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  1. Is there a way to change "pokemon go trainer name" when viewed a pokemon in pokemon home? Like to get it into swsh/shining pearl and edit it somehow? I checked all the fields there and dont see how to mess with it, is it hidden on the server or inside pokemon data?
  2. I wanna host one shiny den to my friend (he's missing one), not much to skip but yeah, wanted to help them. Arent they easy to determine (thats why there is raid calculator)? I always thought that are static values and it must match them. Is there a way to skip frames quickly (not day by day) to get it? That way, not injecting.
  3. If the dens looks legit (star, location, pokemon, stat wise) is it safe to go online?
  4. depending on the den it's: 4IVs (4x31) Met level 45-60 (some dens are different) Met location in the pokemon den gigantamax level about 4
  5. I am aware but thanks for confirming it ^^ One more question. Did you ever add wonder card record and then go online? Is it safe to add past record to existing save?
  6. I think I will install cfw on sysnand (with blocked Nintendo servers) then edit it with checkpoint and then reboot to OFW. Thanks for the help ^^
  7. I would prefer Emunand but I really wanna use it only for save editing so then I have to move the save to emunand and back to sysnand after everything. I guess I will do your way. I have no idea how to link the saves.
  8. okay so I have to install Atmosphere on sysNAND, right? Do I have to block Nintendo Servers? hosts/default.txt? I assume you used jksv or checkpoint, right? Which one did you use? I dont want to pirate games or cheat online or inject dens or anything. I would love to inject one wonder card record and adjust some mons (drop IVs actually).
  9. I've read few topics where it was stated that it is possible to link CFW and OFW (emunand and sysnand). Is there anywhere a guide how to do that? If it is just a bug and not a feature then I have another question. I modchiped my switch just to run some save editing in pokemon. Nothing really big. I wanna just edit few files to adjust a couple of mons that I already have. Is installing cfw on sysnand safe to use online? I wanna just use a checkpoint or JKSV. I saw some topics where it was claimed to do that way and not really worry about it and the other where it was said to not go online, ever. If it's not possible to make that - is there a way to enable cfw on sysnand and then disable it and go back to ofw and go full legit and online? I suspect if I take nand backup before cfw then enable it and then restore backup thhen my save file gonna be reversed to original form. I have no knowledge on modding the switch. I managed to do that with 3ds but it was way easier and less convoluted. Have a nice day and thank you, sorry for taking your time, SJLS
  10. according to this guidelines, is editing a playtime up (not down) ok?
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