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  1. Could someone make a code that lets me type more than 10 characters for a Pokémon name, even if I can't see what I'm typing after the first 10 characters? Also, a code that brings up the nickname screen when you check your Pokémon's summary? I'm not at the Name Rater yet, and I accidentally misnamed one of my Pokémon.
  2. I'm also asking this in the DP request thread and the HGSS request thread (I feel sorta bad for making extra posts, but asking for DP and HGSS codes is not for this thread). Anyway, could someone please make me a code that changes the Pokédex to put all of the seen Pokémon in a male-female order, except for ones that have not yet seen a male version, female version, either, are genderless, or already are in a male-female order? You can ignore all Pokémon with (an) alternate Forme(s)/form(s). Yeah, it's a REALLY specific code, but I am compelled to have my Pokédex this way. HUGE thanks in advance! P.S. - I'll copy and paste this in the DP and HGSS threads, making appropriate changes where necessary.
  3. I use sseq2midi to play music from SoulSilver, but there's a loss of data. Is there a way to play sseq files properly? A friend told me to convert it to an mp3, but would this work? Are there any programs that play sseq files properly? Do Bank and Wave work with Sequence to give it the proper sound? Also, Ho-oh's battle theme sounds hilarious in midi.
  4. Hoenn was my least favourite region for a few reasons. (Incoming text)
  5. I've been watching it, as it brings up my anticipation to purchase Black and White. So far, it's pretty good (coming from someone who lost interest in the anime around mid-Hoenn). I prefer the Japanese voices, as it makes me see a whole new side of the characters I knew. I also watched the last five episodes of Diamond & Pearl, and the Takuto battle was cool. I love the Best Wishes! opening. The Pokémon lighting up after they are introduced in the previous episode is neat, and being already lit up in newer episodes shows that the CGI team put a cool idea into motion. The vocals are also enjoyable. Iris took some getting used to, but once I found out she was in the game, I think she is awesome. She also has a personality that differs from the previous girls that went with Ash, and reminds me of Misty 2.0. Dent looks to be an interesting character, if not for the fact that the previews showed him fanboying over Ash. At least someone knows of his accomplishments. That reminds me. Shooti is the most annoying rival ever. He has no reason for being a snob. Ahh, brings me back to Gary.
  6. C'mon, you haven't updated the main site in forever! You don't have to just do news. There is a thriving community researching the games and creating programs and applications, and you neglect to update about a lot of it. This isn't a "News" website like Serebii. This isn't an "encyclopedia on all things Pokémon" like Bulbapedia. This website has its own niche, and you darn well better use it. Members! Do your best to help the staff! Staff! Work toward the betterment of this site using contributions of everyone! You're getting a lot of traffic thanks to the English BW Patch, so why not use it to your advantage. And whoever contributes, please remember quality over quantity! If you write a guide, type it out in Word or something to check your spelling and grammar. Let's work towards a superior website!
  7. I don't want to get in trouble for linking to "certain sites" so I could PM the links to you if you want. Short story is, there was a textdump of the upcoming English demo. The translators are almost halfway through. Anyway, one translator gave his friend (who speaks fractured English) some of the textfiles. By the way, Zolua and Zoloark were changed back to normal. The translator used "Wotter" before thinking up a final name because it's easier to remember. Well, the text that was dumped... Well it looked LEGIT. It had the proper format and everything (\n and \r and your name's placeholder included)! It fits perfectly in a game's textbox. There was also a lot of \ufffe. It was like using PPRE. It revealed large amounts of info. There should be a thread on PokeBeach by someone by the name of Gish, who was talking to the guy at the same time as me. I trust this guy completely. 1. He is Japanese, but is learning English. This explains his incredibly late posting due to his different timezone. 2. It seems like too much effort to create such a flawless textdump that works perfectly. 3. He created the identity "Hajime" at the end (in Katakana). There would be no reason to do this if he was lying. NO ONE works that hard to troll. 4. The text describes the characters perfectly. N has a level 1 Menger sponge at first. It apparently changes later to a level 2, as shown by his art. Nathan is intelligent and recognizes this, while Bel is sort of ditzy and friendly. She likes N's strange personality. Nathan is also suspicous of N, and sometimes gets angry at you for trusting him. 5. He is very polite, and the most believable of everyone who has posted "information". 6. In a recent Japanese post, some of what he said is confirmed. He comes on every night from around 2:30 am to 3:30 am ET. Even most people who have been yelling "FAKE!" at most unconfirmed things are starting to believe him. You don't have to believe him, but he seems quite truthful. I want to make a thread here telling the rest of what he said (cause he said quite a bit), if not just for discussion and fact checking. I'm not sure if the mods will allow it though, with unconfirmed info.
  8. Final forms and Pokabu's second are fake. Pokabu's second will be on all fours, look angry, and have tusks. Also... Victini -> Victiny Tsutarja -> Ivyper Pokabu -> Buroink Mijumaru -> Wotter Nezumi -> Hypmunk Gear -> Gears Chillarmy -> Chillarmy Zorua -> Zolua* Zoroark -> Zoloark* Reshiram -> Reshiram Zekrom -> Zekrom Bel -> Bel** Cheren -> Nathan Team Plasma -> Team Plasma N -> N (His real name is ) * Could be a mistranslation ** Could become Bella I'll post an explanation soon.
  9. What about official event Pokémon that have been distributed? Would that be legit, because it came from an official source, or legal, because it does not occur naturally in-game?
  10. Gah, darn those blurry pixels! It looks to me that Mijumaru's evolution is called... Rannosute or Wannosute? Looking at Mijumaru's name is pretty tough, as it doesn't even look like it starts with a Mi. Tsutarja's evolution looks like... Kenapooke? What? Hey Guested, do any of these sound like they could be right?
  11. Ahh, but have you considered a possible addition to the Nosepass family? Maybe something to replace the Sinnoh-exclusive Probopass, in a way? EDIT: Also, I think that green one could be ameoba-related... @Shining Mew2 You accidentally put the Katakana for Ononokusu next to Doryuuzu
  12. But the Wii IS playable on the majority of TVs. If component cables don't work for you, maybe it's your TV or Wii. I've honestly never had a problem on any TV. This is a little off-topic, but did you know that if you hold the + and - buttons on your Wii Remote while turning it on until you're at the menu, you enter a special mode that stops WiiConnect24 (I think). One day, my Wii would freeze 20 seconds into turning on. I used the above method, deleted some old mail, and it worked again! Just thought you guys should know if you ever come across the same situation. EDIT: It's called Maintenance Mode, and it disables the Wii Message Board. Then how the heck did I delete my mail?
  13. Recently, I learned that Stadium: Gold & Silver (Stadium 2 outside of Japan) would probably never be on the Virtual Console. There is a 40MB limit on games, and S3:G&S is 64MB (only a few games for the N64 are this large). On the other hand, Stadium 2 (Stadium outside of Japan) is 32MB, so it would be alright. I'm not sure how many megabytes the original Stadium (unreleased outside of Japan) has, but factoring in its 42 Pokémon, as well as that it probably went through some important changes when switching from the 64DD to the N64 itself, I'm guessing 16MB or 12MB. Please correct any of my information if it's wrong. Now, my question is, has Nintendo ever uploaded something that exceeds 40MB on the Virtual Console? Could they drastically shorten the total MB by reprogramming it more efficiently, and getting rid of dead weight? Now, many would consider this useless, as connectivity with Generations I and II was a big deal. Well, on the off-chance that a Virtual Console for handhelds was created for the DSi, and wireless connectivity was implemented into both the Stadium series and the handheld games, would it possible to connect them? Would they be so drastically changed that they would be considered DSiWare or WiiWare? Is absolutely any of this possible, or even plausible?
  14. As I can't find any relevent information on Google or Bulbapedia, I'll post here. This thread is meant to compare D/P/Pt in different languages. For example, let's say a joke was made in the Japanese version of Platinum, and it's based on wordplay, or only culturally relevent to that area of the world. Now let's say that it was changed in other regions to make a joke about something relevent to them, be it wordplay or cultural differences. We'll document them here. And no, names of people, places, and things don't count. This thread is not meant to start a complaining session about how "They should have kept the Game Corner!", or "The Japanese names are the only proper ones!", because people have varying opinions. We can, however, discuss why these changes took place, so we can see it from a different point of view (they didn't want to promote gambling to children, and names are always going to be different). So post the differences you notice between versions!
  15. Finally, we have a cloning method for HG/SS! M@T, does it matter if you level it up? Can you just let it gain at least 1 experience point?
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