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  1. Can anyone give me a save for Pokemon Crystal so I can hunt the Celebi? I'm lazy and don't want to replay Crystal Thanks in advance
  2. Anyone have a post game save of Ultra Moon? Please, I really need one to hunt other legendaries!
  3. hey, how come when i try to edit the trainers or static encouters i get an error and the program closes
  4. Here's what I did: Backedup my Sav and used it as PokeRanger3.2.Sav (my main was on .1 Sav) i then got the sav I wanted Got a PokeRanger3 Rom and used it to open the sav. I then exported it over my main save (the .1 Sav) Correct me if I did the process wrong
  5. When restoring using TWL Save tool it says "Incorrect File Size"
  6. Alright so recently I received a .sav for a Pokemon Ranger GS, and Pokemon Ranger SOA with all the Wifi missions. How would I put that on my save? Also when I used those savs on Desmume the option New Game appeared.
  7. I just put it into the Desmume, then went to the Professor's Lab, got the oval and shiny charm. exported the backup memory and used TWL save tool to restore and all was good
  8. I just used an emulator and it works in there
  9. I'll get back on to you about this next morning see ya later. Also when I give you the Save, do not worry about my party team, they are legit and are not causing the problem
  10. I tried and nothing happened. It just still does the same thing after I saved in game
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