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  1. What’s the page that shows that? edit: do note that the people who got ahold of PCNY do not have all the data in the memory cards, thus they’ll be events missing.
  2. Posting multiple times when no one has replied you, is thoroughly not necessary; just edit any new info into your latest unanswered post. And being rude isn’t a good look, especially especially to staff. Don’t take this the wrong way, but the act of multi-posting to ask for a gift/favour, even if there isn’t monetary value attached to the subject, is begging. For your sake, I’m keeping this thread open and removing the offending content. Please be mindful of what and how you post next time, kay? (Anyhow, if you don’t get responses, consider hacking your device and getting the mons yourself.)
  3. I was gonna say you probably took the non-updated exeFS, but then saw your edit. Good work, glad it works for ya! Now, for me to edit the steps..
  4. I think I was having a similar issue recently, and I got this to work with ctrtools v1.2.0, give this a try: extract exefs.bat
  5. @monachito1 launch the Switch as you would normally. Then go into System Settings. Then show firmware version. Take a photo and upload it here.
  6. @LizardMilk That’s a great find! How I wish I had those during my time. Curious why you didn’t use them. Is it cause you never played the game
  7. At some point, yes. I’m currently working on revamping my entries, as there are some things about them I’m not happy about. The update will be up when it’s up should deal with this too.
  8. Even so it’s against our rules. The save could be shared to others. It is less an issue for you, and more are issue for the person sharing. PKHeX has options to unlock the 7* raids, there is no need for someone else’s save.
  9. I’m sorry, but the way you described makes it unclear if it’s one device or two devices. but yeah, you could use device A’s Sysnand (which is hacked) to transfer the save legitimately to device B (unhacked). You should be able to figure out how to move the save around in Sysnand and Emunand on device A. Just make sure you keep backups (saves, mods, nands, etc) before you do any moving of anything.
  10. We can’t guarantee you won’t get banned. However there have been ton of people, who include YouTubers who literally play with mods with friends online as content, so keep that information in mind. All at your own risk of course. I’ll say temporarily remove all mods when you go online to transfer the saves. You can always reinstall the mods after.
  11. Sorry to necro. The amount of “guaranteed IVs” are known based on encounter type, or any other details that were datamined. For example, some brilliant encounters have 1 or 2 (if I’m not mistaken). Wilds have 0. Symbol encounters can have 3, depending on what you’re fighting. Gotta do research on what encounter you intend to use the tool to validate.
  12. I use the program HxD. Not sure where I can point to that teaches how to use them. If Manu shared you screenshots or addresses on how to edit them, then you could just load up the file into HxD and edit as per what he said. Yeah save editing being editing via PKHeX. In this case, loading your save into PKHeX, then reading the data of your target mon, then manually editing the height/weight values. Though frankly modifying height or scale (depending on game) is enough, since weight isn’t really used.
  13. If both Switch’s have the same user profile, you can share saves across them, even if one is hacked and one isn’t. This is done legitimately using Nintendo’s Save Transfer (whatever the process is called). User profile can also be shared locally using that legitimate process. Will require both devices to be next to each other, not banned, updated to a point where they can access the network (needs server authentication before it allows local save transfer)
  14. If you own a 3DS you can simply hack it. All 3DS models can be hacked. In all likelihood, hacking your device and doing jt yourself beats waiting for someone to reply and do it for you; we aren’t a trading nor “Gen request” forum, so those type of requests usually don’t get fulfilled. (Also, said user hasn’t been online in pretty much 5 years) Anyhow, https://3ds.hacks.guide at your own risk.
  15. Deoxys is not capturable in BDSP. Genning it there and transferring wouldn’t work, without a valid server-assigned tracker.
  16. There is no need to multi post. If no one replied your latest post, just edit the new info in. Ignoring Jirachi, your mons (a) have a HOME tracker and (b) appear legal. With that in mind, it may not be going in because (1) exact same Mon with same tracker is already in your HOME or (2) the mons were already edited thus making the tracker invalid [we can’t see what exact details the server expects based on the tracker] If you no longer have the proper originals, best bet is to try again starting from uploading them into HOME from the correct game.
  17. @bigdom8 if you tried to place 5 Pokémon into HOME, and 1/5 of them is bad, you get flagged regardless. try placing them in without Jirachi. Do you get any error now, and if so, what is it?
  18. Perhaps you could try to modify the wonder card to have a fixed size (preset), then inject it via BCAT injection? Else there’s nothing else you can really do. I can’t walk you through that though. As far as I know, nothing in the save can control the size of a Pokémon yet to be received. Besides that, save edit to modify the size.
  19. I can’t remember, but for gifts it’s either preset or assigned randomly.
  20. This part isn’t true. They’ll just clone server-side data from the tracker provided, then proceed to create a new tracker with the associated data. granted, it is easy to check on their end if they want to (basically check whether duplicate trackers existed, that ain’t Nincada family), but so far they’ve not done that. In any case, it’ll be at your own (reader’s) risk
  21. You can dump the ROM from your console, modify the raids (becomes a ROM Hack), then run the ROM hack on your console. The hacked raid can have species and rewards modified. I know it was literally said earlier, but I’ll like to remind you that it cannot be shared, and make doubly sure you’re in flight mode. (And delete the hack when you’re done)
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