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  1. Munchlax's data is pretty much just its name and it's cry. It's data is only used when generating pokespot encounters so I wouldn't even consider it "half programmed". It wasn't abandonned. It was never intended to be anything more than it was and the little data there is really just a placeholder so that when you enter the pokespot it knows to run the munchlax script instead of generating an encounter ? On an unrelated note I managed to load a beta version of one of the rooms in the ss libra. It's completely empty though so not that interesting unfortunately.
  2. I look forward to seeing what you come up with
  3. This was already possible to by using the obtainable pokemon list to find what is obtainable and then searching for those pokemon in the stats documentation. However this is really tedious so I have uploaded the original download link with added documentation which includes the same data from the stats but filtered to only include pokemon you can get in-game (including their evolutions).
  4. Thank you. That means a lot to me. I'm really glad you like it and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game
  5. Details like any steps you took before starting. Did you change to an officially released version of Dolphin in the end? Did you use any fancy AR codes? Did you close the game before deleting the memory card data? Did you try it multiple times?
  6. I can't figure out the problem. Can you give more details?
  7. Pokemon games tend to have a lot of mechanisms for preventing cheating which includes checking that save files are coherent. It looks like you loaded up a save state which doesn't match the memory card (I presume it's something to do with changing to a different version of Dolphin to fix the previous issue). Since you're still at the beginning I'd suggest just starting again without the save state and you'll just have to do the intro again.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it Unfortunately the save files aren't compatible between versions. While they aren't entirely unusable, they will cause minor issues here and there mainly because the shadow pokemon data is saved once you start a new save file and so you'll be playing the new version with outdated shadow pokemon data. This screws up their moves and levels and stuff. The latest version isn't that different though. It mainly fixes a few rare bugs but there isn't much new content. It seems to be a problem with unstable versions of Dolphin 5. It should work fine on Dolphin 4 as well as the officially released versions of Dolphin 5. Hope that helps.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I'm really glad to get to share one of my favourite games with everyone. v1.0.3 is now available for download.
  10. Sorry for the delay. I will be uploading 2 versions today. One which allows you to fight mirror b on v1.0.1 and fixes the shadow room glitch (the other minor bugs like the intimidate issue will still remain though) and v1.0.3 which has a few minor updates and fixes all the other bugs found in v1.0.1 but requires a new save file. I will be releasing a better version today but new save files are recommended for new versions Yes it is a glitch that @PinkOnion first highlighted to me. It is exactly as you thought. When you snag a pokemon on the turn it was meant to be switched out and the opponent only has one pokemon left then they will not send it out because the game already believes it will be switched in but then the turn for that switch in never happens. Usually this just means it becomes a 2 vs 1 battle but once you knock out the remaining pokemon they should send out the last pokemon as normal. I've never seen it lead to an endless battle though. In the newer versions I have made it so that new pokemon are sent out at the end of the turn instead of immediately after a pokemon faints so the conditions for the glitch can no longer occur. I haven't used NUPS myself but maybe it saves the patched version separately from the original and you're opening the original?
  11. Yeah there was a problem with the animation for one of the shadow moves which gengar knows so a lot of people have had this problem but I have created a fix which I'll be uploading tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I wanted to add a few things and work on some nicer documentation. Everything will be fixed tomorrow
  12. You're most welcome. I should mention though, there are a couple of rare but game breaking bugs still in 1.0.1. I have literally just finished my last exam though so I'll be able to really focus on XG now. I've already fixed most of the issues and I'll be releasing the minor update on saturday. Up to you if you want to wait or not though
  13. Alright, thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look. Was it activating justified btw?
  14. I took a look at the code and there's definitely a problem there. I'm pretty sure it's because I forgot to change shadow room's animation. It replaced swallow and so still had swallow's animation. I'm not sure of the specifics but for some reason this causes a problem for dolphin. It probably has something to do with the fact that swallow's animation is related to the use of stockpile and so it expects some other code to have been executed first. I've already changed the animation anyway so it should be fixed in the minor update this weekend.
  15. I managed to catch it without any troubles on my wii u. So not sure of the cause. Someone else ran into a similar issue in the opening battle simulation though. Could you send me your dolphin memory card? The previous user to have the issue said this "I don't know why, but every time I get to using the second move in the opening battle, just after I select it, I get the error message from Dolphin "Invalid read from 0x018a00c8, PC = 0x8013d034" Apparently, the problem was fixed though: "Just clearing the errors caused it to resume, sorry for any issues" Maybe that helps?
  16. I wanted shadow pokemon and shadow moves to be really strong. I felt they were all far too weak in vanilla XD. Kind of underestimated how strong shadow swim would be though. I've just reduced it's power a bit and will be releasing a small update this weekend to fix up little things like that. I just remember you posted here a long time ago when you were playing. I'm not sure I understand the question.
  17. No problem. Also just to reiterate what PinkOnion mentioned earlier, a lot of the abilities/level up moves etc. have been changed around a bit. So a lot of things won't match bulbapedia. Most of them try to make some sort of sense though. In Shuppet's case, Mega Banette has prankster so I gave it to Shuppet and Banette in XG who would normally have very lacklustre abilities. You'll find similar additions like mega launcher blastoise, pixilate altaria, no guard pidgeot. A few changes were made to make some lesser used pokemon more viable like intimidate pinsir and sandstream claydol. Finally there are a couple of new abilities throw in, including "trickster" which sets up trick room upon entry into battle (I needed this so that AI trick room teams wouldn't just spam trick room over and over like that duskull you mentioned). I'm there
  18. Try using a release version of dolphin. Sounds like you're using one of the unstable builds. Probably a coincidence It has prankster. If you download the documentation in the opening post there's a file with all the pokemon stats and abilities and whatnot. You can just use ctrl+f/cmd+f to search for the pokemon. The second trick room reverses the first one. Also trick room always goes last because it has the lowest priority. The combination of these two factors would make it seem like it doesn't work.
  19. I haven't encountered that problem before. Which version of Dolphin are you on? Also, Poison Jab is a one hit KO so maybe that can help you progress?
  20. Ah thanks, don't know how I missed that myself. I've fixed it now for the next minor update. Let me know when you end up streaming I've added another download link on the main post containing documentation on v1.0.1. This includes Obtainable pokemon, TM locations, Shadow Pokemon and Pokespot pokemon encounter rates
  21. I'll be uploading some documentation in a few minutes
  22. Yeah I did it on purpose. It means the purification chamber can pick up momentum really quickly and it's easy to change your team around if you spot something new that you like Pikachu is the fastest of them all.
  23. It's basically like the shiny beldum from the ORAS demo You were one of the first to play. A lot has changed since then.
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