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  1. I've never tried this website, but I've had problems with my personal email domain before on some websites. If you're not using something like a gmail or an outlook, it might be worth a shot to try one of those.
  2. There's a pastebin somewhere on these forums or the Pokemon RNG subreddit of every possible legal WISHMKR Jirachi. I don't remember off hand if any of them are perfect IV and modest, but my gut is telling me no.
  3. This sounds like WISHMKR Jirachi and not Channel
  4. I also feel like I've definitely read through a guide on a Japanese website doing this on retail, as well as an older Japanese video about doing it on retail.
  5. Do you have a source on that?
  6. I know I've checked in the past, but I can't remember right now and can't check here at work; is the ROM image on the Box.iso any different from the regular ROM image? Like do the hashes match etc...?
  7. Yes, I believe you can play with a regular GC controller as well though.
  8. This was my understanding as well, just didn't know if the Wii had a RTC similar to the GameCube or not.
  9. Yes haha, I've had it since I was a kid. Would playing it on a Wii matter at all? Can you even play it on a Wii?
  10. I have a full Pokemon Box setup, I just need to find the time to do this, but shouldn't be too hard haha
  11. I know right haha?? Back in my day we had to play our Pokemon games. And to answer your question OP, yes everything will be "legitimate." If you're worried about the TID/SID combo you can use a combination from an older/previous save file you have.
  12. This might be a little crazy, but have we ever tried posting something on craigslist or something similar in Manhattan to try and get in contact with an ex-employee that might have worked there?
  13. Try using VBA, launch the Japanese ROM and then load the English save battery file. Then save the game, and try and inject that save file.
  14. I have a similar mindset to this as far as genning goes. I see the small fee as more of a "You are paying $0.50 per pokemon so that you don't have to hack your 3DS and learn how to use all of these tools yourself" kind of thing. And you are completely right about when you make things rare/limited quantity people will be willing to pay for them, its just supply and demand. That's true, I was more getting at things like twitch streams targeted at getting kids to donate to get rare pokemon and little children begging their parents for the credit card to buy "all of the shiny pokemon" on ebay type of thing.
  15. I think you bring up a good point about how the main market of a lot of these things is children, and that the morality of that is a question in and of itself.
  16. What about paying for an extremely rare event pokemon or something of that nature?
  17. I recently got into this discussion with someone on discord and it made me wonder what the community-at-large feels about this. We started talking about the morality of selling Pokemon services on websites like reddit, twitch, ebay etc... This was mainly about selling pokemon genning/cloning services, but the discussion expanded into profiting off things like giving away pokemon on Twitch (much in the way that AuSLove does), reselling free Gamestop event codes, and even scalping Pokemon Plushes/Amiibos. Without putting any of my input into the discussion I would like to know what you all think of this. Do you think it is morally right to sell things like PokeGenning services on somewhere like reddit/ebay (with full disclosure the pokemon are hacked/cloned), or to resell free serial codes, or to profit off of a twitch stream dedicated to 'giving away' pokemon? I would love to know what you all think, thank you!
  18. You can do it yourself with a save file like this: Then open up the batch editor in PKHEX and do .Ball=16
  19. EVERYONE SHOULD BE AWARE THAT USING THIS PROCESS HAS A MODERATE TO HIGH LIKELIHOOD OF CREATING AN ILLEGAL POKEMON. DO NOT TRADE THESE ON OTHER FORUMS OR COMMUNITIES AS LEGAL. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MENU/ANIMATION AFFECTING THE RNG, READ HERE. First and foremost, although all of these Jirachi's are "legit" and can be in theory generated and retrieved by the Pokemon Channel game; in actuality lots of them could almost certainly not be redeemed through normal RNG on retail hardware/emulators. There is an entire methodology that goes into determining whether or not a certain Jirachi spread can actually be redeemed through RNG (due to the necessity to hit things are certain frames that would be impossible to interact with on actual hardware), and even if you follow that guide to a tee, sometimes redeeming that specific spread Jirachi will just not be possible. If you want to ensure that the Jirachi you are trying to redeem could actually be retrieved on hardware, there are more in-depth guides here and here. With that said, nothing "illegal" is being created through this process; the Pokemon Channel game can, in theory, produce all of these different spread / shiny Channel Jirachis. For this process you are going to need: A developer version of Dolphin Emulator at least 5.0+ and a PAL Copy of the Pokemon Channel A version of VBA + a western Ruby/Sapphire game that can redeem the Jirachi. The ability to run this python script RNG Reporter 10.3.4 (Optional) A list of very good possible Channel Jirachi Spreads One final note before starting, the majority of the research that was done into figuring this out was done by people with much more knowledge of RNGing Channel Jirachi than I will ever have. So if you want to know most of the logic behind it, I probably cannot help you haha. All I did was figure out how to put this guide together. First off, we are going to run RNG Reporter 10.3.4 and make sure the Method is set to 'Channel.' Then you are going to choose a desired seed, and the maximum amount of frames you are willing to go up to. For this example, and to keep things simple, I picked a random seed '83213901,' set the frame counter a very small amount (5000). and clicked off the "Shiny Only" box as I want to retrieve a shiny Channel Jirachi. Now we are going to run the python script linked in the requirements. I have set the IV and thresh to 0, in order to generate every possible spread between frames 0-5000. This takes longer, and for an actual desired spread you would want to find out what threshold the Jirachi would be at, in order to generate as few results as possible. Once we've run the python script, you want to find the PID of your desired spread. Make sure that the spread matches, and then copy down the highlighted memory address of your spread. This is the important part! Next you are going to want to launch Dolphin in developer mode. In order to do that you need to launch dolphin from CMD or command line with the '-d' parameter. At this point you want to setup VBA and make sure that it is ready to connect to Dolphin. Once that is done, launch the Pokemon Channel and proceed through the standard Jirachi redemption process to this screen: Once on this screen you want to find the Memory location '8033d888' and set the value equal to whatever you address that you copied from the python script. Now you can begin the redemption process: And retrieve your desired CHANNEL Jirachi! JKSM.cia JKSM.zip
  20. Didn't they say that the core series games would be released in 2019? This is definitely a first of its kind Pokemon game, but isn't the first pokemon game of every console/handheld generally not core series?
  21. You need to look into things like generation patterns based on the initial seed/menu seed. It's one of those things that I talked about at the beginning of the guide saying that while I understand the logic behind it, I'm not in any position to really explain how it works haha.
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