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  1. Awesome, I'll definitely hang onto Shellder in that case and see if it pays off if and when these pokemon are finally available. It's a real shame about Sandshrew and Slowpoke. I just came across some other red flags when I was taking a closer look at them on pkhex. Ctrl+click legal report shows that they're fishy for being unable to match encounter conditions with a possible RNG frame. smh Thanks a ton for looking into them for me!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond! I figured it seemed too good to be true. Original link for Shellder? What do you mean? I got the Shellder from the same batch of trades if that's what you mean. I didn't find it online.
  3. Any chance these are authentic JEREMY pokemon? Sandshrew, Slowpoke, and Shellder in particular. There isn't a lot of information available about them on bulbapedia and other references. I cross-referenced all of them with bulbapedia and this neoseeker page that seems to have more information regarding Sandshrew, Slowpoke, and Shellder. Neoseeker doesn't list IVs or met location whereas bulbapedia does. My observations: Ekans information matched bulbapedia but neoseeker listed it as level 15 023 - EKANS - AC32E9D9B217.pk3 Sandshrew information matches neoseeker but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all missing on bulba 027 - SANDSHREW - 680B215F6980.pk3 Vulpix information matches neatly with both references 037 - VULPIX - F1DE65A0DE74.pk3 Oddish information also matches both references 043 - ODDISH - B8FFA23E7080.pk3 Psyduck information matches bulbapedia but the TID is listed differently in addition to Psyduck's Screech being absent from the moveset on neoseeker 054 - PSYDUCK - 297BEBAEB6DA.pk3 Growlithe information matches bulbapedia but she's listed as Tauros and has a docile nature according to neoseeker 058 - GROWLITHE - A7DCD6A3173E.pk3 Machamp information matches both references 068 - MACHAMP - 481FF48C3744.pk3 Slowpoke information matches neoseeker with the exception of her ability and moveset, but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all missing on bulba 079 - SLOWPOKE - 29345A06444B.pk3 Shellder information mostly matches neoseeker (fourth move listed as bubblebeam, Shellder knows aurora beam), but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all also missing on bulba 090 - SHELLDER - DB340CAC3758.pk3 I also have a Gengar, Staryu, and Tauros but in pk4 format. I can share those as well if they can be used to verify the legitimacy of these. I managed to get these from a buddy who had recently been gifted his older sister's collection of pokemon games. I got his permission to look through his boxes and pick out some pokemon I want. Now I just want to know if it's too good to be true.
  4. You can use Hall of Fame Extractor to extract and modify your Hall of Fame data in Generation 4 games.
  5. My bad. My internet was being funny when I hit submit the first time. I couldn't find my reply so I thought it didn't go through. Appreciate it
  6. I was hoping someone could help me with this. I've been playing through the pokemon games in order of release trying to go for 100% completion of the game while still enjoying the experience. In Generation II, I went as far as to breed every species of pokemon possible so that they'd have things like my OT and better-rounded stats overall. I've continued this trend into the Generation III games but I've run into something that just doesn't make sense to me. On my Pokemon Ruby save I've hatched a Cleffa and nicknamed it "PII", the romanization of Cleffa's japanese name. I'm prompted with this error: I'm able to untick Nickname on PKHeX and revert the name to "CLEFFA" and it appears as legal. I've even tried inputting the nickname as "Pii" and it appears legal, but for some reason I get the error when I use "PII" instead. I nicknamed Cleffa in-game so my initial thought that "PII" might be censored was dismissed. I'm partly hoping that maybe this is a bug with PKHeX, but if it isn't, is there some way to get this Cleffa to appear as legal with "PII" for a nickname. I know a logical solution would be to use "Pii" instead, but seeing as how the names in this generation of games is in all caps, I was hoping to keep my Pokemon names' format uniform. Here's the pk3: 173 - PII - 1F7E1E048AFD.pk3 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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