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  1. Stupid question as I unshinify a box full of very illegal Advertisement Rayquaza (seriously, why is it always the rayquaza that have urls to weird scam sites on them?)- could you ever feasibly get a shiny pokemon from .PID=$rand, or is that impossible?
  2. I'm gonna release him because I Don't Trust Nintendo Like That, but for everyone's viewing pleasure, an illegal little man. 823 - Corviknight - 5A46BD61E36A.pk8
  3. 172 - Pichu - E853B0698CAD.pk8249 - Lugia - F7B1D2B77708.pk8 About what it says on the tin. Got these guys off Wonderbox, they look legal to me, but here we are and here I am.
  4. I did have some trouble with an updated hekate and a sorely outdated atmosphere. I'm not very good at CFW, haha. Which might explain what happened- after a save comparison, it turns out that it didn't wipe anything. It just grabbed the last save file I made before I had installed CFW. I... don't know how or why it did that. Reimporting my last save worked a charm!
  5. Well, I'm also pretty darn confused, but I gave myself a shiny morpeko and a full set of alcreamie and everything is GONE. EDIT: Whoops, sorry, should I upload my backup and my new save? I can do that if you need. I'm going to try reimporting the backup with checkpoint and seeing what happens.
  6. What it says on the tin. I thought they were legit, but clearly the game did not agree with me.
  7. Opened up the cartridges! Here's the real (I'm gonna replace the battery, while I'm in there): Here's the bootleg (the battery literally fell out when I opened up the cart, I have no idea where it was originally lmao):
  8. Again, thank you so much! I'm really not good at this, so I appreciate you taking the time and effort to hand-hold me.
  9. There it is! That's my save! So the moral of the story is that I just suck at breaking into the rom lmao. Thank you!
  10. ...Huh. Alright, then. So there's definitely a save, that's not saved to the ROM itself... but I'd have to make an entirely new program to read it?
  11. @theSLAYER So, I'm an idiot. What does not having a save partition mean, here?
  12. I'll do you one better- here's the save and the .gba file (removed) The game seems to save just fine. I can power it off, remove it from the gameboy, plug it into the DS, rip the files, plug it back into the gameboy, and it works fine. RTC is accurate, or accurate enough that I don't notice any differences. POKEMON_SAPP_AXPE02 (2).sav
  13. I hope this is the right forum. I've run into an interesting situation with a bootleg. From what I'd found with research, most R/S/E bootlegs flash the save directly to the game files, so if you rip the ROM and boot it up with an emulator, you can access your save file that way. This one didn't have a PKHex-recognizable save, even though it wasn't bringing up an empty save like those bootlegs usually do, and the save wasn't part of the ROM, so I ended up contacting the bootleggers directly (I bought a special edition Kyogre gameboy, and got the bootleg sapphire as a freebie with the gameboy, and checking their site indicated that they don't pretend that their reproductions are original cartridges). They say that they added a save chip- it's just apparently not compatible with PKHex or Pokemon Diamond. FWIW, as far as bootlegs go, this was a pretty well-done one. It's got a battery, and it had me totally fooled until I checked the label. I don't have a special screwdriver yet, but I'm thinking of ordering one just to take this apart. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do with the bootleg?
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