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  1. Hi I just wanted to know if its possible at all to edit the save file for Pokemon Home? Is this possible at all and is something in the work? Would be awesome to edit my TrainerID there! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there Changed my Trainer Id on Sword. Checked my League card - it still has my old one. Changed the design of it, hoping it would overwrite the id somehow. No luck. Is this a bug or a probably a feature request? Thanks for helping
  3. May I ask what the purpose of encryption constant is? Btw I can reproduce the save problem - and solve it with re-enrolling the encryption constant...
  4. @arti Try restarting the Switch after injecting the save (so that no payload is injected anymore), this "solved" the problem for me.
  5. @walppeople @Irina Just wondering, did you manage to transfer the save successfully into the game (after one of the save attempt worked)? I‘m also experiencing kind of the same error, where the export does not include my recent changes, and yes I double-checked every step... but in-game it just loads the previous one... Could changing the Trainer-ID has something to do with it?
  6. @GhostieCafe On my side, EmuMCC is disabled. Still have no luck in restoring save files... Is it working for you? Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thank you!
  7. Hi there Experienced the same problem. Managed to restore the save, but now the game keeps crashing after a few minutes. Wondering if this is actually a bug from the game or if my save is corrupted... Could someone pls have a look at my save? I changed the TID and some natures, nothing more. Thank you! main
  8. Ah ok, I thought Crystal would generate entries by itself. So there's never a Met Location if I time-capsule-trade right?
  9. Hi there I recently started PKMN Crystal and transferred all my Gen 1 Pokemon via PkHex to my Crystal save. As I checked the stats of the Gen 1 Pkmns, I saw that there's no Met Location and the Met Level is always 0. Just wanted to know if this is genuine? If not, what's the correct location? Thx
  10. Hi there I'm running Crystal on VC now and I'm curious. I just started and want my Chikorita having the move Leech Seed. PKHex is marking it as illegal (which I guess is correct) as the Pkmn is not marked as "breeded". So how do 2nd Gen Games validate the moves and where do I have to make changes in the stats? I tried to edit the Met Location, but it doesn't help because there's no such thing as "Day-Care Couple". Thank you!
  11. Hi As I seem not to be the only one with the "Encounter Type PID Mismatch" on Gen4 problem after an update, I have some questions; I plan to transfer them to Gen5,6 and 7 - will the PID be changed on the transfer to newer generations? Could it be, that the problem will be solved after a "Gen"-Transfer? Is there a guided way to generate a new valid PID with the RNG Reporter? Is there any other way to avoid this problem, when editing a pkmn on PkHex? Thanks a lot
  12. Hi there I was wondering if it's possible to edit / unlock Pokewalker routes with PkHex? I'm missing the one you can unlock when trading in GTS since it's offline. Is there a way to unlock them or fake a GTS trade? thx
  13. is it already known what kind of function the G7TID is fulfilling? Why did they change?
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