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  1. I want to edit the female hero's sprite that shows up on the trainer card. I already edited back sprites and mugshot sprites. I couldnt find any tutorials so im asking for help.
  2. how would you edit trainer cards in black and white. the link just takes you to a B2W2 tutorial and it doesnt work for BW
  3. lmao I realized. slightly unrelated question... do you know where the sprites for Black and Whites Trainer Cards can be found?
  4. Im trying to replace The female hero mugshot for pokemon Black. The list says the mugshots should be in "a/2/6/7". When I open up the 2 folder there isnt a 6 folder, only 0,1,2,and 3. am I ding something wrong or is my rom missing data? I am using Nitro Explorer 2 if that matters.
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