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  1. just install the PkHex to a directory on your Mac and it should for real fine
  2. why you trying to install PKHeX on a 3ds it's a computer program
  3. Hey guys So I've seen a couple threads asking how to replace the musics in Pokemon XY(I even posted one myself but remained silent) I am now starting this thread to show you how to replace the musics in XY ! (I checked there wasn't any tutorials on that) Big thank you to PlatinumMaster and his friend record reader who were the first to do it and to show me how it's done (the tutorial was written with permission) I wrote it on GBAtemp and Pokecommunity, and I thought that there were maybe people only monitoring Projectpokemon and are looking to know how, so here is the link to the tutorial https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-put-custom-songs-in-xy-finally.519941/ Enjoy and if it worked/didn't worked comment down
  4. Finally someone who is looking into that ! I’m trying as well to replace musics in pokemon Y Apparently, loop points are stored in the .bcsar file in the sound folder, but after extracting it I don’t really think it’s there I tried replacing a music without adding something, and the game crashed (second time, the game just didn’t have any music playing) Also, apparently no one tried to look into that (couldn’t find a thread or something about that) EDIT: Apparently, the bcsar contains only battle sound, sound effect and maybe some pokemon cries template, but nothing about looping points EDIT#2: I found 2 channels (PlatinumMaster and recordreader) both have successfully replaced music in CY, and apparently PlatinumMaster will post a tutorial on that
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