one place.
  3. Ok, much thanks
  4. Ok thanks, is there a reason why it's to big?
  5. I already have beat 6 Gym leaders Pokemon Randomizer - Rubin Edition.sav Here is the file
  6. Helmschrot

    Gen 3 PkHex?

    Hello, so I'm currently playing pokemon ruby on an emulator ... now I wanted to pick up a Pokemon, but somehow it doesn't work. I play on "Retroarch" where the files are saved as ".smr". This was already in Pokemon Gold that I played. There I solved it so that I simply renamed the ".smr" file to a ".sav" file and then dragged it in. But now when I do that with Ruby the following error message comes up: Attemted to load an unsupported file type / size. This could be caused by loading a different generation Pokemon file on an unsupported generation or youre file is courupt. File loaded: \ User \ [My name] \ Desktop \ Pokemon Ruby.sav File size: 139264 bytes 139264 bytes (0x22000) It may be important to mention that it is a randomized rom, which was the case with gold and still worked there edit: Yeah, that smiley sould ba an C_: xD
  7. Ahh thanks , Is there a function where all Pokemon have all TRs already learned automatically, so you don't have to go to every Pokemon and check the TRs?
  8. I created a few pokemon, but had to find out that the Pokemon is always illegal if I teach the Pokemon a TR ... maybe it is because the language is German or something [In the picture the 2 moves that are "illigal" are: Outrage and Leech Life] 882 - Pescragon - B44110AB55E2.pk8 edit: Have just found that the version is out of date and brought me the new one ... it is still displayed incorrectly
  9. Ok thanks... but why does they have the secret ability, whet it's unobtainable
  10. Whats wrong with these Pokemon (to use them Online)... According to PKHex, these Pokemon have wrong attacks, but they can still be learned by TP. And a problem is that the ability is shown as wrong, but it should actually be that way 828 ★ - GaunuxX - 24D110AB55E2.pk8 812 ★ - GortromX - 7CFA10AB55E2.pk8 815 ★ - LiberloX - 6B3E10AB55E2.pk8 818 ★ - IntelleonX - 663F10AB55E2.pk8
  11. Helmschrot

    legal Cosmog?

    How can i do the Cosmog legal? it says: Invaild: Hidden Ability mismatch for encounter type. 789 - Cosmog - FB8D00000000.pk8
  12. So, I created 6 Pokemon: a rowlet, a dartrix and a decidueye in the normal form and as shiny. The latest version of PKHeX shows that they are legal, but if you want to use them online, that doesn't work ... does anyone know why? 724 ★ - SilvarroX - 6F5100000000.pk8 722 - Bauz - C24F00000000.pk8 722 ★ - BauzX - 565400000000.pk8 723 - Arboretoss - 677F00000000.pk8 723 ★ - ArboretossX - 518200000000.pk8 724 - Silvarro - AA3D00000000.pk8
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