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  1. Metronome can cause issues if taught using cheat codes but it shouldn't be obtainable normally for that reason.
  2. Cheat codes are mostly of the same format. Just some moves and stuff may have been replaced. E.G. a cheat code to teach your pokemon the move mist would now teach it trick room. A list of all these kinds of values will be released so it will be easy to look up which values to use. Just be warned that some things in the game are broken or aren't implemented yet. If you cheat to give yourself an item you can't actually get in XG like the expert belt then it won't do anything. If you cheat and try to use the move transform the game will probably crash. It should probably be fine in most cases though.
  3. I've only looked at the US version so far so maybe there are some hidden secrets in the japanese version. I'll see if anything shows up
  4. Hello there I wrote some code which extracts and edits all the trainer data directly from the game files and unfortunately no such trainers exist. There was no sign of the elusive "Shadow Grass King" either. Interestingly enough, even though I'd played colosseum many times, I'd never heard of mirakle b until I saw him in the data. He was the very last trainer in the files. I had to google him!
  5. I had to make jumpluff a lot rarer because of you. Didn't realise how broken it would be! I wrote some code which will automatically dump all of the info into the game into some text files so I'll be able to easily get that information for you when everything is finalised this weekend. All the TMs have been completely redone so I hope there aren't too many mistakes. I edit them en masse to save time so there may be a tiny mistake here or there. The Orre colosseum text has indeed been updated.
  6. I can't wait Yeah the regular trainer pokemon mostly won't be shiny but I did throw a few in. The shiny ones will always be shiny and the non-shiny ones will never be shiny. The shadow and wild pokemon will still be random as usual. I've put some proper release notes in the original post if you want to take a look at everything that's coming. v1.0 is technically finished now but I just need to test a few more things to make sure it doesn't crash. I have 2 exams this week though so I think it'll be released on either saturday or sunday.
  7. Make sure the ISO is the US version (ntsc). Make sure it hasn't been scrubbed and make sure you've unzipped it if it's in a .zip or .rar file etc. Hope that helps
  8. I added a few new moves to fill up some of the gaps in move variety. For example, there is only one physical fairy move (play rough) so I added play fair which is just a weaker version for early game mons. Wild flare was needed because there were very few physical fire moves (fire punch, flame wheel, sacred fire). I was already added a bunch of fake shadow moves into the game so I felt I might as well throw in a few regular ones too. As for why phanpy has it, in XD, shadow pokemon typically gained a special move after they were purified which they could not normally learn. In the original they're mostly useless moves like charm, baton pass and refresh so I wanted to take that mechanic a step further with fun and useful moves. I have changed most of the shadow pokemon and moves quite drastically in the next version though so it won't actually have it in future. As for shiny beldum, that's how it looks in vanilla XD. In general, a lot of the shiny textures look really bad in colo/xd. I don't why but that's how they made the game.
  9. The next version will be completely incompatible with previous save files
  10. Here's a list of some of the things to expect: New Items eviolite, choice scarf, choice specs, wise glasses, muscle band, pixie plate, focus sash, assault vest, etc. New abilities no guard, magic bounce, adaptability, multiscale, regenerator, snow warning, tough claws, sand force, Bulletproof, fur coat, motor drive, sap sipper, skill link, etc. abilities properly programmed and fully functional New moves psyshock, foul play, acrobatics, freeze dry, tailwind, trick room, etc. many new shadow moves (now around 40 in total) Obtainable pokemon 25 pokemon per pokespot instead of 3 new shadow pokemon New and updated mechanics TMs can now be used infinitely! hurricane 100% accurate in rain rock types 50% spdef boost in sand rough skin residual to 1/8 paralysis halves speed instead of quarter weather abilities no longer infinite the next pokemon is sent out at the end of the turn instead of as soon as the previous one faints lightning rod is now immune to electric and gives a sp.atk boost sturdy updated to gen v effect New features battle bingo is back
  11. I'm really, very, nearly, almost done. Just have a bit of coursework left and some exams to prepare for so haven't had much time. I'd say around a week?
  12. Hey dude. It's been a while I really like your idea and it would be really cool but there's no way you can fit all of that into one NDS ROM. Plus it would take years of work. If you really are that determined I was thinking maybe you could spread the hack over multiple ROMS. So like you could have one or two regions per ROM? It would definitely be easier to use RPG maker with pokemon essentials for something on this scale but maybe with some careful planning you could make it happen. It would definitely be cool to see orre in a gen 5 ROM!
  13. Sorry for the late response. I'm close to finishing the next big version update so I was reluctant to release the finer details of the game since they'll soon be outdated. However, I have written code that automatically dumps all of this data so it's easy enough. I've attached a .json file of all the stats. I didn't bother making proper level up sets for pokemon that aren't obtainable without cheats though so a lot of it will look weird. Pokemon Stats human readable.json Yes it has been removed. All obtainable pokemon have a chance to be shiny and will not lose their shininess upon purification. Enjoy
  14. Carvanha was encountered at the end of the ONBS takeover with Commander Ray (known as EXOL in vanilla). Carvanha is supposed to be obtainable from Miror B. using the miror radar if you failed to catch it the first time like any other shadow pokemon. Someone else did mention once that it never showed up again from Miror B. but when I tried it out myself it showed up so it should work. Have you been paying attention to the miror radar?
  15. Thanks for the kind words! Right now, I have my hands fill with hacking XD. The code and data is just so much easier to work with. I do plan to work on colosseum eventually though. It just won't be in the near future. I will be releasing hack tools for colosseum (and XD) this summer though and I expect a lot of people will be able to work on all kinds of stuff.
  16. I'm glad to hear that. It was definitely my favourite as well and I'm happy I get to share XG with everyone
  17. I'm glad you got it in the end! It sounds like you might have some malware on your computer ?
  18. How about this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cymej3p3v2pzy8v/Pokemon+XG+v0.9.7.zip ?
  19. Sorry about that, it seems like some of the posts got a bit messed up when project pokemon got hacked a while back. I've put a proper link in the other thread again and here you go: Pokemon XG v0.9.7
  20. That would be quite a lot of work so I don't think I'll have the time to do that any time soon but I will be releasing hack tools at some point in time so please feel free to edit the game as you please when they're done
  21. Thanks, I'll give the new version ago. I was working with pkx_groudon.fsys at 0x1af3e6c0. Here are the textures I'm trying to insert: https://www.mediafire.com/?ipukt940be23qrj
  22. These tools have been really helpful! I've hit a little snag though. When inserting tpls back into a model some of them aren't working. When reextracting them the textures are completely black. Do you know what causes this problem? Like maybe the new texture is too large or has too many colours?
  23. Can you give more details as to how you're trying to patch it and the files you're using?
  24. That isn't allowed, sorry :). Have you unzipped the patch file?
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