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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Files for all the Pokemon Championship Teams in VGC Masters What's Included -All Pokemon with correct nature/stats/movepool/items/Markings -OT Name is the IRL winner's name -Origin game is the game the tournament used -Met Date is when the finals took place -Country/Sub-region are accurate to where the VGC took place (EX. Florida, USA) Enjoy
  2. http://secondcitygym.com/premiereevents/fully-ev-trained-pkmn-giveaway Ninjask Shedinja Medicham Salamence Metagross Darmanitan Chandelure Zoroark Archeops Since they only distributed 1 per person via ingame trade, these are kind of like the JEREMY Pokemon back from Gen 3. This is a distribution at an official VGC event given from the people hosting the event, so I'd assume these are classified as an event (but unofficial since there's no nintendo posting). They did IR trade and stamped your hand after you picked a random card corresponding to what Pokemon you got.
  3. So, I was wondering. Will a pokemon that is valid on this hack check: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/legality_checker/ be able to be used in the pokemon Video Game Championships without being detected by the hack checkers there? From what I've read, you can transfer a pokesaved pokemon to Diamond and Pearl, restart your Platinum, and they won't know. Apparently, transferring a pokesaved pokemon to a different version erases all traces of it being hacked. I have also read that they only check your pokemon, not the use of the action replay on your game. So if a pokemon passes that hack checker, shouldn't it be able to be used in VGC? Since the program is the same as Projectpokemon's legality checker, does that mean having a pokemon that passes as valid on this will pass as valid on the hack checker at VGC? That's my main question.
  4. Hi! I'm new to the forums, but I've been using Pokésav for almost 10 months. I could generate very good pokemon that passed PBR tests, but I didn't tak the Hex values into account. A while ago, I finally learned The file attached is the file of a shiny SubPetayaEmpoleon, and I would really like to see if it would pass a Video Game Championship hack check. Thanks for reading this!! Golden Empoleon GoldnEmpln.pkm
  5. This is my feeble attempt at a competitive team for the VGC in philly. any advice would be great. Hold items are not chosen yet and any info would be cool. Garchomp Jolly Sand Veil Hp:6;At:252;Speed:252 Physical Sweep -Dragon Claw -Aerial Ace -Fire Fang -Shadow Claw Hippowdon Carefull Sand Stream Hp:6;Def:252;SpDef:252 Sandstream Wall -Slack Off -Yawn -Rock Slide -Crunch Armaldo Carefull Battle Armor Hp:2;At:252;Def:128;SpDef:128 Physical Tank -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Aerial Ace -Metal Claw Lucario Timid Steadfast Hp:6;SpAtt:252;Speed:252 Special Sweeper -Aura Sphere -Dragon Pulse -Dark Pulse -Water Pulse Magnezone Calm Sturdy Hp:6;Def:252;SpDef:252 Special Wall -Discharge -Flash Cannon -Metal Sound -Magnet Rise Omastar Calm Shell Armor Hp:2;Def:128;SpAtt:252;SpDef:128 Special Tank -Water Pulse -Icy Wind -Earth Power -Sandstorm Well thats it. Figure im trying to go a little heavier on the D than the standard. lookin forward for responces
  6. Mamoswine @ Focus Sash/NeverMeltIce Nature: Lonely Ability: Snow Cloak EVs: HP 6/Atk 252/Spe 252 Role: Mixed sweeper - Earthquake - Hail - Blizzard - Superpower Togekiss @ Wise Glasses Nature: Modest Ability: Serene Grace EVs: HP 252/Def 88/ Sp. Atk 170 Role: Typical Flinchkiss - Air Slash - Aura Sphere - Water Pulse/Thunder Wave - Roost Latias @ Light Clay/Leftovers Nature: Calm Ability: Leviate EVs: HP 148/Def 27/Sp. Def 252 Role: Mixed wall? - Calm Mind - Recover - Psychic - Reflect Salamence @ Yache Berry Nature: Adamant Ability: Intimidate EVs: Atk 232/Spe 252/Sp. Atk 24 Role: Mixed/physical Sweeper - Draco Meteor/Dragon Claw - Earthquake/Rock Slide - Roost - Dragon Dance Registeel @ BrightPowder Nature: Relaxed Ability: Clear Body EVs: HP 252/ Atk 90/Def 168 Role: Tank (...Is that right? ;_; ) - Toxic - Thunder - Earthquake - Stealth Rock Infernape @ Muscle Band/Scope Lens Nature: Hasty Ability: Blaze EVs: Atk 64/Spe 192/Sp. Atk 252 Role: Mixed sweeper - Flamethrower - Close Combat - Nasty Plot - Grass Knot Crits and ideas are welcome! (Oh boy I sure do love levitating and earthquake!!!1)
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