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  1. It's most likely that the ISO you used wasn't the same as the one I used to make the patch file. They have to be identical. I'm glad you at least got 0.9.6 up and running.
  2. The data for shadow pokemon is stored in a separate file so it will be located elsewhere in RAM. The code needs to point to a completely different address. I'm pretty sure I have seen the codes online before though. Try this forum: http://www.gc-forever.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2150
  3. I just tried it myself and got the same problem actually. I'll start again and upload a new patch sorry about that. Edit: nevermind it just took a bit longer than I expected but it worked. I don't know if it's my patching software but the patches I make don't work well with tsukuyomi. So I'd try NUPS again and just wait patiently. Your computer might just be running a bit slowly.
  4. This is the main code I use for hacking: https://github.com/PekanMmd/Pokemon-XD-GoD-Tool There's a lot of code there so good luck! Swift is pretty straight forward though so hopefully you can get an idea of how it all works.
  5. I haven't heard of this error before. It's interesting how long the estimated time is. Either the computer is super slow or maybe one of the files you're using is incorrect? Maybe you misnamed the wrong file or something? Is there a way you can double check? Maybe tell me the file sizes of the .iso and the .ups so I can confirm that they match up.
  6. yeah there's a file called something like game.toc which specifies the filenames, offsets and filesizes of all the files in the iso. .toc is a well documented format you can easily find the spec online but if not I can explain it to you. It would be trivial to write some code to manipulate the filesizes. I think as long as the .toc file matches it should be fine. Yeah articuno has some icy sparkles around it. From what I saw inspecting the binary data by eye the two formats are very different. If you look at bulbasaur from X D and bulbasaur from PBR the data doesn't share any similarities as far as I could tell. Importing them to Colo/XD would be a case of converting from one format to the other. Someone made a program that converts PBR models to .obj a while back. I managed to track down the code. I could send it to you if you're interested. Sorry man, not sure how to help with that. You must have accidentally ticked something illegal in the save editor. You could maybe try catching a wild pokemon and using the editor to change it's stats in order to recreate the ludicolo?
  7. That error usually means that the ISO you're using is different to the one I used. They have to be identical. I used the first one I could find on google. Make sure it's the NTSC (US) version and that it hasn't been scrubbed or anything. Thank you for the support! There are some tutorials on these forums on how to begin hacking Colo/XD. They're all hex editing but would recommend taking a look if you've done this kind of stuff before. I also have the programs I wrote to automate all of this stuff available but it's all written in the swift programming langauge which isn't too commonly used but I can hook you up if you'd like to give it a look.
  8. They don't give an error message? If not, maybe try on a different computer?
  9. I'll work hard to get them out as soon as possible
  10. Here's my tutorial: -hacking-tutorial-part-1-File-decompression-recompression'>Pokemon colo/xd hacking tutorial However, it's rather long tedious. I am currently working on hack tools though. Should be a few weeks.
  11. I'm on mac but if I ever fish out my old windows laptop I'll give it a go!
  12. At the behest of @greenDarkness I have created a patch for Pokemon : Gale of Darkness which splits the moves between physical and special as in gen 4. Everything else has been left unchanged as much as possible. Shadow moves will keep the same category as in the original and regular moves are based on their categories in the later games. Apply the patch to a clean ISO of Pokemon : Gale of Darkness. If tsukuyomi doesn't work, try NUPS. Enjoy! _phys_spec_split.ups
  13. I haven't played much battle revolution myself but I doubt the rental pokemon are affected by save data. I took a look at the game files a few months ago and I made a start on researching the actual game data which probably includes rental pokemon somewhere. It's all straightforward enough to edit but it's just been a low priority for me since I'm focusing on :GoD hacking for now.
  14. Just noticed the thread's title doesn't have the word "Randomiser" in it.
  15. The values I gave you are for the emulated RAM for the gamecube whereas cheat engine looks at the RAM for Dolphin itself so I'd assume the first 0x10000 are memory addresses for dolphin's processes. It's a good value to know to make it easy to translate between the two. Can't wait to see the results
  16. It's good to see you've made some progress! I don't know if you're doing this already but I have some advice from trying to reverse engineer pokemon data. What I'd do in your situation is to copy the save data, delete the first 0x980 bytes ( I think that's what you said was the start of the pokemon data) and then change the bytes per row in HxD to 140. By doing this, each row in HxD will represent one pokemon's data. That will make it a lot easier to compare and contrast between them. It would also make it check if the 2 bytes issue is happening and how often it happens. Also, I'd still recommend posting on the forums because it's a good way to archive the information for anyone who may stumble across it in the future. It also means other people can jump in and help. I got a lot of great help from so many people with so many different skillsets.
  17. I think I've found something that can help. So at RAM offset 0x804eb910 the game stores the id of the trainer you are currently battling. This value is set just before the battle starts and is reset to 0 straight after the battle ends. However, the code I got the offset from calculates the offset rather than using a predetermined offset. From the few tests I've done it always calculates the same offset but it's not 100% confirmed so you'll need to double check that it's the same offset for you. It looks promising though. Let me know how it goes!
  18. Unfortunately I haven't found a function like that yet. Glad you found the address though and yeah gamecube is in big endian didn't realise cheat engine was searching in little endian but it's good information for future reference.
  19. Yeah sorry I meant it's a gecko code. I have no idea why the value would keep changing though. Are you sure it's the right address because 0x38600000 is a pretty common value. edit: oh maybe you need to put in a master code?
  20. Yo this looks really good G! I tried following the link to your gecko codes you link in all your videos but it says "Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum."
  21. So the original post has a link to the source code. You need to download that code, compile the code and then run the program with the save file in the same folder and the save file should be named "PbrSaveData" unless you change the source code. If that doesn't make sense to you then you can send me the file and I'll try running it and sending the decrypted file back your way if it all works out.
  22. I see. The easiest way would probably be to look at the 6 memory addresses for the opponents team and count how many of them have data in them. Is that something you could do?
  23. To fix the shiny glitch, set the value at RAM address 0x8014416c to 0x38600000. This will make the game calculate all shininess based on a trainer id of 0 and secret id of 0 regardless of the pokemon's OT. If you'd like to put that in as a gecko code it would be : 0414416c 38600000 . The address is from the emulated RAM in dolphin debug mode but I'm not sure exactly how that translates to cheat engine. As for the HP, is that your program keeps writing to the memory address? I'd imagine you could keep track of every time the opponent's pokemon has changed and if it's a new pokemon then write to that address once. When you say the battle lasts forever, why exactly doesn't it end?
  24. Yeah I have plans to do so very soon and I'll be sure to give you a shout out!
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