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Savegame Manager 0.3.0.RC1

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About This File

Utility to read and write save data to and from gba games.

Created By pokedoc



- Initial release

Version 0.1.1 (12-7-2010)

- Fix broken restore sequence (you now need to press (B) on the start screen, instead of (A))
- Fixes and improvements to the restore function (verifies that .sav size >= save chip size, and that a save chip is present at all)

Version 0.2 (12-30-2010)

- Add an ini file (using libini by Simon White); drop it in the same directory as the homebrew or in the root folder if it does not work
- Add Wifi backup/restore mode (using ftplib by Thomas Pfau)
- Add File browsing
- Add (very experimental) Slot-2 Flash Card detection routine. If this works as expected, I will add a full Slot-2 based backup mechanism later.
- (hopefully) fix some issues with the EZFlash 3in1

Version 0.2.1 (1-9-2011)

- Definitely fix issues with EZFlash 3in1 mode on the EZFlash Vi (and probably several other cards as well).

Version 0.2.2 (2-12-2011)

- Fix more glitches with older EZFlash 3in1s. Enable 1-pass restore process.
- Add safety mechanism for WiFi restore process; if the file transfer fails, nothing will be deleted.

Version 0.2.3 (3-4-2011)

- Fix a 3in1 backup bug introduced with 0.2.2, dumping works again.
- Improves stability of the WiFi backup/restore processes. The program will no longer freak out if something interferes with the transfer.
- Adds partial GBA backup/restore mode (EEPROM is not supported yet).

Version 0.2.4 (4-10-2011)

- Modify 3in1 backup path so that it supports 3in1 with dead battery.
- Make it clearer when FTP mode has hit a small delay and the program is trying to continue.
- Program now makes use of lower screen for most messages, which allows longer, more detailled messages.
- Adds a Readme file/Manual to the program.

Version 0.3.0 RC1 (8-14-2011)

This is the first non-beta, feature complete release. It implements everything I know how to do. From now on, progress will be much slower (i.e. only when somebody figures out something new). If you want to start your own fork, this is the perfect time - there will be no more significant updates in the forseeable future (except for bug fixes and new translations).

- Adds the ability to translate most parts of the user interface.
- Adds Slot 2 backup mode (you will need a Slot 2 flash card; anything that has a DLDI driver should be supported).
- Enables FTP restore mode for saves bigger than the memory buffer (usually 2 MB), it now uses multiple passes in this case.
- Various stability fixes, especially aimed for R4 clones.
- Many behind-the scenes improvements aimed to simplify further hacking.
- Instruction file is no longer beta.

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