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  1. In other words, if you don't know what you're doing, don't create a pokemon from scratch. Download an existing one, then edit it.
  2. In any case, I can't seem to find any info to triggering it. It kinda makes me doubt on whether they were ultimately intended to be obtained; I'm wondering if they're merely unused ROM scripts. I mean, you don't need them to get the associated medals, right? (and, and video online could just be activated via cheats, else, why wouldn't they describe the trigger ) In any case, I wish you luck to trying to trigger it ><
  3. Well, it says "moves", but based on this list, the trigger don't look at moves. Probably a mistranslation or something.. It is more "actions" than "moves".
  4. Shininess aside, There's no 6IV Adamant PID (by Method 1). It is known that in Gen 3 and 4, for anything generated by the existing Methods (typically non-eggs), if you want flawless IVs, your choice of nature is real limited. If you want Adamant, it cannot be Flawless. So there's your initial problem right there: you wanted something impossible (to be legal) [and IIRC, it has to be Method 1. Rayquaza in Gen 3 is Method 1] No, those programs work fine. Once again, the problem is with what you wanted. (and maybe by extension, the problem was with you not knowing that not
  5. No idea what the status of the STAMP Pichu, Could be received in-game by someone, could be made manually, it's not like they shared the QR. Whatever the case, said person simply export the Pichu from PKHeX, using the QR code as a medium.
  6. PKHeX can import and create QR codes of mons. Not that it is any important, since one can just upload and import PKXs. But that's just my view. To each its own.
  7. Well to begin with, rolling it as I said is the "correct way". It's just that apparently PKHeX seems to only roll 3 characteristic. (which I guess no one else noticed, since characteristic isn't important). So just keep rolling, and if you encounter a limit, roll on some other mon. Maybe one day I'll make a program to roll for characteristics. I don't see it happening any time soon, but one day..
  8. sorry, was in the middle of editing my post. Refresh the page, look at the edited post.
  9. Okay. Try rolling for characteristic on a different Pokemon then take the obtained PID and paste it into your Latias. I'm noticing the 3 characteristics issue too, I guess I just happened to have the 3 you wanted.
  10. and what characteristic were you trying to hit?
  11. Literally the instructions here. If you can't understand it, then I suggest you don't attempt it. If you could not comprehend the dumbed down instructions + images, I doubt anything I can say can get through Also this doesn't answer my point on "Why don't you give it a try? Use the PIDs I obtained on your pokemon. " I told you to take the PID generated, and use it on your mon. I used it on a few mons with Flawless IVs, and they all became that characteristic..
  12. Why don't you give it a try? Use the PIDs I obtained on your pokemon.
  13. First, replying to your various claims on how you "press roll a lot of times", tried to reroll multiple times on RNGreporter etc. There's only a few valid PIDs for 31 IVs, and only one can have Timid. You should have seen that. Heck, there's a reason why I keep saying don't do flawless or near flawless IVs.. Given you wanted Somewhat vain, and have 31 IVs in Special Defense, it's a possible outcome. Since you said you don't care about PID Mismatch, I did some rolls. I got this within one roll, lol. and here's another one I got within 5 minutes.
  14. I need to see the IVs and know the characteristic, to ensure you are not screwing up even the basic parts.
  15. @Atmosphaera can you upload the mon, and say what characteristics you wanna roll for it? (I'm assuming the IVs on it are IVs you want)
  16. any further question asked here unrelated with PID mismatch, locking thread.
  17. any more questions, ask away in that thread, not this one. Also, as I've said before, you gotta do trial and error. You won't get it at one go.
  18. did you read what I just sent?
  19. Once again, I bring your attention to which gen the Pokemon was caught in. It was caught in a generation below Gen 6. Which in that case change the PID to that value, and the encryption constant will follow... no. also don't spread your begging into unrelated threads. Also, if you really wanted to, you can edit an existing save with this:
  20. Nah, I don't care about pkrus, hence I don't now the details. it isn't, not really, as long as you're not trying to attempt near flawless or flawless IVs. As part of the guide would say, settle PID and IV and nature first, then find a compatible TID and SID that would result in shininess.
  21. This issue only effects Pokemon caught in Gen 3 or 4. Plus, the steps are the same if a Gen 3 or 4 origin mon is in Gen 7. I mean, all you got to do is fix PID, IVs, Nature, Gender. Those options are the same regardless of which gen it's in (above gen 3)...
  22. It’ll be legal according to Pokémon Bank; whether the save is injected by Nintendo Staff or by some kid is irrelevant to it. There would be nothing to tell them apart. It’ll matter when someone asks you about it, for example, if someone asks how you got it, and your reply was “eBay”. You will get lots of doubtful looks.
  23. from the look of it, yes. The Mew is generated on distro, sent to the cart, then when the cart is full it is cloned. Nothing. ><
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