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  1. No problem. I’m afraid I did check all my save files to that site and these two mews were the only events that were there sadly. Still I was very surprised to even find these
  2. Ok so I think I have found another one. It’s a different trainer but the same one as mentioned above by @TotalTS being ヨッシー same IVs and it’s level 100. I will upload save file but just to show I’m not making this up any scrutiny of these save files is welcome and here is a pic to show I’ve gone through an aweful lot of cartridges to find these two
  3. Yes that would be fine let me know where I need to send it to
  4. I can confirm that they are indeed the IVs. Its at level 43 so not untouched. Its also got the nickname ミュウ. Moves are Psychic, Metronome, Ice Beam & Thunderbolt
  5. Hi everyone. A while back I bought a lot of japanese pokemon carts from japan. I dumped all the saves that were still there and have just had the time to go through them. On a copy of Pokemon blue I found a mew with the trainer: ルイージ and TID: 39156. I believe this may be a Nintendo Space World '97 Mew?
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