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  1. @Dio_Vento Using the legit(1.9) build for Moon, Drampa found on Blush Mountain(Geothermal Power Plant) off Route 12 are not Legit. While Turtonator can be found there in Sun Drampa shouldn't be. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind for Penumbra/Supernova 780 - Drampa - CF04048D0C4B.pk7
  2. Not sure if this is an issue on your end or on luma but I have an o3ds with luma 8.1.1 and running a digital copy of sun with nova sun & isp patches results in crashes at the first battle with Hau. I only have the issue with the digital copy, running same patches(built for moon) it with my moon cart version results in no error. Is it an incompatibility with the patches or should I report to luma's dev?
  3. Asked KazoWAR last night https://twitter.com/KazoWAR/status/796595247857995776 https://twitter.com/KazoWAR/status/796606445177503748 https://twitter.com/KazoWAR/status/796607658560143360 To sum it up Alolan Meowth with Happiness Alolan Rattata @20 @ Night Alolan Cubone @28 @ Night Alolan Vulpix with Ice Stone Alolan Sandshrew with Ice Stone All others are unchanged from the Kanto variety Magnezone evolution's location is probably the same as Charjabug, but I can't confirm
  4. Mew from GamestopCollected via Homebrew from Alpha Sapphire on o3DS 10.5.0-30uNo pictures, as I have no cam but I am more then willing to share the save file if that would help verify it.
  5. Thank you, I didnt want to download it and then find out I couldnt get it to work or something like that
  6. I haven't seen this answered yet so I'm gonna ask, Can you run the hans method with a sky3ds? I dont want to delete my AS save off my retail cart, but I would like to play star sapphire.
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