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  1. Got it out of wonder box, and to wonder box I regret to inform you it has returned. After having to gen my shiny collection from scratch after it got wiped, I'm leery of doing something to attract the Eye Of TPC. (I mean, right now everyone's on my ultra sun cart with a backup saved to the laptop, so they're for sure safe, but I may still have to transfer them through Home eventually, yanno?)
  2. I'm not really quite sure what's going on here- it's simultaneously a level 70 zamzenta and a level 20 ninjask. I think I'm just going to put this one back on the wonder box. (No, I cannot transfer it to Pokemon Sword and get the file for y'all. It gives me the "this pokemon cannot be transferred" error.)
  3. I was pretty sure that's what was going on, but I figured it couldn't hurt to yeet the files here anyways.
  4. Hello project pokemon, it's me, ya boi. Anyways I transferred some Home Event Pokemon to Sword and they're coming up illegal. Here are the files. 007 - Squibble - 08BD00000000.pk8 025 - ピカチュウ - E1CB00000000.pk8 133 - E-B - BF5B00000000.pk8 172 - Pitch - B0F100000000.pk8 479 - Roto-M - FD2C00000000.pk8 001 - Sprout - EBA000000000.pk8
  5. I know this is a legal pokemon, because I caught it myself just wandering around. Why is it illegal? 828 - Волк - DB82E4AEF56D.pk8
  6. I did not, but one of the lost pokemon was my first shiny, so "no" is not an option here. We are in "actively call Nintendo support and cry over the phone at them" territory here. I'm willing to physically cut the cartridge open if it might work. I'm willing to break into the turtle file and see if it keeps a record of the Pokemon transfered out to main series games (side note, what's the deal with turtle? why is it even called turtle?). There's gotta be an option.
  7. Fucked up, restored a save on my ultra sun cart and deleted all of my legendaries and shinies (I was intending to do a legality check) and loaded up the save before I realized what I'd done. I've got a physical cartridge; is there any possible way I can fix what I've done?
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