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  1. Ah, one more thing. I have been wondering. I learned how to RNG abuse but is an IV spread like this: 31/30/30/31/31/31 considered legit if gotten through RNG abuse? Someone told me that the IVs had to be lower because people think that you hacked if you have a spread like that.
  2. I believe that if your opponent's pokemon are hacked, the video will not show up.
  3. Alright. Now that I think about it, the risk is too great and I don't want to be diqualified. THanks for the help; I'll do it legit.
  4. Well, I know it is the same. I'm just wondering if a pokemon that passes as valid on the legality checker here will pass as valid on VGC's hack checker.
  5. So, I was wondering. Will a pokemon that is valid on this hack check: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/legality_checker/ be able to be used in the pokemon Video Game Championships without being detected by the hack checkers there? From what I've read, you can transfer a pokesaved pokemon to Diamond and Pearl, restart your Platinum, and they won't know. Apparently, transferring a pokesaved pokemon to a different version erases all traces of it being hacked. I have also read that they only check your pokemon, not the use of the action replay on your game. So if a pokemon passes that hack checker, shouldn't it be able to be used in VGC? Since the program is the same as Projectpokemon's legality checker, does that mean having a pokemon that passes as valid on this will pass as valid on the hack checker at VGC? That's my main question.
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