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  1. Ok i'm not sure if this is a bug.. But one I minimized the program.. it went to my tray but now I cant re open it or close it..
  2. How do you edit those i wanna have the Logos that kazowar has for his translation for the English Release of HG SS and ill make my own Plat/D/P to replace Plz Help
  3. so is there a way to send em thru wi-fi in-game? like sending to a friend but wi-fi?
  4. I have an idea for Wi-fi Mystery gift distribution. but it there a way to Make a DS app that Sends Wondercards(official and unofficial) to Select People(by Using their FC's) Basicaly A .Nds File Loaded with The Wonder Card Files. PC app would inject/take out WC from DS app. From DS Boot up app. Select WC to distribute Then on the top screen it will show how many people downloaded it.(FC's Needed) On PC Add WC (3 at a time) Remove WC Add Friend-codes (dont know Limit) Remove Friend Codes Summary Wifi WC distributor like nintendo's but can select who gets it. if you can undersstand that can you tell me if its possible/who can help make it.(i dont know any coding)
  5. Can Someone Check these Pokemon and and see if they will pass as legit? If not can someone Edit them to make them Pass as Legit? Plz and Thx deoxys.pkm shiny-articuno.pkm
  6. Would a Pokemon Downloaded From this site and edited to be a certain natere and stats be leagal
  7. (first post) is there a way this can be continued at all im willing to help w/ the graphics but thats all... my plan was remaking this whole setup kinda making it so that its easier to use...using graphics from DPPl
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