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  1. I was wondering, is it possible to manually edit the Daycare block? For what I tested exporting and importing different samples works just fine, but the block itself seems to be encrypted so hex editing doesn't seem possible. I'm mostly interested in this because the Daycare Block is the only place that prevents "Battle forms" to turn back into the respective base form. note: sorry for posting in the wrong thread previously, I hope this time is the correct one.
  2. Greetings, Im actually new on project pokemon forums, but, lets just get to the point... I have a save with a Lvl255 -----(#000) with maxed manual stats, buggy name (more than 12 question marks) and some kind of weird looking grey pkrs, I was wondering if its possible to turn this pokemon into an AR code, its not actually that simple, sense its a invalid specie for pokegen + if I swap the specie (for example: bulbasaur) it will lose its Lvl 255. any help or at least attention on this post is appreciated. I will provide a basic B2/W2 save file with the pokemon in the first slot. thanks in ad
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