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  1. I had never seen any screenshots of the EU Aurora Ticket ROM before, it's not much but cool stuff!
  2. It should work just fine on Nintendont, but you need to enable Native Controls in the settings.
  3. If you're using Nintendont** you have to enable native controllers
  4. Wrong language game is a possibility as well
  5. Not exactly related, but I'm not sure it justifies it's own topic. Can anyone translate this? Thank you
  6. A happy medium may exist though, for example a Dev cart could be rewritten with something like the rickroll video, or that Skyrim intro meme. It could garner enough attention to let people know it's possible and easy to rewrite these things without giving explicit instructions. @Purin raises a valid point I hadn't considered until recently, there is evidence that actual distribution devices were used with these loose cartridges; and if these were ever to emerge in the wild... well whose to say. It's a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of thing.
  7. They are, or at least my Japanese one works on my American GBA with American games.
  8. =OT_Name=Gridelin .OT_Name=Ash
  9. I think trying to get the entire save is a lost cause, but trading Pokemon off the bootleg cartridge might be possible.
    1. Gridelin


      Wtf weird, I'm trying to post that I don't think the inside of the regi cartridge in the gallery is accurate, it's instead the inside of a wario cartridge.



    2. theSLAYER


      Roger, I'll get it removed, thanks :D

  10. Ah, it's a more recent event, will update soon.
  11. I'll have to double-check, but are you positive tapu fini isn't in there? I checked the video I made months ago and it is there in the video.
  12. Yup, that's the one I was thinking of haha! Never seen the security tape on the back before!
  13. To my knowledge, there was at least one distribution that used this larger cartridge, but it was not the 10th anniversary distribution.
  14. Fascinating, so do we think that loose cartridges were used in the U.S? I thought I remembered pictures of locked down GBA SP systems like this in America, but I could be wrong.
  15. Welcome to the forums! Most gen3 distribution cartridges were attached to the GBA console and would look something like the picture I attached below. A general rule of thumb about distribution cartridges for Gen3 is that if they aren't connected to the console like this, they very well could be illegitimate. I'm curious, do you have any distribution cartridges yourself already? Besides for private sellers, eBay has been the most likely place in the states to see anything related to distribution cartridges.
  16. Yup! That's essentially what I was going for, with the added bonus of trying to make the Pokemon actually viable. Plenty of other living Dex and shiny Dex save files existed at the time, but they were all either filled with illegal Pokemon, or the Pokemon were not even close to usable.
  17. If I remember correctly, some of the older event Pokemon in an earlier version of this save file had an OT that was too long for Gen2/3, or was impossible to have (specific English characters on a Japanese event) etc... And as @theSLAYER said, this save file was never intended to have all of the event Pokemon. There are some event Pokemon in here, but nowhere near all of them. There is a save file that has nearly every gen 3 event Pokemon, but I'm not sure if something similar exists for the other generations. The GitHub or PkHex mystery gift database is probably your best bet on that end.
  18. I've never tried this website, but I've had problems with my personal email domain before on some websites. If you're not using something like a gmail or an outlook, it might be worth a shot to try one of those.
  19. There's a pastebin somewhere on these forums or the Pokemon RNG subreddit of every possible legal WISHMKR Jirachi. I don't remember off hand if any of them are perfect IV and modest, but my gut is telling me no.
  20. This sounds like WISHMKR Jirachi and not Channel
  21. I also feel like I've definitely read through a guide on a Japanese website doing this on retail, as well as an older Japanese video about doing it on retail.
  22. Do you have a source on that?
  23. I know I've checked in the past, but I can't remember right now and can't check here at work; is the ROM image on the Box.iso any different from the regular ROM image? Like do the hashes match etc...?
  24. Yes, I believe you can play with a regular GC controller as well though.
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