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  1. I see, i see... Sorry for the misunderstanding. Have a nice Easter, @Kaphotics!
  2. Hello, i managed to collect "every" regular Pokémon but Gholdengo is showing that it's in the wrong order, between Hypno and Electrode. How the heck this is happening?
  3. Hm... Sounds interesting!
  4. Ah, serendipity!!! Ok, but i guess i'll rather wait for this option to implement on next PKHeX release than have my save corrupted, because i don't have that option on my stable release yet. Now i know what it took to be what supposed to be an regression, and perhaps i gone too far, thinking this could be the end. Guess who's wrong. Sincerely, thank you. Hope the InitialSortMode merges into the stable release soon... Have a nice weekend, @Kaphotics!
  5. You know what? I'm reverting the PKHeX version for now. For those looking forward to try the latest version of PKHeX and likes an organized PKM Database, here's my advice: **DO NOT** update to latest version. I can't stress enough, but if the Pokédex logic doesn't go back, i'll retire once and for all from the Pokémon world.
  6. Ok, i get it - but what means to be so funny is that i did it, PKHeX has changed its filters to "search within boxes", "search within database" and "search within backups" and i even filtered both legal and illegal Pokémons, now i get this... Before latest version it was possible to organize the PKM database inside the program according to dex number order now it became a complete mess, i believe it did a huge regression from previous release. Previous release: When i filtered mons using format: = pk8 all Pokémons from Venusaur to Calyrex would show up, according to Pokédex number Latest release: according to the picture when i hit search, this is what is shown above What now? Or did i misunderstood something?
  7. Reccently i updated my PKHeX build. Now when i try to organize Pokémon, instead of seeing exactly the extension of pokémon file ordered in Pokédex number, i see it organized by last modified - i mean - nothing to do with the style i used to see in previous version. Am i asking too much of reverting the change you have done in PKM Database? Thanks in regard!
  8. Hello. I am sick of being called Maddaren. It is a pun of my last name (Don't tell anyone). So i'd love so much to be called Mr. ZARDE. What do you think? See you later, Feraligatr, See you soon, Zigzagoon... Bye-bye, Beautifly!
  9. Good! I'll Look For This... EDIT: Problem Solved. It Works Like A Charm. Thank You, and Have A Nice Weekend!
  10. Using The Latest Pkhex, This Happens Everytime I Mod My Save. Anyone With The Same Problem?
  11. If i try to do it and the exception still happen, we better report to @Kaphotics. It didn't happen Earlier. Edit: It's A No-Go. Better Report Him. Edit 2: Cannot Teach Gen I Moves to Gen II Pokémon From Gen I. It Flags As Illegal. Here's The Snapshot
  12. Wait, So I Need To Change DV and PP up to Random in order To Pass Through? Gee! Edit: I Discovered that none of the Pokémon From Gen I Can Be Transferred To Gen II Through Pkhex. So Strange Indeed! I once did Delete My Older Pkhex Folder but after that time i redownloaded a new folder, it didn't had any of that amount of various dll files it did once, could it be the reason? Or The Issue I Am Having Has Nothing To Do With The Unavailabiliy of Converting Pokémon to Gen I To II? Correct Me If I'm Wrong.
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