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  1. Everything you could ever want to know is included in the download link. Enjoy! ?
  2. Download version 1.0.1-2 and continue playing with that version. There are newer versions than that but they won't work 100% with your save file. However, v1.0.1-2 was designed to fix the major bugs in v1.0.1 (like the one you described) while still being compatible with 1.0.1 save files.
  3. Personally, I haven't found this to be a problem. NPC teams don't fully make use of things like natures, IVs and EVs so you don't always need to have perfect pokemon to win. If you want to level a bit, Mt. Battle is useful. Also, in the duel square in pyrite town, each trainer specialises in one type of EV and can be rebattled as much as you like so you can use them for easy EV training of certain stats. You'll be the first to know
  4. Ah well in the case of the shelgon. Abilities aren't random upon evolution. If shelgon has ability 1, then it will still have salamence's ability 1 upon evolution. If it has ability 2 it will evolve into a salamence with it's second ability. You would have needed intimidate on the bagon when you caught it in order to get intimidate on the salamence. The venusaur really sounds like it must have been bad luck though.
  5. Oh you wouldn't happen to be snagging these from Mirror B. would you? Do note that the ability is set the first time you encounter the pokemon.
  6. Thank you also. You are too kind I have an iPad app with a full GUI for most things like trainers, moves and stats. However, it's not easy to distribute and configure so I'm working on something more suited for public use and something multiplatform. I also have a command line library on my laptop with many thousands of lines of code which allow me to programmatically make more complex edits using things like loops and conditionals and all that. When I started out I just wanted to make a simple pokemon colosseum mod to play with my brother. At first I just changed the shadow pokemon around using a hex editor. It was the drive to make a hack that required REing. I'd think, "hmm it would nice if I could add new moves", then go and look for the moves. Then I'd think, "hmm it would nice if I could add more shadow pokemon", then go figure out to do it. So they kind of came hand in hand. Especially when I posted on these forums and found there were so many other people who were still interested in colo/xd which I'd previously thought were quite unpopular. It really made me want to stretch the limits of what was possible. A few years ago they had the reputation of being virtually unhackable games so I'm really looking forward to releasing hack tools so that anyone can do it. I mostly did all the easy REing though. I had the help of some seriously talented individuals for things like REing the scripting engine and replacing textures. Now there's even someone working on reverse engineering the 3d model formats. It should be 50:50. Just really unlucky I guess
  7. The documentation is essentially just the TM locations from the original game. I have changed the ones in realgam tower and the mt. battle coupon exchange and also added a lot of duplicate TMs to shadow pokemon so you're right it's probably a little outdated. Most of them should be correct though.
  8. I was actually planning on doing some android stuff this summer so Kotlin was something I'm interested in. It's definitely something I'll look into. I really hate any IDE that isn't Xcode though. I'll see how things go with Kotlin and if it looks like it will take too long to adjust to then I'll stick to OSX for now Thanks for the advice! Not all pokemon but a lot of them do. There were already a few gen 3 pokemon with more than 1 possible ability but it was quite rare. A critical hit deals x1.5 damage. The probabilities are the same as in the original game. The link @PinkOnion sent is accurate. Alolan forms from sun and moon. Yeah, I've noticed he does that but I'm not entirely sure why. I know that the AI will use will-o-wisp to burn an ally with guts and zangoose has guts so for some reason it treats wild flare like it would will-o-wisp. I just checked, and I replaced the move poison powder with wild flare. It seems with the way the AI was built, it keeps track of the move id instead of the actual effect of the move. So he thinks he's using poison powder to poison the zangoose and activate guts. Now that I know why it's happening I can change things up so this doesn't happen. I was under the impression that earthquake had reduced damage as well. I haven't changed it though so it works in the way it does in the original, whatever that may be. I believe it was that any move which can hit multiple targets has it's damage reduced by 25% unless there is only one target. I accidentally gave aurora veil 0 pp but it will be fixed in a coming update. The AI doesn't take into account which abilities your pokemon might have and even if a move doesn't work it doesn't learn from past mistakes. The AI is actually pretty lazy in pokemon games. Most of the trash trainers just choose randomly. Better ones will choose which ever move can get a KO. Some specific ones are just given a simple strategy, e.g. one pokemon uses earthquake while the other protects, then alternate. Especially with the new moves and abilities I've added, the AI isn't always perfect but I haven't quite figured out how to improve the AI yet.
  9. I was a big fan of the delta species pokemon back since they first appeared in the TCG and I have considered it but I've found that a lot of players prefer the game without too many gimmicks. Once XG is a bit more complete I'll probably look into making different variants and I know many people are eager to make their own modifications so hack tools are on the way. I replied in the other thread. I hope it helps! I'm glad you like it! I'm working on creating some hack tools so that it'll be easy for any to make their own modifications but I'm a bit of a n00b at this kind of stuff so it'll take require a little patience
  10. No problem I was actually thinking of trying to port everything over to something more cross platform like java or python but it'll be quite a hefty task. I'm glad you like the changes. To address your points: - Multi target moves with secondary effects can only target 2 pokemon without some major hacking. I had a go but it will take a lot of finagling. - I've fixed the description and it will be correct in the next version. - In general I don't try to stick to 100% legal movesets in XG. Illegal movesets are actually fairly common on NPC pokemon in various games. Thanks for informing me! Thanks for filling in for me I've been following your let's play. It's been really interesting getting the perspective of a fellow ROM hacker, especially one with your impressive catalogue. Thanks for also filling in for me as always Yes, those are indeed the gen 3 mechanics. I updated it in XG to be more in line with the newer mechanics from later generations. I have no clue. This has now been fixed and will be correct in the next update. Thank you This error means your ROM doesn't match the one I used. They have to match exactly. I can't tell you how to get it but make sure the file size is around 1.35 gb. Haven't seen that before. Maybe a misclick? Haven't been able to catch you live but I've been catching up with the replays Sorry about that. As I mentioned above you need to have the same file as mine so if it says the files don't match it's probably the wrong one. Make sure it's the US version and that you've unzipped both the rom and the patch. The file size for the rom should be around 1.35 gb. If you're certain you're doing everything properly then try a different rom Try looking at the colour of the ninetales a little more closely. It probably wasn't the one you thought it was
  11. Sorry for the late response. I will work on adding that soon
  12. Ah, I had buffed both of them but then felt they were broken so I nerfed vileplume but forgot to nerf gloom as well. Will fix that for the next update Farfetch'd had been replaced with a buffed version of pikachu which I'd used to make Eagun/Ash a bit tougher. I've since removed it in favour of putting the light ball (which I've updated to work as it does in later gens) on regular pikachu. I thought I'd caught all the old ones but missed battle bingo. Will get that fixed. As for the bug with surf I'm not sure I can do much about it with my current knowledge of the game but hopefully it's not too common. Do you know if the same happens with storm drain Yeah the pp was a mistake on my part which will be fixed in a later update. As for Robogroudon, it's a 6 v 1 battle so the level is necessary to make the battle more menacing. Sorry for the late responses everyone. I have one last university project for the year. I'll be done in a week
  13. It really does sound tough but at least it seems doable so far and there are a lot of good shadow pokemon to choose from at least!
  14. If you're on v1.0.3 then you can update to v1.0.4 (which is compatible with v1.0.3 save files) and in v1.0.4 it evolves at level 20. In previous versions I forgot to change the evolution method so unfortunately you'll have to wait for shadow milotic. Sorry about that
  15. Sounds good. Have there been any particular challenges so far?
  16. Whoops. I'll have that fixed up for the next update. I'll also ran some code to scan through and make sure no other pokemon have shadow moves in their movesets. Omanyte was the only one. Shadow Shake was a very late addition and I forgot to double check whichever move it replaced had been removed properly. You should be able to delete it and teach another move if you wish to do so. P.S. Good luck on your nuzlocke! Let me know how it goes. I'm planning to do mine soon as well. XG is pretty tough though so watch out! What ruleset did you settle on in the end?
  17. I can definitely do it. However, it'll be a tiny little bit of work and I'd have to redo it for each update of XG since all the data is currently hard coded. I've reached out to it's creator @Tux for help with making it easier to customise. Even if that doesn't work out I'll just do it the hard way.
  18. I've updated the download link in the original post with a download for v1.0.4 in which feebas evolves at level 20 and is compatible with v1.0.3 saves
  19. Hmm I forgot about that. Which version are you playing on?
  20. Thank you, I'll look into it Edit: Looks like I messed up the script somehow. It should only be a problem with zone 1 though. The rest seem to be fine. Edit 2: I've now uploaded a new patch for v1.0.4 which fixes the issues. Sorry about that
  21. You don't need to do anything to the save file. Simply play on the new iso instead of the old one. You can just delete the old one and put the new one in the same folder.
  22. You don't need to patch the save file itself. Sorry, I should have been clearer. You just apply the new patch to a clean ROM and continue playing on the new ROM with the same save file as before.
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