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  1. What is your friend Code, and when are you available?
  2. DS... I have read up thuorughly on the RNG thing, and I know I could get it for Fire Red with that Articuno, but I don't want it for Fire Red. (Besides the file we caught it on isn't there anymore, so it wouldn't have any use.) Thanks for trying to help though.
  3. I am offering a Shiny Articuno. Here are the stats: Species: Articuno Nickname: Articuno Level: 50 (touched a bit...) Nature: Quiet Stats: HP 163, Atk 94, Def 107, Sp.Atk 112, Sp.Def 144, Spd 85 Ability: Pressure EVs: Unknown, but not much. IVs: 26/8/4/4/28/10 Moves: Mist, Mind Reader, Ice Beam, --- (had to delete 'Fly' to migrate, but can offer a Heart Scale to relearn a move.) Contest Stats: Untouched What I am looking for: I need someone who can find my Secret ID (SID). I think you need an AR or some sort of program to do this, so that you may find my SID by trading you a pokemon from my game. I do NOT have an AR, and I do NOT have ANY shiny pokemon caught from this game (Articuno was from a Fire Red). This is why I am looking for someone to do this for me. Thanks in advance! FC: 1160 8913 1776
  4. Yes, I want to know my SID so I can try the RNG Abuse trick. I do not have an AR or a shiny pokemon from my Pearl, and I really want a shiny with me as the original trainer.
  5. You need a high-leveled SHINY (non-chained) Pokemon or 4-8 chained shinies. I am currently trying to chain, but so far my highest chain is 17, so it will require some more work. The thing is I am busy with school for the moment and so if anyone can help me find my SID, then I will be greatful!
  6. Where is this special place? If you do become able to check SIDs, PLEASE tell me when! I've been waiting 4 days JUST FOR A SINGLE POST!
  7. Do you still provide the SID retrieval services? If so, do you think you could find mine (EDIT: for PEARL)? I already have a Pokemon caught and everything. (I had sent you a PM, but now that I found your thread, I think posting here is more appropriate.)
  8. I'm not sure if this is the place to post, so sorry if this thread is misplaced. I want to try the RNG trick, but I need my Secret ID, and I heard that if I trade a pokemon caught in my game to someone who has AR, then they could find my SID for me. Can anyone help me out? I've been looking for help in many forums with no help, but this place seems good. Please help! EDIT: I am now offering a Legit Shiny Articuno for anyone who can help me find my SID!
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