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  1. This guide is probably outdated. Come join us here: https://t.co/PM2OvHt2zg
  2. If anyone has any questions you can find me here: https://discord.com/invite/xCPjjnv
  3. Hey all, sorry I've been unavailable for a while. Someone suggested I start a discord server so it would be easier to communicate and have a central hub for NGC/Wii ROM hacking updates. Here's the link if anyone wants to learn, get support, ask questions or have a chat: https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv
  4. I'm looking forward to trying these out!
  5. Version 0.9


    A work in progress tool for modding Pokemon Battle Revolution. I've already done a lot of the reverse engineering work and I'll add more tools and features over time.
  6. Which version is this on? If it's 1.2.0 or above then I'll need to go fix that. If you want us to keep enjoying this lovely forum, please don't ask for such Similarly, if you want us to keep enjoying this lovely forum, please don't post such Great, glad it's figured out now. Hope you enjoy the rest! Hmm yeah if it's consistently freezing at a particular part it's probably XG but if it's random freezes from time to time it's likely Dolphin. If you're using an older version of Dolphin you can try Dolphin 5.0 as I've found it's a lot more stable than the previo
  7. I was just about to say. Yep, that bug was in one of the older versions. Updating that far will likely cause a few inconsistencies though. Normally recommend using a new save file with an update but shouldn't be anything game breaking :-). Glad you also figured out your problem XD. I think that issue is solved by turning off the panic handlers option. Dark (and ghost) are no longer resisted by steel types as of gen 6 so dark is now super effective on Metang. Also, shadow sky doesn't affect pokemon holding the "aura filter" item, nor does it affect any pokemon if any of the
  8. The Miror Radar for the final battle only triggers once you visit Gateon Port after catching all the Shadow Pokemon. It's like that in vanilla XD as well and I don't think the game really hints at it. It's pretty dumb. Hope that helps It's still just me working on it. As far as your question goes, I haven't seen any issues with the trades at all. What exactly happens when you try to trade? Does he talk to you at all? Do you get to pick the pokemon to trade from your party?
  9. There is a list included with the download link in the "documentation" folder
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately due to my lack of a proper scripting tool in the past, Raikou's appearance flag is slightly later than the other 2. You have to progress the main story by one more flag after beating Gorigan in order for Raikou to appear. There is a list of recommended settings on the original post. Hopefully it helps. Not sure what caused the crash but I'll look into it. Thanks for reporting. As for the difficulty, I'd recommend using all the tools the game has to offer. There are a lot of great TMs, move tutor moves, a move relearner and a wide var
  11. It sounds like you've activated the physical special split but haven't actually assigned the physical/special categories to any of the moves. It sounds like flamethrower wasn't set to either physical or special and you put on the physical/special split. You can use GoD Tool to set it to special. I've just checked and it was a typo on my end. Will update the tool so that flamethrower is properly set to special. Sorry this is a bit late but I can make this for you if you'd still like. All my code is in the repository linked below. It's a huge project and quite a mess
  12. Hi all! I moved home and started a new job a couple of months ago so I've been mad busy! I've settled in now so will hopefully be more present. Thanks to @Emalisha @PinkOnion and everyone else that has helped answer questions and such while I've been preoccupied. The games stopped capitalising everything at some point and personally I think it's a lot better without it. Unfortunately there's no easy way to swap between the two. That's probably a mistake in my script. I'll look into it. Unfortunately it's a limitation in how much I was able to do with the assembly code.
  13. I believe I have fixed the issue and have now reuploaded the patch through the same link.
  14. First of all sorry to everyone who's had issues running the game. It was due to a bug in my code which only crashes on certain versions of Dolphin and on Nintendon't. This has now been fixed and I've uploaded a new version. I'll look into something similar for future versions. Thanks for all the detailed feedback. I'll look into them for the next version
  15. I've uploaded the latest updates for both Pokemon XG (v1.2.0) and Gale of Darkness/Colosseum tools (v1.0.1). Version 1.2.0 is the first version to take advantage of my new scripting language for XD so it took a while to make and a lot of time to test. Whereas I used to edit small sections of scripts at a time, GoD tool now completely rebuilds the scripts from scratch. This means there's a much smaller chance of human error but it also means that if there's the slightest bug in the scripting tool it could have unforeseeable consequences. I think everything is working fine now but if you do
  16. Gale of Darkness tool and Colosseum tool v1.0.1 are now available for download here:

    Pokémon XG v1.2.0 is now available for download here: 


    1. Aurorans


      The tool keeps crashing when extracting the iso or rebuilding the iso with High Sierra. Is there a fix for this soon?

  17. Sorry for the late responses as usual. I was on the plane back from my travels in Nigeria and South Africa and I had a flash of inspiration. I've been working hard on Gale of Darkness tool and Colosseum tool. I've added a bunch of new features and made them a lot more stable so they won't crash so easily. I even managed to complete the script compiler and scripting language for XD. You won't believe the kinds of modifications that will be possible now (If you've used XSE to hack the GBA games, it's basically that for XD). I've also begun working on the scripting engine for Colosseum (which is
  18. Thanks for reporting! I'll add it to my list ?
  19. If it looks good enough I'll happily add it in. I'm not the most artistic myself so it's entirely possible that someone a little more competent could make it work. ? The texture files you use in dolphin are the same ones I'd use so if it looks good you can just send them my way and I can do the rest. I'll also record the process at some point so it's documented for future reference. Yep, my bad! Accidentally uploaded my back up copy. Currently uploading the actual v1.1.8-3. The real v1.1.8-3 is now available under the same link. Sorry for the mix up!
  20. Yes this is a feature in vanilla XD. IIRC, you can't proceed to area 4 until you've completed each of 1-3 but you are free to complete them in any order. Now that you bring it up I think I may look into making all areas accessible from the start. It's nice to have the option to choose a suitable level to start at. As for the documentation, it was only brought to my attention recently that people were having trouble reading it. I was so used to it I hadn't realised it wasn't that intuitive ?. I've started included instructions in the most recent updates. Essentially, the information i
  21. Retexturing the XD Sandslash model looks pretty horrendous so it will have to wait until custom models can be added. There is currently no time frame on this though. ? Thanks for reporting! This has been fixed in v1.1.8-3 which is currently being uploaded. EDIT: Pokemon XG v1.1.8-3 is available for download.
  22. It's just dawned on me that I didn't answer your question in its entirety. As for the built in challenge modes I don't think it would be worth the work when there's a long history of players creating and self enforcing whichever rulesets they please. Especially with there being so many versions and variations of them. In terms of simply making the battles harder that is certainly feasible. Of course the levels can always be increased but also most NPC teams have min EVs and IVs and a neutral nature. This could be changed so that they are more competitive. The movesets could also be more optimi
  23. I found a an issue which causes the game to crash at the Cipher Key Lair in v1.1.8 and prevents progress in the game. I have fixed it in v1.1.8-2 but will not be able to upload it until later today. EDIT: v1.1.8-2 is now available for download. Thank you! Pokémon that would normally require a trade evolve at level 40 in XG. This has been added in v1.1.8-2. There are only 2 shadow machines so far. The second is obtained in the post game. I will add a couple more in a future update.
  24. Sorry for the late response. I've recently traveled so I'll be in Nigeria for a bit and then heading to South Africa for a little while. I have completed Pokemon XG v1.1.8 and it is now available for download! Here's what's new: I spent some time testing things out on this version but I didn't have the space to bring my wii u with me so I didn't make it to the end of the game. I have fixed the few bugs that I encountered so it should be pretty stable. My focus was making the game more stable and polished as well as really making it feel like gen VII mechanics. V1.1.8 is compa
  25. I believe I've figured out a method of calculating the coordinates but it's not so simple and the address moves around. If you send me your dolphin memory card file I'll see if I can sort it out for you. ?
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