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  1. Hello! Here I found some Action Replay codes for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX only 1.02 version. Enjoy! TID: 01003D200BAA2000 BID: 3AB632DEE82D5944 (1.02 game version) [#1 (Leader): Pokémon Modifier] 02000000 05562344 00000XXX [#2 (Partner): Pokémon Modifier] 02000000 05562494 00000XXX [#3: Pokémon Modifier] 02000000 055625E4 00000XXX [#1 (Leader): Move Modifier] 02000000 05562354 00000ZZZ 02000000 05562368 00000ZZZ 02000000 0556237C 00000ZZZ 02000000 05562390 00000ZZZ [#2 (Partner): Move Modifier] 02000000 055624A4 00000ZZZ 02000000 055624B8 00000ZZZ 02000000 055624CC 00000ZZZ 02000000 055624E0 00000ZZZ [#3: Move Modifier] 02000000 055625F4 00000ZZZ 02000000 05562608 00000ZZZ 02000000 0556261C 00000ZZZ 02000000 05562630 00000ZZZ [#1 (Leader): Rare Quality Modifier] 01000000 05562340 000000YY [#2 (Partner): Rare Quality Modifier] 01000000 05562490 000000YY [#3: Rare Quality Modifier] 01000000 055625E0 000000YY [#1 (Leader): Stats Modifier] 02000000 05562290 00000MHP 02000000 05562294 00000MHP 02000000 055622C4 00000ATK 02000000 055622C8 00000ATK 02000000 055622D4 00000SPA 02000000 055622D8 00000SPA 02000000 055622CC 00000DEF 02000000 055622D0 00000DEF 02000000 055622DC 00000SPD 02000000 055622E0 00000SPD 02000000 055622FC 00000SPE 02000000 05562300 00000SPE [#2 (Partner): Stats Modifier] 02000000 055623E0 00000MHP 02000000 055623E4 00000MHP 02000000 05562414 00000ATK 02000000 05562418 00000ATK 02000000 05562424 00000SPA 02000000 05562428 00000SPA 02000000 0556241C 00000DEF 02000000 05562420 00000DEF 02000000 0556242C 00000SPD 02000000 05562430 00000SPD 02000000 0556244C 00000SPE 02000000 05562450 00000SPE [#3: Stats Modifier] 02000000 05562530 00000MHP 02000000 05562534 00000MHP 02000000 05562564 00000ATK 02000000 05562568 00000ATK 02000000 05562574 00000SPA 02000000 05562578 00000SPA 02000000 0556256C 00000DEF 02000000 05562570 00000DEF 02000000 0556257C 00000SPD 02000000 05562580 00000SPD 02000000 0556259C 00000SPE 02000000 055625A0 00000SPE [Max Bank Money] 04000000 0281D3BC 1A88B108 [PP not Reduced] 04000000 0262D394 1A80C008 04000000 0262D428 1A80C008 [Belly not Reduced] 04000000 026CC750 1A80B008 04000000 026CC7A8 1A80B008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XXX - Pokémon IDS: 0x1 Bulbasaur 0x2 Ivysaur 0x3 Venusaur 0x4 Venusaur 0x5 Charmander 0x6 Charmeleon 0x7 Charizard 0x8 Charizard 0x9 Charizard 0xa Squirtle 0xb Wartortle 0xc Blastoise 0xd Blastoise 0xe Caterpie 0xf Metapod 0x10 Butterfree 0x11 Weedle 0x12 Kakuna 0x13 Beedrill 0x14 Beedrill 0x15 Pidgey 0x16 Pidgeotto 0x17 Pidgeot 0x18 Pidgeot 0x19 Rattata 0x1a Raticate 0x1b Spearow 0x1c Fearow 0x1d Ekans 0x1e Arbok 0x1f Pichu 0x20 Pikachu 0x21 Raichu 0x22 Sandshrew 0x23 Sandslash 0x24 Nidoran♀ 0x25 Nidorina 0x26 Nidoqueen 0x27 Nidoran♂ 0x28 Nidorino 0x29 Nidoking 0x2a Cleffa 0x2b Clefairy 0x2c Clefable 0x2d Vulpix 0x2e Ninetales 0x2f Igglybuff 0x30 Jigglypuff 0x31 Wigglytuff 0x32 Zubat 0x33 Golbat 0x34 Crobat 0x35 Oddish 0x36 Gloom 0x37 Vileplume 0x38 Bellossom 0x39 Paras 0x3a Parasect 0x3b Venonat 0x3c Venomoth 0x3d Diglett 0x3e Dugtrio 0x3f Meowth 0x40 Persian 0x41 Psyduck 0x42 Golduck 0x43 Mankey 0x44 Primeape 0x45 Growlithe 0x46 Arcanine 0x47 Poliwag 0x48 Poliwhirl 0x49 Poliwrath 0x4a Politoed 0x4b Abra 0x4c Kadabra 0x4d Alakazam 0x4e Alakazam 0x4f Machop 0x50 Machoke 0x51 Machamp 0x52 Bellsprout 0x53 Weepinbell 0x54 Victreebel 0x55 Tentacool 0x56 Tentacruel 0x57 Geodude 0x58 Graveler 0x59 Golem 0x5a Ponyta 0x5b Rapidash 0x5c Slowpoke 0x5d Slowbro 0x5e Slowbro 0x5f Slowking 0x60 Magnemite 0x61 Magneton 0x62 Magnezone 0x63 Farfetch’d 0x64 Doduo 0x65 Dodrio 0x66 Seel 0x67 Dewgong 0x68 Grimer 0x69 Muk 0x6a Shellder 0x6b Cloyster 0x6c Gastly 0x6d Haunter 0x6e Gengar 0x6f Gengar 0x70 Onix 0x71 Steelix 0x72 Steelix 0x73 Drowzee 0x74 Hypno 0x75 Krabby 0x76 Kingler 0x77 Voltorb 0x78 Electrode 0x79 Exeggcute 0x7a Exeggutor 0x7b Cubone 0x7c Marowak 0x7d Tyrogue 0x7e Hitmonlee 0x7f Hitmonchan 0x80 Hitmontop 0x81 Lickitung 0x82 Lickilicky 0x83 Koffing 0x84 Weezing 0x85 Rhyhorn 0x86 Rhydon 0x87 Rhyperior 0x88 Happiny 0x89 Chansey 0x8a Blissey 0x8b Tangela 0x8c Tangrowth 0x8d Kangaskhan 0x8e Kangaskhan 0x8f Horsea 0x90 Seadra 0x91 Kingdra 0x92 Goldeen 0x93 Seaking 0x94 Staryu 0x95 Starmie 0x96 Mime Jr. 0x97 Mr. Mime 0x98 Scyther 0x99 Scizor 0x9a Scizor 0x9b Smoochum 0x9c Jynx 0x9d Elekid 0x9e Electabuzz 0x9f Electivire 0xa0 Magby 0xa1 Magmar 0xa2 Magmortar 0xa3 Pinsir 0xa4 Pinsir 0xa5 Tauros 0xa6 Magikarp 0xa7 Gyarados 0xa8 Gyarados 0xa9 Lapras 0xaa Ditto 0xab Eevee 0xac Vaporeon 0xad Jolteon 0xae Flareon 0xaf Espeon 0xb0 Umbreon 0xb1 Leafeon 0xb2 Glaceon 0xb3 Sylveon 0xb4 Porygon 0xb5 Porygon2 0xb6 Porygon-Z 0xb7 Omanyte 0xb8 Omastar 0xb9 Kabuto 0xba Kabutops 0xbb Aerodactyl 0xbc Aerodactyl 0xbd Munchlax 0xbe Snorlax 0xbf Articuno 0xc0 Zapdos 0xc1 Moltres 0xc2 Dratini 0xc3 Dragonair 0xc4 Dragonite 0xc5 Mewtwo 0xc6 Mewtwo 0xc7 Mewtwo 0xc8 Mew 0xc9 Chikorita 0xca Bayleef 0xcb Meganium 0xcc Cyndaquil 0xcd Quilava 0xce Typhlosion 0xcf Totodile 0xd0 Croconaw 0xd1 Feraligatr 0xd2 Sentret 0xd3 Furret 0xd4 Hoothoot 0xd5 Noctowl 0xd6 Ledyba 0xd7 Ledian 0xd8 Spinarak 0xd9 Ariados 0xda Chinchou 0xdb Lanturn 0xdc Togepi 0xdd Togetic 0xde Togekiss 0xdf Natu 0xe0 Xatu 0xe1 Mareep 0xe2 Flaaffy 0xe3 Ampharos 0xe4 Ampharos 0xe5 Azurill 0xe6 Marill 0xe7 Azumarill 0xe8 Bonsly 0xe9 Sudowoodo 0xea Hoppip 0xeb Skiploom 0xec Jumpluff 0xed Aipom 0xee Ambipom 0xef Sunkern 0xf0 Sunflora 0xf1 Yanma 0xf2 Yanmega 0xf3 Wooper 0xf4 Quagsire 0xf5 Murkrow 0xf6 Honchkrow 0xf7 Misdreavus 0xf8 Mismagius 0xf9 Unown 0xfa Unown 0xfb Unown 0xfc Unown 0xfd Unown 0xfe Unown 0xff Unown 0x100 Unown 0x101 Unown 0x102 Unown 0x103 Unown 0x104 Unown 0x105 Unown 0x106 Unown 0x107 Unown 0x108 Unown 0x109 Unown 0x10a Unown 0x10b Unown 0x10c Unown 0x10d Unown 0x10e Unown 0x10f Unown 0x110 Unown 0x111 Unown 0x112 Unown 0x113 Unown 0x114 Unown 0x115 Wynaut 0x116 Wobbuffet 0x117 Girafarig 0x118 Pineco 0x119 Forretress 0x11a Dunsparce 0x11b Gligar 0x11c Gliscor 0x11d Snubbull 0x11e Granbull 0x11f Qwilfish 0x120 Shuckle 0x121 Heracross 0x122 Heracross 0x123 Sneasel 0x124 Weavile 0x125 Teddiursa 0x126 Ursaring 0x127 Slugma 0x128 Magcargo 0x129 Swinub 0x12a Piloswine 0x12b Mamoswine 0x12c Corsola 0x12d Remoraid 0x12e Octillery 0x12f Delibird 0x130 Mantyke 0x131 Mantine 0x132 Skarmory 0x133 Houndour 0x134 Houndoom 0x135 Houndoom 0x136 Phanpy 0x137 Donphan 0x138 Stantler 0x139 Smeargle 0x13a Miltank 0x13b Raikou 0x13c Entei 0x13d Suicune 0x13e Larvitar 0x13f Pupitar 0x140 Tyranitar 0x141 Tyranitar 0x142 Lugia 0x143 Ho-Oh 0x144 Celebi 0x145 999 0x146 Treecko 0x147 Grovyle 0x148 Sceptile 0x149 Sceptile 0x14a Torchic 0x14b Combusken 0x14c Blaziken 0x14d Blaziken 0x14e Mudkip 0x14f Marshtomp 0x150 Swampert 0x151 Swampert 0x152 Poochyena 0x153 Mightyena 0x154 Zigzagoon 0x155 Linoone 0x156 Wurmple 0x157 Wurmple 0x158 Silcoon 0x159 Beautifly 0x15a Cascoon 0x15b Dustox 0x15c Lotad 0x15d Lombre 0x15e Ludicolo 0x15f Seedot 0x160 Nuzleaf 0x161 Shiftry 0x162 Taillow 0x163 Swellow 0x164 Wingull 0x165 Pelipper 0x166 Ralts 0x167 Kirlia 0x168 Gardevoir 0x169 Gardevoir 0x16a Gallade 0x16b Gallade 0x16c Surskit 0x16d Masquerain 0x16e Shroomish 0x16f Breloom 0x170 Slakoth 0x171 Vigoroth 0x172 Slaking 0x173 Nincada 0x174 Ninjask 0x175 Shedinja 0x176 Whismur 0x177 Loudred 0x178 Exploud 0x179 Makuhita 0x17a Hariyama 0x17b Nosepass 0x17c Probopass 0x17d Skitty 0x17e Delcatty 0x17f Sableye 0x180 Sableye 0x181 Mawile 0x182 Mawile 0x183 Aron 0x184 Lairon 0x185 Aggron 0x186 Aggron 0x187 Meditite 0x188 Medicham 0x189 Medicham 0x18a Electrike 0x18b Manectric 0x18c Manectric 0x18d Plusle 0x18e Minun 0x18f Volbeat 0x190 Illumise 0x191 Budew 0x192 Roselia 0x193 Roserade 0x194 Gulpin 0x195 Swalot 0x196 Carvanha 0x197 Sharpedo 0x198 Sharpedo 0x199 Wailmer 0x19a Wailord 0x19b Numel 0x19c Camerupt 0x19d Camerupt 0x19e Torkoal 0x19f Spoink 0x1a0 Grumpig 0x1a1 Spinda 0x1a2 Trapinch 0x1a3 Vibrava 0x1a4 Flygon 0x1a5 Cacnea 0x1a6 Cacturne 0x1a7 Swablu 0x1a8 Altaria 0x1a9 Altaria 0x1aa Zangoose 0x1ab Seviper 0x1ac Lunatone 0x1ad Solrock 0x1ae Barboach 0x1af Whiscash 0x1b0 Corphish 0x1b1 Crawdaunt 0x1b2 Baltoy 0x1b3 Claydol 0x1b4 Lileep 0x1b5 Cradily 0x1b6 Anorith 0x1b7 Armaldo 0x1b8 Feebas 0x1b9 Milotic 0x1ba Castform 0x1bb Castform 0x1bc Castform 0x1bd Castform 0x1be Kecleon 0x1bf Shuppet 0x1c0 Banette 0x1c1 Banette 0x1c2 Duskull 0x1c3 Dusclops 0x1c4 Dusknoir 0x1c5 Tropius 0x1c6 Chingling 0x1c7 Chimecho 0x1c8 Absol 0x1c9 Absol 0x1ca Snorunt 0x1cb Glalie 0x1cc Glalie 0x1cd Froslass 0x1ce Spheal 0x1cf Sealeo 0x1d0 Walrein 0x1d1 Clamperl 0x1d2 Huntail 0x1d3 Gorebyss 0x1d4 Relicanth 0x1d5 Luvdisc 0x1d6 Bagon 0x1d7 Shelgon 0x1d8 Salamence 0x1d9 Salamence 0x1da Beldum 0x1db Metang 0x1dc Metagross 0x1dd Metagross 0x1de Regirock 0x1df Regice 0x1e0 Registeel 0x1e1 Latias 0x1e2 Latias 0x1e3 Latios 0x1e4 Latios 0x1e5 Kyogre 0x1e6 Kyogre 0x1e7 Groudon 0x1e8 Groudon 0x1e9 Rayquaza 0x1ea Rayquaza 0x1eb Jirachi 0x1ec Deoxys 0x1ed Deoxys 0x1ee Deoxys 0x1ef Deoxys 0x1f0 999 0x1f1 999 0x1f2 999 0x1f3 999 0x1f4 999 0x1f5 999 0x1f6 999 0x1f7 999 0x1f8 999 0x1f9 999 0x1fa 999 0x1fb 999 0x1fc 999 0x1fd 999 0x1fe 999 0x1ff 999 0x200 999 0x201 999 0x202 999 0x203 999 0x204 999 0x205 999 0x206 999 0x207 999 0x208 999 0x209 999 0x20a 999 0x20b 999 0x20c 999 0x20d 999 0x20e 999 0x20f 999 0x210 999 0x211 999 0x212 999 0x213 999 0x214 999 0x215 999 0x216 999 0x217 999 0x218 999 0x219 999 0x21a 999 0x21b 999 0x21c 999 0x21d 999 0x21e 999 0x21f 999 0x220 999 0x221 999 0x222 999 0x223 999 0x224 999 0x225 999 0x226 999 0x227 999 0x228 999 0x229 999 0x22a 999 0x22b Riolu 0x22c Lucario 0x22d Lucario 0x22e 999 0x22f 999 0x230 999 0x231 999 0x232 999 0x233 999 0x234 999 0x235 999 0x236 999 0x237 999 0x238 999 0x239 999 0x23a 999 0x23b 999 0x23c 999 0x23d 999 0x23e 999 0x23f 999 0x240 999 0x241 999 0x242 999 0x243 999 0x244 999 0x245 999 0x246 999 0x247 999 0x248 999 0x249 999 0x24a 999 0x24b 999 0x24c 999 0x24d 999 0x24e 999 0x24f 999 0x250 999 0x251 999 0x252 999 0x253 999 0x254 999 0x255 999 0x256 999 0x257 999 0x258 999 0x259 999 0x25a 999 0x25b 999 0x25c 999 0x25d 999 0x25e 999 0x25f 999 0x260 999 0x261 999 0x262 999 0x263 999 0x264 999 0x265 999 0x266 999 0x267 999 0x268 999 0x269 999 0x26a 999 0x26b 999 0x26c 999 0x26d 999 0x26e 999 0x26f 999 0x270 999 0x271 999 0x272 999 0x273 999 0x274 999 0x275 999 0x276 999 0x277 999 0x278 999 0x279 999 0x27a 999 0x27b 999 0x27c 999 0x27d 999 0x27e 999 0x27f 999 0x280 999 0x281 999 0x282 999 0x283 999 0x284 999 0x285 999 0x286 999 0x287 999 0x288 999 0x289 999 0x28a 999 0x28b 999 0x28c 999 0x28d 999 0x28e 999 0x28f 999 0x290 999 0x291 999 0x292 999 0x293 999 0x294 999 0x295 999 0x296 999 0x297 999 0x298 999 0x299 999 0x29a 999 0x29b 999 0x29c 999 0x29d 999 0x29e 999 0x29f 999 0x2a0 999 0x2a1 999 0x2a2 999 0x2a3 999 0x2a4 999 0x2a5 999 0x2a6 999 0x2a7 999 0x2a8 999 0x2a9 999 0x2aa 999 0x2ab 999 0x2ac 999 0x2ad 999 0x2ae 999 0x2af 999 0x2b0 999 0x2b1 999 0x2b2 999 0x2b3 999 0x2b4 999 0x2b5 999 0x2b6 999 0x2b7 999 0x2b8 999 0x2b9 999 0x2ba 999 0x2bb 999 0x2bc 999 0x2bd 999 0x2be 999 0x2bf 999 0x2c0 999 0x2c1 999 0x2c2 999 0x2c3 999 0x2c4 999 0x2c5 999 0x2c6 999 0x2c7 999 0x2c8 999 0x2c9 999 0x2ca 999 0x2cb 999 0x2cc 999 0x2cd 999 0x2ce 999 0x2cf 999 0x2d0 999 0x2d1 999 0x2d2 999 0x2d3 999 0x2d4 999 0x2d5 999 0x2d6 999 0x2d7 999 0x2d8 999 0x2d9 999 0x2da 999 0x2db 999 0x2dc 999 0x2dd 999 0x2de 999 0x2df 999 0x2e0 999 0x2e1 999 0x2e2 999 0x2e3 999 0x2e4 999 0x2e5 999 0x2e6 999 0x2e7 999 0x2e8 999 0x2e9 999 0x2ea 999 0x2eb 999 0x2ec 999 0x2ed 999 0x2ee 999 0x2ef 999 0x2f0 999 0x2f1 999 0x2f2 999 0x2f3 999 0x2f4 999 0x2f5 999 0x2f6 999 0x2f7 999 0x2f8 999 0x2f9 999 0x2fa 999 0x2fb 999 0x2fc 999 0x2fd 999 0x2fe 999 0x2ff 999 0x300 999 0x301 999 0x302 999 0x303 999 0x304 999 0x305 999 0x306 999 0x307 999 0x308 999 0x309 999 0x30a 999 0x30b 999 0x30c 999 0x30d 999 0x30e 999 0x30f 999 0x310 999 0x311 999 0x312 999 0x313 999 0x314 999 0x315 999 0x316 999 0x317 999 0x318 999 0x319 999 0x31a 999 0x31b 999 0x31c 999 0x31d 999 0x31e 999 0x31f 999 0x320 999 0x321 999 0x322 999 0x323 999 0x324 999 0x325 999 0x326 999 0x327 999 0x328 999 0x329 999 0x32a 999 0x32b 999 0x32c 999 0x32d 999 0x32e 999 0x32f 999 0x330 999 0x331 999 0x332 999 0x333 999 0x334 999 0x335 999 0x336 999 0x337 999 0x338 999 0x339 999 0x33a 999 0x33b 999 0x33c 999 0x33d 999 0x33e 999 0x33f 999 0x340 999 0x341 999 0x342 999 0x343 999 0x344 999 0x345 999 0x346 999 0x347 999 0x348 999 0x349 999 0x34a 999 0x34b 999 0x34c 999 0x34d 999 0x34e 999 0x34f 999 0x350 999 0x351 999 0x352 999 0x353 999 0x354 999 0x355 999 0x356 999 0x357 999 0x358 999 0x359 999 0x35a 999 0x35b 999 0x35c 999 0x35d 999 0x35e 999 0x35f 999 0x360 999 0x361 999 0x362 999 0x363 999 0x364 999 0x365 999 0x366 999 0x367 999 0x368 999 0x369 999 0x36a 999 0x36b 999 0x36c 999 0x36d 999 0x36e 999 0x36f 999 0x370 999 0x371 999 0x372 999 0x373 999 0x374 999 0x375 999 0x376 999 0x377 999 0x378 999 0x379 999 0x37a 999 0x37b 999 0x37c 999 0x37d 999 0x37e 999 0x37f 999 0x380 999 0x381 999 0x382 999 0x383 999 0x384 999 0x385 999 0x386 999 0x387 999 0x388 999 0x389 999 0x38a 999 0x38b 999 0x38c 999 0x38d 999 0x38e 999 0x38f 999 0x390 999 0x391 999 0x392 999 0x393 999 0x394 999 0x395 999 0x396 999 0x397 999 0x398 999 0x399 999 0x39a 999 0x39b 999 0x39c 999 0x39d 999 0x39e 999 0x39f 999 0x3a0 999 0x3a1 999 0x3a2 999 0x3a3 999 0x3a4 999 0x3a5 999 0x3a6 999 0x3a7 999 0x3a8 999 0x3a9 999 0x3aa 999 0x3ab 999 0x3ac 999 0x3ad 999 0x3ae 999 0x3af 999 0x3b0 999 0x3b1 999 0x3b2 999 0x3b3 999 0x3b4 999 0x3b5 Butterfree 0x3b6 Ninetales 0x3b7 Rapidash 0x3b8 Electrode 0x3b9 Exeggcute 0x3ba Exeggutor 0x3bb Lickilicky 0x3bc Starmie 0x3bd Magikarp 0x3be Gyarados 0x3bf Gyarados 0x3c0 Ditto 0x3c1 Espeon 0x3c2 Dragonite 0x3c3 Hoothoot 0x3c4 Noctowl 0x3c5 Ampharos 0x3c6 Ampharos 0x3c7 Azumarill 0x3c8 Sudowoodo 0x3c9 Aipom 0x3ca Ambipom 0x3cb Wobbuffet 0x3cc Shuckle 0x3cd Corsola 0x3ce 999 0x3cf Celebi 0x3d0 Spinda 0x3d1 Altaria 0x3d2 Altaria 0x3d3 Zangoose 0x3d4 Metagross 0x3d5 Metagross 0x3d6 999 0x3d7 999 0x3d8 999 0x3d9 999 0x3da 999 0x3db 999 0x3dc 999 0x3dd 999 0x3de 999 0x3df 999 0x3e0 999 0x3e1 999 0x3e2 999 0x3e3 999 0x3e4 999 0x3e5 999 0x3e6 Rayquaza 0x3e7 Rayquaza 0x3e8 Kecleon 0x3e9 999 0x3ea 999 0x3eb 999 0x3ec 999 0x3ed 999 0x3ee 999 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YY - Rare Quaility ID 00 = No Rare Quality 01 = Steamroll 02 = Link Boost 03 = Brawl 04 = Recoil Boost 05 = Rapid Bull's-Eye 06 = Narrow Focus 07 = Leap Ahead 08 = Blank 09 = Blank 0A = Riled Up 0B = Strike Back 0C = Thrown Item Boost 0D = Lonely Courage 0E = Defensive Rhythm 0F = Evasive Rhythm 10 = Tight Formation 11 = Blast Control 12 = Leave Half 13 = Notorious Restoration 14 = Notorious Healing 15 = Funnel Fun 16 = Notorious Fasting 17 = Shared Happiness 18 = Mind Over Matter 19 = Food Finder 1A = Squeeze Out 1B = Bargain 1C = Sales Pitch 1D = Friendly 1E = Squad Up 1F = XP Boost 20 = Moving Up 21 = PP Pouch 22 = Small Stomach 23 = Wary Walk 24 = Forge a Path 25+ = Blank ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZZZ - Moves Digits Here are some digits. 000 No Move 001 Pound 002 Karate Chop 003 DoubleSlap 004 Comet Punch 005 Mega Punch 006 Pay Day 007 Fire Punch 008 Ice Punch 009 Thunderpunch 00A Scratch 00B Vicegrip 00C Guillotine 00D Razor Wind 00E Swords Dance 00F Cut 010 Gust 011 Wing Attack 012 Whirlwind 013 Fly 014 Bind 015 Slam 016 Vine Whip 017 Stopm 018 Double Kick 019 Mega Kick 01A Jump Kick 01B Rolling Kick 01C Sand-Attack 01D Headbutt 01E Horn Attack 01F Fury Attack 020 Horn Drill 021 Tackle 022 Body Slam 023 Wrap 024 Take Down 025 Thrash 026 Double-Edge 027 Tail Whip 028 Poisoh Sting 029 Twineedle 02A Pin Missile 02B Leer 02C Bite 02D Growl 02E Roar 02F Sing 030 Supersonic 031 Sonicboom 032 Disable 033 Acid 034 Ember 035 Flamethrower 036 Mist 037 Water Gun 038 Hydro Pump 039 Surf 03A Ice Beam 03B Blizzard 03C Psybeam 03D Bubblebeam 03E Aurora Beam 03F Hyper Beam 040 Peck 041 Drill Peck 042 Submission 043 Low Kick 044 Counter 045 Seismic Toss 046 Strength 047 Absorb 048 Mega Drain 049 Leech Seed 04A Growth 04B Razor Leaf 04C Solarbeam 04D Poisonpowder 04E Stun Spore 04F Sleep Powder 050 Petal Dance 051 String Shot 052 Dragon Rage 053 Fire Spin 054 Thundershock 055 Thunderbolt 056 Thunderwave 057 Thunder 058 Rock Throw 059 Earthquake 05A Fissure 05B Dig 05C Toxic 05D Confusion 05E Psychic 05F Hypnosis 060 Meditate 061 Agility 062 Quick Attack 063 Rage 064 Teleport 065 Night Shade 066 Mimic 067 Screech 068 Double Team 069 Recover 06A Harden 06B Minimize 06C Smokescreen 06D Confuse Ray 06E Withdraw 06F Defense Curl 070 Barrier 071 Light Screen 072 Haze 073 Reflect 074 Focus Energy 075 Bide 076 Metronome 077 Mirror Move 078 Selfdestruct 079 Egg Bomb 07A Lick 07B Smog 07C Sludge 07D Bone Club 07E Fire Blast 07F Waterfall 080 Clamp 081 Swift 082 Skull Bash 083 Spike Canon 084 Constrict 085 Amnesia 086 Kinesis 087 Softbiled 088 Hi Jump Kick 089 Glare 08A Dream Eater 08B Poison Gas 08C Barrage 08D Leech Life 08E Lovely Kiss 08F Sky Attack 090 Transform 091 Bubble 092 Dizzy Punch 093 Spore 094 Flash 095 Psywave 096 Splash 097 Acid Armor 098 Crabhammer 099 Explosion 09A Fury Swipes 09B Bonemerang 09C Rest 09D Rock Slide 09E Hyper Fang 09F Sharpen 0A0 Conversion 0A1 Tri Attack 0A2 Super Fang 0A3 Slash 0A4 Substitute 0A5 Struggle 0A6 Sketch 0A7 Triple Kick 0A8 Thief 0A9 Spider Web 0AA Mind Reader 0AB Nightmare 0AC Flame Wheel 0AD Snore 0AE Curse 0AF Flail 0B0 Conversion 2 0B1 Aeroblast 0B2 Cotton Spore 0B3 Reversal 0B4 Spite 0B5 Powder Snow 0B6 Protect 0B7 Mach Punch 0B8 Scary Face 0B9 Faint Attack 0BA Sweet Kiss 0BB Belly Drum 0BC Sludge Bomb 0BD Mud-Slap 0BE Octazooka 0BF Spikes 0C0 Zap Cannon 0C1 Foresight 0C2 Destiny Bond 0C3 Perish Song 0C4 Icy Wind 0C5 Detect 0C6 Bone Rush 0C7 Lock-On 0C8 Outrage 0C9 Sandstorm 0CA Giga Drain 0CB Endure 0CC Charm 0CD Rollout 0CE False Swipe 0CF Swagger 0D0 Milk Drink 0D1 Spark 0D2 Fury Cutter 0D3 Steel Wing 0D4 Mean Look 0D5 Attract 0D6 Sleep Talk 0D7 Heal Bell 0D8 Return 0D9 Present 0DA Frustration 0DB Safeguard 0DC Pain Split 0DD Sacred Fire 0DE Magnitude 0DF Dynamicpunch 0E0 Megahorn 0E1 Dragonbreath 0E2 Baton Pass 0E3 Encore 0E4 Pursuit 0E5 Rapid Spin 0E6 Sweet Scent 0E7 Iron Tail 0E8 Metal Claw 0E9 Vital Throw 0EA Morning Sun 0EB Synthesis 0EC Moonlight 0ED Hidden Power 0EE Cross Chop 0EF Twister 0F0 Rain Dance 0F1 Sunny Day 0F2 Crunch 0F3 Mirror Coat 0F4 Psych Up 0F5 Extremespeed 0F6 Ancientpower 0F7 Shadow Ball 0F8 Future Sight 0F9 Rock Snash 0FA Whirlpool 0FB Beat Up 0FC Fake Out 0FD Uproar 0FE Stockpile 0FF Spit Up 100 Swallow 101 Heat Wave 102 Hail 103 Torment 104 Flatter 105 Will-O-Wisp 106 Memento 107 Facade 108 Focus Punch 109 Smellingsalt 10A Follow Me 10B Nature Power 10C Charge 10D Taunt 10E Helping Hand 10F Trick 110 Role Play 111 Wish 112 Assist 113 Ingrain 114 Superpower 115 Magic Coat 116 Recycle 117 Revenge 118 Brick Break 119 Yawn 11A Knock Off 11B Endeavor 11C Eruption 11D Skill Swap 11E Imprison 11F Refresh 120 Grudge 121 Snatch 122 Secret Power 123 Dive 124 Arm Thrust 125 Camoflauge 126 Tail Glow 127 Luster Purge 128 Mist Ball 129 Featherdance 12A Teeter Dance 12B Blaze Kick 12C Mud Sport 12D Ice Ball 12E Needle Arm 12F Slack Off 130 Hyper Voice 131 Poison Fang 132 Crush Claw 133 Blast Burn 134 Hydro Cannon 135 Meteor Mash 136 Astonish 137 Weatherball 138 Aromatherapy 139 Fake Tears 13A Air Cutter 13B Overheat 13C Odor Sleuth 13D Rock Tomb 13E Silver Wind 13F Metal Sound 140 Grasswhistle 141 Tickle 142 Cosmic Power 143 Water Spout 144 Signal Beam 145 Shadow Punch 146 Extrasensory 147 Sky Uppercut 148 Sand Tomb 149 Sheer Cold 14A Muddy Water 14B Bullet Seed 14C Aerial Ace 14D Icicle Spear 14E Iron Defense 14F Block 150 Howl 151 Dragon Claw 152 Frenzy Plant 153 Bulk Up 154 Bounce 155 Mud Shot 156 Poison Tail 157 Covet 158 Volt Tackle 159 Magical Leaf 15A Water Sport 15B Calm Mind 15C Leaf Blade 15D Dragon Dance 15E Rock Blast 15F Shock Wave 160 Water Pulse 161 Doom Desire 162 Psycho Boost 163 Roost 164 Gravity 165 Miracle Eye 166 Wake-Up Slap 167 Hammer Arm 168 Gyro Ball 169 Healing Wish 16A Brine 16B Natural Gift 16C Feint 16D Pluck 16E Tailwind 16F Acupressure 170 Metal Burst 171 U-Turn 172 Close Combat 173 Payback 174 Assurance 175 Embargo 176 Fling 177 Psycho Shift 178 Trump Card 179 Heal Block 17A Wring Out 17B Power Trick 17C Gastro Acid 17D Lucky Chant 17E Me First 17F Copycat 180 Power Swap 181 Guard Swap 182 Punishment 183 Last Resort 184 Worry Seed 185 Sucker Punch 186 Toxic Spikes 187 Heart Swap 188 Aqua Ring 189 Magnet Rise 18A Flare Blitz 18B Force Palm 18C Aura Sphere 18D Rock Polish 18E Poison Jab 18F Dark Pulse 190 Night Slash 191 Aqua Tail 192 Seed Bomb 193 Air Slash 194 X-Scissor 195 Bug Buzz 196 Dragon Pulse 197 Dragon Rush 198 Power Gem 199 Drain Punch 19A Vacuum Wave 19B Focus Blast 19C Energy Ball 19D Brave Bird 19E Earth Power 19F Switcheroo 1A0 Giga Impact 1A1 Nasty Plot 1A2 Bullet Punch 1A3 Avalanche 1A4 Ice Shard 1A5 Shadow Claw 1A6 Thunder Fang 1A7 Ice Fang 1A8 Fire Fang 1A9 Shadow Sneak 1AA Mud Bomb 1AB Psycho Cut 1AC Zen Headbutt 1AD Mirror Shot 1AE Flash Cannon 1AF Rock Climb 1B0 Defog 1B1 Trick Room 1B2 Draco Meteor 1B3 Discharge 1B4 Lava Plume 1B5 Leaf Storm 1B6 Power Whip 1B7 Rock Wrecker 1B8 Cross Poison 1B9 Gunk Shot 1BA Iron Head 1BB Magnet Bomb 1BC Stone Edge 1BD Captivate 1BE Stealth Rock 1BF Grass Knot 1C0 Chatter 1C1 Judgement 1C2 Bug Bite 1C3 Charge Beam 1C4 Wood Hammer 1C5 Aqua Jet 1C6 Attack Order 1C7 Defend Order 1C8 Heal Order 1C9 Head Smash 1CA Double Hit 1CB Roar of Time 1CC Spacial Rend 1CD Lunar Dance 1CE Crush Grip 1CF Magma Storm 1D0 Dark Void 1D1 Seed Flare 1D2 Ominous Wind 1D3 Shadow Force 1D4 Hone Claws 1D5 Wide Guard 1D6 Guard Split 1D7 Power Split 1D8 Wonder Room 1D9 Psyshock 1DA Venoshock 1DB Autotomize 1DC Rage Powder 1DD Telekinesis 1DE Magic Room 1DF Smack Down 1E0 Storm Throw 1E1 Flame Burst 1E2 Sludge Wave 1E3 Quiver Dance 1E4 Heavy Slam 1E5 Synchronoise 1E6 Electro Ball 1E7 Soak 1E8 Flame Charge 1E9 Coil 1EA Low Sweep 1EB Acid Spray 1EC Foul Play 1ED Simple Beam 1EE Entrainment 1EF After You 1F0 Round 1F1 Echoed Voice 1F2 Chip Away 1F3 Clear Smog 1F4 Stored Power 1F5 Quick Guard 1F6 Ally Switch 1F7 Scald 1F8 Shell Smash 1F9 Heal Pulse 1FA Hex 1FB Sky Drop 1FC Shift Gear 1FD Circle Throw 1FE Incinerate 1FF Quash 200 Acrobatics 201 Reflect Type 202 Retaliate 203 Final Gambit 204 Bestow 205 Inferno 206 Water Pledge 207 Fire Pledge 208 Grass Pledge 209 Volt Switch 20A Struggle Bug 20B Bulldoze 20C Frost Breath 20D Dragon Tail 20E Work Up 20F Electroweb 210 Wild Charge 211 Drill Run 212 Dual Chop 213 Heart Stamp 214 Horn Leech 215 Sacred Sword 216 Razor Shell 217 Heat Crash 218 Leaf Tornado 219 Steamroller 21A Cotton Guard 21B Night Daze 21C Psystrike 21D Tail Slap 21E Hurricane 21F Head Charge 220 Gear Grind 221 Searing Shot 222 Techno Blast 223 Relic Song 224 Secret Sword 225 Glaciate 226 Bolt Strike 227 Blue Flare 228 Fiery Dance 229 Freeze Shock 22A Ice Burn 22B Snarl 22C Icicle Crash 22D V-Create 22E Fusion Flare 22F Fusion Bolt
  2. I've read few topics where it was stated that it is possible to link CFW and OFW (emunand and sysnand). Is there anywhere a guide how to do that? If it is just a bug and not a feature then I have another question. I modchiped my switch just to run some save editing in pokemon. Nothing really big. I wanna just edit few files to adjust a couple of mons that I already have. Is installing cfw on sysnand safe to use online? I wanna just use a checkpoint or JKSV. I saw some topics where it was claimed to do that way and not really worry about it and the other where it was said to not go online, ever. If it's not possible to make that - is there a way to enable cfw on sysnand and then disable it and go back to ofw and go full legit and online? I suspect if I take nand backup before cfw then enable it and then restore backup thhen my save file gonna be reversed to original form. I have no knowledge on modding the switch. I managed to do that with 3ds but it was way easier and less convoluted. Have a nice day and thank you, sorry for taking your time, SJLS
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to the pk2pk App ,I 've converted some already uploaded LEGAL pokemon files from LET'S GO games(events & pokemon In-game Gifts )to Game Boy Files . Some small modifications had to be done ,due to the different gameplay of the older versions.Enjoy
  4. Hello, first of all I would like to clarify that this work is hard and takes me a long time to do it (for the 400 sprites that we have been doing on this page it has taken me about 250 hours or more), so if you are going to use my work on your website I do not care, just name me or put me in your page credits. pokemonshowdown.com and its sponsor smogon.com at the moment dont have permission to use these sprites and those I'll have in the future, due to the lack of appreciation (to reverse this situation they should talk to me) projectpokemon.org is an example of how my work is appreciated. Thanks to @theSLAYER and the entire admin team. In this thread I plan to make the nintendo switch sprites, I leave meltan and memeltan here. Sprites Pokemon Sword & Shield: Upcoming note: Pokemon showdown imported my files without my permission, so sw / sh sprites will have a limited time watermark https://mega.nz/#F!pltwhCTL!rtVqFhgBVluywFMHJAFHUg Pkparaiso is doing the 8th generation sprites so you can wait for them on this link. https://www.pkparaiso.com/espada_escudo/sprites_pokemon.php EDIT: https://mega.nz/folder/Vw10xS7Z#XxqMhKSg9rIGTuEDn0MzPg VERSION WITHOUT WATERMARK (INCOMPLETE)
  5. Ive randomized my game and got it working to my liking. However, i noticed that the abilities aren't changed. I unless i am wrong, have enabled the ability to randomize it?
  6. Hey there. Would like to know if it is possible to get events without using Switch Online service. Specially those that you can't get anymore. I remember in previous generations it was possible to kind of spoof, I think, the mystery gift feature. I haven't found a way to host my own mystery gifts for Sword and Shield. Is it possible? Is there any server dedicated for this? I'll be glad if anyone could answer these questions, or leave me a link to a thread or place that answers my questions. Thanks in advance! (Hope I posted in the right section).
  7. Almost running out the storage of the NS. How can I remove the files from internal to SD card? And does the gameplay data will keep or will erase after removing? SOS, HELP ME, THANKS!
  8. Is it possible to take my save file from my second account on my switch and upload it to my main profile which has an active nintendo switch account? Ideally I would be moving my main and secondary to my pc, then paste the secondary to my main profile. Is this possible? If so, is it as simple as copying my second save file into the first save folder? Using checkpoint btw Thanks edit: I was considering testing it myself but won't be home for a while and didn't want to break anything so I thought I'd ask
  9. Hi, I opened a new thread in order to discuss about your expectations about gen 8. What kind of things do you want to see or to return? Here's my top: New features: 1)Exclusive new double types (Ground/Fairy, Electick/Dark, Fight/Electrik, Rock/Ghost, Normal/Ghost, Poison/Steel ...) 2)A real exploration 3)End of shinylock 4)A Jurassic Park (where you can catch Fossil Pokemon, even with their HA) 5)More character customisation (clothes from past heroes or evil teams ...) 6)Gift Pokemon option in Mystery gift menu to send a Pokemon to a friend for its bithday or a special event 7)A focus on underleved hunting (with for example the White Flute) 8)New Pokeballs Returning Feature 1)Return of Flutes, all the Berries (even event and E-reader ones) and Safari/Sport/Parc/Dream Balls 2)DexNav from ORAS or something like that 3)PSS from XYORAS or something like that 4)Battle frontier from Emerald or something like that 5)Pokemon following you Other Gen 4 Compatibility with Pokemon Bank in 3ds End of restritions for Mew in gen1, HoA Arceus, DP Shaymin/Darkrai, HeadSmash Nosepass, Charm Bulbasaur, Charm Snorlax, Aurora Beam/Barrier/Supersonic Staryu, Odd Eggs in Poketransporter
  10. It was revealed during Nintendo's E3 conference that a main series Pokemon Game (8th Gen) is under development for the Nintendo Switch. We don't know what the game(s) will be called. The Pokemon Company also confirmed we won't see the games before Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon (atleast a year from now).
  11. Back when I started making my competitive team, I spent a ton of time and resources getting a Modest Porygon that I evolved into a Porygon-Z. And, as I found out the hard way, it took the "Download" ability, something I didn't notice until after I had EV trained the sucker. So I was wondering if I could just trade the little guy away long enough to have him tweaked to Adaptability, and I'm okay with nothing else being edited, to be honest. Anyone willing to sit down and take the time to do this with me would be greatly appreciated, as I don't have the means to edit this stuff myself, or I would. Thanks for reading!
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