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  1. I'm actually currently finishing up a mod of pokemon colosseum. I've been researching it for about a year now and I've figured out quite a lot about it. I will be posting tutorials on everything in the coming weeks and I believe a randomiser can be made using my findings. I've also figured out a lot about as well since most of it is the same. All my tools are ipad apps though because I'm actually an ios developer and so they aren't very easy to distribute but I'm sure some of the other programmers out there can use the information to make easily accessible tools. In terms of the textures, the textures in game should be easy to change if you have a program to swap their 'endianess' but I wasn't able to find one before I lost interest. However to change the textures based on whether a pokemon is shadow or not is not feasible right now. I'm hoping my info will inspire more research into colosseum and so hopefully someone will figure it out soon.
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