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  1. Never thought it was that easy, lol. Maybe it was his nature afterall. Just changed the IV, rerolling PID, shinify. Everything goes well. But, i found out that changing the memories from "somewhere" to the "pokemon center" (just like the "migrating tutorial" above says) seems to cause the PID problem too. Except if the transferred pokemon's origin was actually from gen 5. So i won't touch that thing. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. You mean, like this? Caught in black 2 using AR: Feraligatr caught in black 2.pk5 Dragging to AS (not edited): Feraligatr dragged to AS.pk6 Original from Black: 160 ★ - FERALIGATR - 5F743234A548.pk5 Original from HG: 160 - FERALIGATR - 3B403ECA7F93.pk4
  3. Oh, my bad, haha The PID problem is back, yeah, maybe it's the shiny thingy. Even if i make it "not shiny", it's still unable to match origin game. Seems legit to me, lol. Besides, emulator can't go online (except desmume). I will wait for the next PKhex update then. Thank you so much for the help.
  4. I rebooted the PKhex, somehow, the PID problem is gone. And it's still "shiny". Yes, it wasn't shiny at first. I just want to recreate my old memories. When the first time i'm playing Pokemon Crystal on Java mobile phone, the starter was shiny. I thought that spinning sparkle means "Your first partner is rolling out". But the save got corrupted after beating the pokemon league. Years later, i found out that it was shiny and it's hard to get, and i was, damn... That's how i met AR and sav editor. There's no any location prior to gen 5. Hope this helps, thanks.
  5. Hello. I'm new to PKhex and i encounter some problem... 1. Missing mystery gift in database. So i'm trying to move my event Rayquazza from Black to Alpha Sapphire... And somehow it's unable to match with the gift database... (I already attached the WC for research purpose) Card # 0059 - くろいレックウザ プレゼント.pgf Reference: http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/384.shtml#2012 2. Event OT affection should be 0 Next, event Camerupt. Yeah, i know it should be 0, but i "received" it by import WC (delivered by a guy from pokemon center), not from pkm file... 3. Evolution not valid And Event Vivillon is missing from event database too... Somehow, it doesn't have have any relearn move too... I got it those WCs (for 2nd and 3rd problem) from: 4. Transferring from gen 4 to gen 6 I transferred my Feraligatr from HG (Totodile starter) to AS by following this tutorial: https://forum.romulation.net/threads/migrating-gen-iii-v-pokamon-to-gen-vi-using-pkhex-and-pokagen-gen-v.63889/ But it didn't go well... Although i already reroll the PID for several times. PS: Sorry for the messy post. Thanks.
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