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  1. Post the "save" you were able to pull here. Adding a battery to a bootleg cartridge isn't unheard of, here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-8MaLnQbko I'm just not sure how this affects the saving functionality.
  2. This is awesome, great stuff buddy. Honestly just being able to conclude that the DVs of the Mew pictured don't match any of the other classic Mews is very intriguing; @suloku originally told me that he had heard about the "NINTEN" Mews having different DVs, this just gives more credence to that theory.
  3. Thanks @RetroAli! I attached it to the main post of the topic. One really interesting thing in there is the OT on the Mew used in the screenshots: I know @suloku originally suspected that this Nintendo Power Mew would have this OT, and was surprised to find it was MARIO. I wonder if the default OT on the Mew Machines was NINTEN, and employees just changed it based on the event/location. I'm not quite sure how Gen1 DVs work, but if someone can calculate them based off of this screenshot, that would be much appreciated.
  4. It's not perfect in terms of Smogon sets, but a majority of the final evolutions in this file will be competitively viable.
  5. You are giving Gamefreak waaaayyyyy too much credit hahaha. But yes, since it's Gen1, and the event was only obtainable on a physical cartridge, you don't have a whole lot to worry about in the realm of clones running around online in the wild or anything like that.
  6. I'm gonna make a video on questions like these and put it in the main post of the thread, stay tuned.
    I was lost before finding this save file. This save file changed my life. I now know who I am as a person thanks to this file. Thank you
  7. That's incredible. Also to add to the congo line of people willing to help, I too have a cartridge dumper and would be willing to dump whatever you need; I'm however in the same boat as Deoxyz and constantly using it.
  8. Wow this is incredible, awesome that you have it backed up as well; we would love to have the Mew preserved here whenever you can get them to your PC. To try and answer your questions, I'm not sure if any of those methods would work, but your best shot at trying to get a copy of this Mew would be the VC path you laid out, but even if that did work the Mew would not be considered "legitimate" as there is obviously no legitimate way to transfer from the original GameBoy cartridges up to Gen3+ We'd also love to have copies of the certificate of authenticity if you still have one, or even your picture at the event, feel free to blur out anything personal obviously haha!
  9. He hasn't gotten the chance to dump them/retrieve the Pokemon yet, the Gen2 information is mostly a placeholder for now I believe.
  10. Did you find this video from the comments on the Hard4games video? Just wondering haha
  11. 1) No but you probably should 2) yes
  12. Is that how it works now? It used to be the Pokemon had to be bred/obtained in the current generation.
  13. Look into how the PkHex batch editor works, it will do everything you want it to do.
  14. It isn't illegal, that used to link to a subreddit once upon a time iirc. Thanks for noting it though!
  15. Because I'm a dingus lol, will add in next update.
  16. Updated the savefile with @pedinf's savefile and changed the default OT of most Pokemon.
  17. Memories with: OT tab, the tab to the left
  18. Change this value from 70 to 100, will fix in next update lol
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