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  1. Hello. I am sick of being called Maddaren. It is a pun of my last name (Don't tell anyone). So i'd love so much to be called Mr. ZARDE. What do you think? See you later, Feraligatr, See you soon, Zigzagoon... Bye-bye, Beautifly!
  2. Good! I'll Look For This... EDIT: Problem Solved. It Works Like A Charm. Thank You, and Have A Nice Weekend!
  3. Using The Latest Pkhex, This Happens Everytime I Mod My Save. Anyone With The Same Problem?
  4. Okay, Here's My Ultra Sun Team: Figaro The Male Incineroar Toadette The Female Breloom From Dream World Esther The Starmie From Pokémon Red Homura The Female Excadrill Also From Dream World Kirara The Female Manectric From Ruby HeiHei The Male Togekiss From Silver All Of Them Lv. 100. Next!
  5. Thanks! Enviado de meu SM-J200BT usando Tapatalk
  6. Hi, i started playing Pokémon Sun a while ago, but a bit slow speed, hahaha. I was looking for Pokémon not Native In Sun, a.k.a. Moon Exclusives in Pk7 format. Would You Please send an attachment with them for me? No need to Hurry. Thank You and Good Night. All The Best, Maddarena Enviado de meu SM-J200BT usando Tapatalk
  7. Thank You! Now I can Gen In Battle Revolution As Well! I am so Happy!
  8. Why I Can't Open a PBR Savefile On PKHeX? It says File Input Is Too Large... Enviado de meu SM-J200BT usando Tapatalk
  9. Man, this collection is so perfect! Only missing stuff are Pokémon Present From Stadium and Stadium 2, but as i am unable to export and import data between pc and game boy cart, i only have as legit pkm, the Baton Pass Farfetch'd and the Earthquake Gligar. The Majority of the Other Pokémon in Stadium was obtained by Cheating. So if you don't mind contributing these pokémon at least without cheating on Pokémon Stadium Rom and Project 64 emulator...
  10. Hello, I am a bit busy switching between work and excercising in weekdays and gaming in weekends so if anyone could please attach a zip file containing all Pokémon Obtained between All Gen II Game Boy Color Carts, i'll be grateful to accept it! Thank You! Have a nice day! PS: I Don't accept Hacked Through Gameshark and other Cheat Devices, only obtained through regular gameplay.
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