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  1. The game also contains a bunch of scene files that were used for prerendered scenes, mainly the ending video
  2. Can you send me a copy or the location in the iso of the model and the texture (s) you tried to insert? EDIT: fixed some bugs in model texture tools try again now.
  3. I could get the mesh with textures, materials and so on easily, it's just the HAL DAT (Super Smash Bros Melee's) format hidden under some layers of structures. I could also get it completely rigged if I was more experienced with Matrices and changing between spaces/coordinate systems/file formats and importing them into programs. The things I'm looking for are the format of the animations and the arious property sections in these top layers of which I don't know what they do. I can't really put an other meshes inside these files because the data is all mixed with other pa
  4. You could replace the cries with the SAMP Tool if you wanted to put in the effort.
  5. This is a collection of a few small Java programs I wrote and have been using to edit some files in Pokemon XD: GoD and I've also recently found out that some of them also work with Pokemon Channel and Colosseum files. They're mainly just more convenient than manually editing the files. Almost all of them have size limits because changing file sizes needs modifications to the game's .toc and FSYS list. GTX to TGA: Converts .gtx files to TGA images, mainly useful to find out what they are I_SF Tool: Inserts/extracts DSP files into/from XD's music FSYS files, the filenames
  6. Ok, most of the text is in the pchall.bmg file in the /en/pch folde ( it's probably something else instead of en for other releases). It's a String table which starts with the magic bytes "MESGbmg1" followed by the total file size. following are the two 4 byte values 0x00000002 and 0x01000000, not sure what they are for yet. At 0x20, there are the magic bytes "INF1" for the offset section which contains offsets for every String in the file followed by the offset (relative to the start of this section, so just add 0x20) for the section of the file that contains the Strings . It c
  7. I was able to extract and insert textures of models using some things I wrote for Pokemon XD, I'll be posting those in a different Thread soon. I'm still working on video replacements and I could try to find the text data if you want that.
  8. The only reason I can think of why this would happen is that the Invalid Pokemon Flag is checked by the game, this might also set the Egg flag, since it's probably considered a Bag Egg. Is it a regular or a Shadow Pokemon? I don't know whether Shadow Pokemon can gain EVs. Also how did it gain those 2 attack EVs if you couldn't use it after the edit ?
  9. I'm not sure, I know how most of the format works now but I'd have to look into the Battle revolution format to find out how similar they are, I know they don't have the same structure but if they're not too different I could probably import models from there with a bit of data shifting.(PBR might also use shaders for textures/surfaces which might make the imported models look very different in that aspect) The biggest problem is the animation data, I still don't know how it works in . Then there are particles contained in model files. I could just leave them out but models like Charizard w
  10. DO you know how to change the file sizes in the iso so you can add bigger files ?
  11. I'm still working on documenting the whole model file format ( the most of it is the HAL DAT format but some top level structures that are specific for and the animation data are undocumented) but since I already know enough to write the model texture extractor/inserter you wanted I did just that. Extractor : Link Inserter: Link They work pretty much the same as the ones for move textures, with the change that you need to specify the offset of the main data ( not the start of the data) so 0xE80 for normal model files, not 0xE60 ( you need to enter them in decimal, so 0xE80 would be 3712) .
  12. Ok, I finished the Inserter program and it should now be working. The fixed Extractor is Here . The Inserter is Here . I wrote up a (unfortunately) rather long tutorial on how to use them for someone in the group which shouy ex how they're used well enough (though you can be more free with it as it will tell you about any problems as usual): To Extract Textures ( You'll have to do this to insert anything, you can only insert edited versions of the extracted files as the replaced textures must retain their dimensions and texture type) : Use the MoveTextureExtractor jar , enter the name of
  13. (You can ignore the following for the EDIT) Like I said, the wimgt tool uses .tpl files and converts them to .png. It's run in command prompt. If you don't remember, you can find it Here . If you want to automate it for converting things automatically (You'll need to use wimgt for the model textures too (you don't need to, but it's the fastest way to do it that I know of)), the source code is Here , the relevant part mainly Here . The command is: wimgt dec [imagename].tpl --dest [destinationimagename].png The command for converting back into the respective format: wimgt enc [imagename]
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