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  1. Any chance these are authentic JEREMY pokemon? Sandshrew, Slowpoke, and Shellder in particular. There isn't a lot of information available about them on bulbapedia and other references. I cross-referenced all of them with bulbapedia and this neoseeker page that seems to have more information regarding Sandshrew, Slowpoke, and Shellder. Neoseeker doesn't list IVs or met location whereas bulbapedia does. My observations: Ekans information matched bulbapedia but neoseeker listed it as level 15 023 - EKANS - AC32E9D9B217.pk3 Sandshrew information matches neoseeker but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all missing on bulba 027 - SANDSHREW - 680B215F6980.pk3 Vulpix information matches neatly with both references 037 - VULPIX - F1DE65A0DE74.pk3 Oddish information also matches both references 043 - ODDISH - B8FFA23E7080.pk3 Psyduck information matches bulbapedia but the TID is listed differently in addition to Psyduck's Screech being absent from the moveset on neoseeker 054 - PSYDUCK - 297BEBAEB6DA.pk3 Growlithe information matches bulbapedia but she's listed as Tauros and has a docile nature according to neoseeker 058 - GROWLITHE - A7DCD6A3173E.pk3 Machamp information matches both references 068 - MACHAMP - 481FF48C3744.pk3 Slowpoke information matches neoseeker with the exception of her ability and moveset, but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all missing on bulba 079 - SLOWPOKE - 29345A06444B.pk3 Shellder information mostly matches neoseeker (fourth move listed as bubblebeam, Shellder knows aurora beam), but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all also missing on bulba 090 - SHELLDER - DB340CAC3758.pk3 I also have a Gengar, Staryu, and Tauros but in pk4 format. I can share those as well if they can be used to verify the legitimacy of these. I managed to get these from a buddy who had recently been gifted his older sister's collection of pokemon games. I got his permission to look through his boxes and pick out some pokemon I want. Now I just want to know if it's too good to be true.
  2. So when I import Pokemon into PKHex, sometimes the Pokemon will have illegal flags. But I can just click on the illegal flag, and it will then say that the Pokemon is Legal. If I then "set" the pokemon, it will be flagged as legal. So for some reason, I have to manually click on every Pokemon with the Illegal flag, and re-set them to make them Legal. Can someone help with this, please? Thanks!
  3. Hello. I'm new to PKhex and i encounter some problem... 1. Missing mystery gift in database. So i'm trying to move my event Rayquazza from Black to Alpha Sapphire... And somehow it's unable to match with the gift database... (I already attached the WC for research purpose) Card # 0059 - くろいレックウザ プレゼント.pgf Reference: http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/384.shtml#2012 2. Event OT affection should be 0 Next, event Camerupt. Yeah, i know it should be 0, but i "received" it by import WC (delivered by a guy from pokemon center), not from pkm file... 3. Evolution not valid And Event Vivillon is missing from event database too... Somehow, it doesn't have have any relearn move too... I got it those WCs (for 2nd and 3rd problem) from: 4. Transferring from gen 4 to gen 6 I transferred my Feraligatr from HG (Totodile starter) to AS by following this tutorial: https://forum.romulation.net/threads/migrating-gen-iii-v-pokamon-to-gen-vi-using-pkhex-and-pokagen-gen-v.63889/ But it didn't go well... Although i already reroll the PID for several times. PS: Sorry for the messy post. Thanks.
  4. I wasn't sure where to post this, but I am in need of a Pokemon Platinum (J) IV check code. I have looked all over the site and all over the net and couldn't find anything. It was surprising that there wasn't one, seeing how long the game has been out ,and how useful the code is. Help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I tried to edit my Magearna from the recent event and I keep getting this error message for its legality: Invalid Relearn Move 1: Static encounter relearn move mismatch. I don't know how to fix this, please help.
  6. Please excuse me for any mistakes my english isn't the best, i've got troubles getting my dragonite through pokebank/pokemover on the 3ds. I have made a Dragonite that passes through Pokebank and Pokemover now i wanted it in a Safari Ball but if i change the Ball to Safari Ball it doesnt passes through, what am i doing wrong ? I already tried "Day Care Couple G4" still didn't passed. Here's The Code from the one in Safari Ball can someone say me what i need to change to get it thorugh ? 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E0000CBC 00000088 3747098A 249F0000 AA33BDA7 19D01997 75158746 B3091D90 9316EEA0 5557CC49 6FE14AE5 7755CA92 3D68A266 AF22E97C 383A8CBC B2F8AAC8 DBAD234B C615FCF0 EA2DCF20 09AAC89A 3B9018F4 5A685D20 6B421EE9 F657C42A E46D12DD 38A3080B 73DA420B B1BDDA6F 32FA784A 5AAC3D1B 5AE12DE9 77E011AA A7E8874B FDFFA45F 4A5C4BCA 138AF1E5 D2000000 00000000 Thankfull for any Answers
  7. Did everything I thought I was supposed to do: used the PID/IV generator to come up with legal stats, used my own trainer and secret ID, etc, and I can't get either of these codes to work in the game. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what I've done wrong? files.rar
  8. The title says it. I see quite a lot lvl 1 shiny pokemon nowadays. Is it possible to check te legality of these newly hatched?
  9. So, I was wondering. Will a pokemon that is valid on this hack check: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/legality_checker/ be able to be used in the pokemon Video Game Championships without being detected by the hack checkers there? From what I've read, you can transfer a pokesaved pokemon to Diamond and Pearl, restart your Platinum, and they won't know. Apparently, transferring a pokesaved pokemon to a different version erases all traces of it being hacked. I have also read that they only check your pokemon, not the use of the action replay on your game. So if a pokemon passes that hack checker, shouldn't it be able to be used in VGC? Since the program is the same as Projectpokemon's legality checker, does that mean having a pokemon that passes as valid on this will pass as valid on the hack checker at VGC? That's my main question.
  10. Can Someone Check these Pokemon and and see if they will pass as legit? If not can someone Edit them to make them Pass as Legit? Plz and Thx deoxys.pkm shiny-articuno.pkm
  11. Just wanted to know if these pokemon check out in terms of legality...
  12. it are 2007 GTS events and one aggron PCNY* heracross_christy_gts.pkm
  13. I made a Latios and I just want anybody to check whether something's wrong with it. Its from GBA Emerald, so I putted it on Pal Park, and its got ''Type: Never Seen This. A-B-D-C'' and I don't know what it means. Btw this is my first time post on the forum so I wish i could get a help. Tnx Latios 2 (test).pkm
  14. I'm not sure if this is the place to post, so sorry if this thread is misplaced. I want to try the RNG trick, but I need my Secret ID, and I heard that if I trade a pokemon caught in my game to someone who has AR, then they could find my SID for me. Can anyone help me out? I've been looking for help in many forums with no help, but this place seems good. Please help! EDIT: I am now offering a Legit Shiny Articuno for anyone who can help me find my SID!
  15. Hi all, I'm attaching my UK platinum .sav file which I've tweaked using Mushen's stickied guide so it's the correct 512kb file size. I was wondering if someone could try to put it into their game and actually load it; ive only changed a couple of bits (just added some event pokemon to my team for the sake of testing and fiddled with Jolteon's EVs), but when I use rudolph's tool to try to put it on my cart, I always get an corruption error. Also, seem to have a few pokemon in my boxes (in pokesav) which are taking up space (they have no name, but they seem to have stats and and editable sheet) but aren't visible in-game; seems a bit glitched to me, just wanted to see if anyone else can at least see this in Pokesav? Thanks in advance to anyone who can take a look. *edit* As you can see from below, we've figured out that it's NOT just me who's seeing the glitches- can anyone explain how this happened?
  16. Hi all, first time poster, nice to be here I was wondering if it would be at all possible for someone to check if one or two of my pokemon are legit via a wifi trade, as I don't have the equipment needed to do it myself? Cheers, Adam
  17. Hi all, first time poster, nice to be here I was wondering if it would be at all possible for someone to check if one or two of my pokemon are legit via a trade, as I don't have the equipment needed to do it myself? Cheers, Adam
  18. ARE THESE POKEMON LEGIT PLZZZ I NEED TO KNOW ho-oh lv 50.pkm lv 5 dialgia.pkm
  19. Alright, so I'm completely new to Pokesav, and I'm trying to make a team that passes Nintendo's checks. Problem is, I'm having a real hard time doing it. Could anyone take a look at these Pokemon and tell me what's wrong? They don't pass the battle video check. And again, I'm a complete newbie, so it's probably a really obvious mistake. This also isn't an original team, it's a team someone at Smogon posted, and I was just trying it out to see what works so I can build my own. I'm new to competitive battling too. azelf.pkm empoleon.pkm gengar.pkm infernape.pkm jirachi.pkm suicune.pkm
  20. I recently made these 2 Pokemon and was wondering if I made any errors with them. Could some of you guys out there check over them for me? They're made to look like they were Pal-Parked to Platinum, by the way. Also, I know they have invalid Trash Bytes. I can't use the Normalizer on Mac, so could someone also run them through the Normalizer for me? It would help greatly. Thanks, guys. Def. Articuno.pkm SD Moltres.pkm
  21. I'm not sure if I posted it in the right place. If i got it wrong can you change it??? \ I made a code using pokesav... It in box 1. Can you check if the pokemon's legit??? And if possible empoleon too. ---------- Post added at 03:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:42 PM ---------- Empoleon 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E000CF44 00000088 A85BD6F2 48D60000 58B8C170 FEE118A6 F0B9E660 91166EB1 FA84D90F 8B1DAC72 9F3C3AC5 5BAE6D93 EA8075C6 36F8F352 99FA3436 178B73F6 01C85E5C 78A7EA4C 444E5BEC 6B7071B8 13C95D00 BCC37E3B 95D4AC84 D9956D64 34360C32 40AE26F2 69D82A04 94878843 A01CF181 E32C3ED9 BACFE7BE 712C972F CD4FE6D2 EB088E2C 5E518E2F 7C64BB6A D2000000 00000000 Lucario 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E000CF44 00000088 FE9B80F1 F02A0000 49E0B5CF 11125F65 376DA001 817174A6 3E70F555 5FA6633F 92D47658 AEE2744C 721BE223 48330BF4 5CA0D77E 5BB3C6D6 95B9F91B E0774046 EDC42185 25F188D5 22CF07DA 72DA8EC1 FC2D9A27 D9D7B549 81A720A1 4CF2BC37 8C266D63 A33B3505 34C44B3D 648D4A2C 72ED1F44 02CE14F0 6B643A03 53E12404 9102FC00 79070A2E D2000000 00000000
  22. Hi! I'm new to the forums, but I've been using Pokésav for almost 10 months. I could generate very good pokemon that passed PBR tests, but I didn't tak the Hex values into account. A while ago, I finally learned The file attached is the file of a shiny SubPetayaEmpoleon, and I would really like to see if it would pass a Video Game Championship hack check. Thanks for reading this!! Golden Empoleon GoldnEmpln.pkm
  23. Hello. What's your tips to check a pokemon from egg? I don't know how to counter hack and take legit with them, legit.exe always say: 'Hatched', and other modes are correct. Thanks to help me. ^^
  24. As The Title Says, I Made Some Pokes From Scratch, But In The Same Time Keeping Them In A Reasonable Stats ,Etc , They Are All Migrated ( Hopefully) , And If Some1 Can Check Them For Me And Tell Me If There Is SomeThing Wrong And How To Fix It, I'll Be More Than Happy And I Also Have Two Question If Some1 Can Answer Them.... 1) Is There A Some Kind Of RelationShip Between ID/SID Or Can I Just Put Some Random Numbers There ?? 2) In The Eng. Platinum Pokesav I Can't Use The PalPark Edit Button ?? Can You Tell Me Why ?? MadeFromScratchPokes(GBA).rar
  25. A friend gave me this pokemon, is it legit or hack? arceuseigakanmodest.pkm
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