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Found 12 results

  1. Thanks to @SwagKey I'm actually searching for a way to get the 6 debuggers Pokemon of Stadium2 but I ignore a lot of things for that: -the format of the files -the encryption used -the location of the offset Any help? They can easily found using AR codes in an emulator but dump them is a harder thing ^^
  2. This is a simple program to view the teams in Pocket Monsters Stadium (JAP) and all data relative to the pokémon. It can also export individual pokémon as jpk1 files to use with pkhex. It is worth noting that the teams and trainers from Level 50-55 Tournament are (in theory) copies of the participants and winners of a real tournament that was held in japan. jpk1 code is heavily based on pkhex. Download: https://github.com/suloku/PMStadium_Viewer/releases/tag/0.1 Source code: https://github.com/suloku/PMStadium_Viewer/ ps: this needs a z64/v64 rom, you can find a converter here: https://www.zophar.net/utilities/n64aud/tool-n64.html ps2: this is for the japanese only game, not the international Pokémon Stadium 1, you can find an editor for it here: https://github.com/Guernouille/Stadium_Editor
  3. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wood_box I just checked 2 Hitmonchans, from R1 and R2. They are the same except for DVs. When you send them to Gen 2, they get Normal or Gorgeous Box. Since I can't find anything different aside from DVs with editors, can someone confirm that Stad 1 has specific DV generation depending which Round reward Pkm you receive? Because how else can Gen 2 detect from which round is the rewarded Pkm, and which Wood Box will it have?
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a gamesave for Pokemon Stadium 1 which includes the Amnesia Psyduck that can be earned through gameplay. All the gamesaves I've found online have already completed the hall of fame, and the user(s) who created these saves did not include the psyduck in it (either it was taken off the game or there was no space to accept it in Oak's lab) I'm also looking for a stadium EEVEE and Bulbasaur, but these are less important as the gamesave I have been playing on I will unlock them. The amnesia psyduck, however, appears to be a one-time unlockable and I'm unable to obtain it on the gamesave I'm using. If anyone can help provide the fla save file which includes the Amnesia Psyduck, and *hopefully* the other mon's I haven't unlocked, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  5. Welcome to TERRA#493' Battle Stadium! I'm accepting all challenges usually, because only with practise, one can be get the best. I prefer UU/NU-Battles but OU-Battles are okay too. Please notice that, when you challenge me, Yanmega is OU and Latias is 00ber, which means that you only may use Yanmega in OU-Battles and Latias only in 00ber-Battles. No D/Cs, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Evasion Clause, Item Clause (except Life Orb and Leftovers), No Luck Items (Bright Powder, Quick Claw). etc.. If you are a nice guy, try to use no Weather-Team, because they are all the same, and that's boring. But you can use it, if you demand on one.. If i'm feel like, i'll record my Battle and upload it on YouTube, if you don't agree with that, don't challenge me!
  6. Trainer Card Name: Lucas ID: 40854 FC: 0990 0694 8690 Battle Style OverUsed UnderUsed/BorderLine NeverUsed Clauses Sleep Clause OHKO Clause Evasion Clause Species Clause Challengers Battle Stadium Record Wins: Loses: Just post the style of battle and we will commence our battle. =]
  7. I really want the old Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 to come out on the Wii Shop Channel I mean I love my N64 but eventually its gonna bite the dust so I hope they get it on there soon I mean they already got Pokemon Snap on it to... whats everyone else think?
  8. Hi, I am Disperated!!!!!!! Since i saw the announcement of Pokémon XY for the 3DS, Could you please make a Pokémon Stadium Hack With Pokémon Black and White/BW2 Compatibillity for the DS? I mean instead of using the N64 Transfer Pack To Transfer Pokémon, why not using the 3DS To transfer Pokémon from BW/BW2? And with Pokémon BW Data over the Original in Stadium Mode, Gym leader Castle Modes and GB Tower (Replaced with DS Tower) And The Hall Of Fame Support with all the 649 Pokémon? And Maybe Minigames with all the Pokémon who evolve with Friendship with the right to gain items for the DS Games and a Professor Juniper Lab replacing Oak's With LOTS Of Upgrades? What Do Ya Think? ANY SUGGESTION WILL BE APPRECIATED!!!!!!!
  9. Recently, I learned that Stadium: Gold & Silver (Stadium 2 outside of Japan) would probably never be on the Virtual Console. There is a 40MB limit on games, and S3:G&S is 64MB (only a few games for the N64 are this large). On the other hand, Stadium 2 (Stadium outside of Japan) is 32MB, so it would be alright. I'm not sure how many megabytes the original Stadium (unreleased outside of Japan) has, but factoring in its 42 Pokémon, as well as that it probably went through some important changes when switching from the 64DD to the N64 itself, I'm guessing 16MB or 12MB. Please correct any of my information if it's wrong. Now, my question is, has Nintendo ever uploaded something that exceeds 40MB on the Virtual Console? Could they drastically shorten the total MB by reprogramming it more efficiently, and getting rid of dead weight? Now, many would consider this useless, as connectivity with Generations I and II was a big deal. Well, on the off-chance that a Virtual Console for handhelds was created for the DSi, and wireless connectivity was implemented into both the Stadium series and the handheld games, would it possible to connect them? Would they be so drastically changed that they would be considered DSiWare or WiiWare? Is absolutely any of this possible, or even plausible?
  10. Do I Need Anything Special To Connect RBYGSC To Stadium I/II i.e. Any Special Cords etc.
  11. So we all know about the color corruptions that happen based of a Pokemon's nickname and OT ID, but little is known about how the game determines each little alteration and curiosity, this thread is for helping the knowledge about the games inner-workings be more well known among the web. :bidoof: Example of color alteration through nickname: [ATTACH=CONFIG]12833[/ATTACH] This is pretty much the basic format most people see the change through normal gameplay. (Lowercase, Bridged, or Shortened) Another curiosity, being that Smeargle has its tail color change dependent on its DVs in Pokemon Stadium 2, don't have any pics showcasing this, might experiment with my cart later. It would be really nice if we could get someone datamine the games and reveal all of the possible color palettes the game will display.
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