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  1. I wonder if that was his original trainer name and the postal method used adds it under the same name as the save game?
  2. Just checked any they still aren't there.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I’ll change the dates back to the original dates from Pearl.
  4. I noticed that when I do the Pokemon transfer lab feature in Black to trade over Pokemon from Pearl, the met date changes to the trade over date. If I mirror the same in PKHeX, the met date too changes. is there any detriment to changing this date back to the original met date? I’ve got some event Pokémon in Pearl and Soul Silver that is like to keep the original dates I got them. This can be replicated on physical devices by changing the console date. what is the legality of the dates being changed as I think some of the dates will predate the realest date of Black. My goal is to get my Gen 4 pokes in to Home via Bank. My Soul Silver cart has all my FireRed and Ruby transfers in it too. thanks for reading.
  5. I know this is old now but I’ve got mews from UK here https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/56562-uk-mew-from-julyaugust-2000/
  6. Done that thanks. Hope they can be useful and I suppose the bulbapedia entry for these UK mews can be updated with more info now?
  7. Well I hope these mews are good for you. Please can you delete my saves from this thread when you’ve extracted the mews for the downloads area if that’s what you want to do with them.
  8. So i have given you all three mews I have. I just can’t comprehend how my three are the only ones left from the UK events.
  9. There’s no Mew on my save from my Blue cart. Here’s my Yellow save. They may have been on stadium 1 and possibly transferred to gold and back for the Dex entry. I don’t know how they would be cloned. I think they’ve been to and from other carts a few times to fill my friends Dexes too.
  10. Here’s my Pokemon Red save. One of the Mews was traded from my blue cart. I’ll not bother with my blue save. My yellow save the mew is at level 42 so not original. I think there is a Mew in daycare too but not sure how that got there I may have transferred it from another game or friend but the trainer ID matches one in my box so don’t know maybe it’s the same one?
  11. Probably not an issue for Gen 1 but I assume they’ll be clones and so if it was say a Gen 7 Pokemon, would it be discovered as a clone and be blocked from Pokemon Bank etc?
  12. I’ve got the sav files dumped and used PKHex to save the pk1 files however if I upload them here, they’d be cloned loads of times. Is that going to be an issue?
  13. Is there any issue with the trainer ID being unique for each one?
  14. Good morning. I made a post on Reddit and it appears I have some Mews which are not yet being hosted here. I have three Mews. All from July 2000 in Milton Keynes Central where they used a modified SNES to dump Mew in to a free party slot on my saves. The OT name is UK. The TID varys. I have two untouched at level 5. One around level 42. Do you need these Mews?
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