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  1. This tutorial allows you to transfer saves from EmuNAND to SysNAND without leaving traces of Homebrew like Checkpoint. I can't guarantee this will keep you unbanned, but I've been using modded saves online for months without being banned. This could potentially help those that want to bring their hacked Pokemon Sword and Shield saves online, as well as those that still play Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.
  2. I dunno if this may fix that issue for you, but go here: There's a chance this might work for the versions you mentioned. Might not, though.
  3. My Pokemon XD Randomizer didn't work properly for non-64-bit systems and didn't on certain processors. I have changed the code in these programs in an attempt to get these to work on most windows systems. I'd prefer this to be tested on non-Windows 10 machines and/or non-64-bit machines. Download the x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) Versions from the Github link below, then tell me the operating system, bit-type, and processor you tested my program on. Report any errors you got with the program below. Download the Test Versions Here: https://github.com/ReclaimerShawn/My-Programs/tree/master/Pokemon XD Randomizer Final Version/All OS Versions VirusTotal Scan of x64 Randomizer: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/YmIxZGE0NDE4YjBhZTVhYjEwMTAzZmI0MmQ5MmEyZjM6MTU2NTAwNzczNQ==/detection VirusTotal Scan of x86 Randomizer: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/NTVmZjdmZWI2MzRjYzcxYTQ3ZDBhZTE3Zjc2ZTYzMDI6MTU2NTAwNzgwNg==/detection *Any virus detection that resulted in a positive is due to this program being compiled with Cheat Engine (and its hook), along with a Cheat Engine table, Cheat Engine DBK Drivers, and a Cheat Engine signature. This program is not malicious in any form, as is shown by most AVs showing it as a safe program.
  4. Typing in .SpeciesID1 and/or .Species in the Batch Editor doesn't work for out-of-bounds Pokemon on Gen 1. It may or may not work for Gen 4, as I tested it and it worked with Pokemon #494 but didn't seem to work with a Hybrid Pokemon. Might need to test that again.
  5. I believe I once brought up a request for this on Project Pokemon Forums, but I'd like to bring it to light again. My original request was to allow people to be able to set IDs for Pokemon between 0-255 in Gen 1 and to set IDs for Pokemon between 0-65535 in Gen 3. This was implemented via SpeciesID1 and SpeciesID3. SpeciesID1 does nothing in Gen 1 games and doesn't solve the problem Species had. Interestingly, SpeciesID3 works perfectly fine. In Gen 2, Species can be used to set an ID between 0 and 255 just fine (they just show up red as invalid in the program, but load in-game). I wanted this because there was a wide variety of Missingno. in Gen 1 and interestingly there are a wide variety of Decamarks in Gen 3. In order to fix this, I think you could do one of four things. The first method could be to treat out-of-bounds Pokemon the same way they're treated in Gen 2. The second method could be to treat out-of-bounds Pokemon the same way they're treated in Gen 3 and do something like a SpeciesID for each Generation. The third method could be to give them all a Missingno. icon and just give them all the same base stats, even if that isn't the case to save time but still keep the internal species ID. This way stats can be edited directly even for invalid Pokemon. The fourth method could be to allow the Pokemon ID to be set in PKHaX via a text-box, just like how you can via something like EXP, then do the same thing with the base stats as mentioned in method 3. Also, if the same system that was used for Gen 3 could be implemented for Gen 4 or the fixed Gens for Pokemon 0-65535, that'd be great as there's a Hybrid Pokemon for every index at indices 32768-33261 and potentially other Pokemon to find.
  6. I'm sorry to necro this thread, but I need your assistance. I know the Hyperkin SmartBoy can backup saves from a real cartridge, but can it write/restore saves to that same cartridge? For instance, could I take the save file extracted from this tutorial, edit it, replace it, and then have those effects take place next game? I ask because I'd want to buy a Hyperkin for this purpose and if I cannot do this, I'd have to spend much more on a Joey.
  7. They're totally available. And you can ask for a max of three too, so you can request one more.
  8. I'm back online, so give me your link code and I'll trade you stuff. I'll give you three level 100s. Anyone who wants stuff can request it at the moment. I restored all the pokemon, so any request would do unless it's been requested on the forums or on YouTube.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8exfPNF1IQ0 Note: Please don't ask me for the same pokemon for at least a couple days after someone requests it on here. I'm running this mod on OFW and in order for me to restore my save, I have to do a full eMMC restore. Not only is this time-consuming, but I don't wanna write to my eMMC too much as too many writes can eventually kill it. Taken Pokemon: Only request at MAXIMUM three pokemon! Request them on this forum and give your link code once you friend me. I'd also prefer not to trade Mega Evolutions as that can ruin online play. Am I Online At The Moment: Just got finished with my last person for the night. Wait until either tomorrow or the next day.
  10. So, I've been churning out Action Replay Codes non-stop lately and now I need to test them on the DS. Problem is, I don't have a DS and an Action Replay for it anymore. So, I'll post the codes I've made/modified below: Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Pokemon Ranger Codes: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Fossil Fighters: Champions Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light EDIT: I'm sure I'll be adding more codes to this as time goes on. Hopefully someone starts testing these on actual hardware for me.
  11. I've edited SID/TID in both Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD before. I made a Gecko Code a while back to edit trainer SID and TID. I could also make codes to edit Pokemon SID, TID, and PID in Colosseum as well (I already did this in XD). If you'd like to set your Trainer SID/TID in Pokemon Colosseum, here's a Gecko Code for that: Trainer SID TID Modifier Code 48000000 8047ADB8 DE000000 80008180 1200009C 0000SSSS 1200009E 0000TTTT E2000001 80008000 T= TID in HEX S= SID in HEX
  12. I’m using Dolphin 5.0 and I have Dump Textures in the graphic area turned on. I’ve even attempted to turn on Dump EFB, but that only gets me frame by frame models of what I really want. What are the names of each texture asset pertaining to Shadow Lugia and Shiny Lugia (as I plan on porting this over to Colosseum under Shiny Lugia), and how would I dump them?
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