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  1. O I forget if you look on what pokedex number the pokemons have. The have number 494 and 495
  2. What i do is set the Platinum rom into the same map open it type the whole name you can also rename the nds file to something simple. typ the name and ready.
  3. you can Try to download the compact version of it and you can also use PPSEDS
  4. I self have an Acekard 2i But i`m gonne buy DSTWO http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=192112
  5. The egg`s are already level 40 but it Crash whit PPSEDS
  6. i`m have found something it`s a bad egg and a normal egg but you while see Pokedex number 494 and 495 can it transform into a ??? arceus here is the link http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5591
  7. how much new pokemon? and also dose it have The Bad egg And Egg in your pokedex? and also pleas chance the Trainer sprites. you can use Poketex
  8. Can the new Version load .Pkm files
  9. No it don`t You are Typing in English Also on The Japanese pokesav.
  10. The game is very Cool and It`s harder
  11. I need Some sprites of the games Heart gold and soul silver And some of Platinum Pearl and Diamond
  12. Yes it finally work!! and it looks cool thank you Projectpokemon
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