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  1. How did you obtain this? Something is deeply wrong with your file. It is corrupted hence why it cannot be loaded.
  2. what is this 'reset view method' you're talking about?
  3. That sentence was not coherent. Usage of punctuation is key. Still, I would try to parse your statement. you're welcome At least for Ursaluna BM, I think you can check the IVs without saving, so you can always just SR the game. So, do you mean to reactivate the event flag with PKHeX? PKHeX can't 'soft reset' the save for you, and I am not sure if the event flag is even researched and detailed.. Anyhow, if you intend to modify your save in order to be able to "soft reset", might as well perform 'save scumming'. First, make a save backup from before you caught Enamorus. Then, catch Enamorus, then make a save backup via JKSV, then revert back to the said in the above sentence. Do this around a few hundred times, then check all the Enamorus in all your saves.
  4. maybe your switch is already banned? what error do you receive? show a screenshot. I just use Atmosphere direct from their github.
  5. For 3x 0 IVs, rarer than a shiny, at 1/32768 For 2x0Vs, it is 1/1024, which isn't as bad compared to a shiny, but still.. refer to the next point. To make matters significantly worse, you won't really find out till after you transferred to another game that has an IV judge (since the stats displayed in PLA is different), meaning the game already needs to be saved, means no more legitimate SRing. I'm gonna say no, why would anyone provide a legitimate version of something so rare?
  6. Save dumper to modify saves. Tho I reckon most commercial ROM dumpers allow you to dump saves too.
  7. @bogajima there’s no way to edit stuff in Pokémon GO, as it’s server based. (Unless there’s like a server hack or a dumb implementation, but no one heard of anything and unlikely. Else third party GO modification apps would have abused it a long time ago.)
  8. Make sure your game is updated. It does that for non-existent species. Those species’ model don’t exist on lower revisions of SV
  9. I believe the level 20 Ogerpon is for when your story progression isn't far enough.
  10. A bad hack. Thus user error. PKHeX working as intended.
  11. Then wait while it’s being worked on. Devs are aware
  12. Change the current handler to someone else. Yea, this screenshot isn’t from the latest version but hopefully it can help. you should change that red-lined portion (HT or Handling Trainer) to your save, and there should be a dropdown nearby that will allow you to select current trainer to HT instead of OT. Don’t change any of the OT details.
  13. In this case this likely isn’t that. They should treat *all* edited Max Lair entries to be illegal on their part, cause they probably did their edits without knowing what they were doing. As for your Raichu, I’ve yet to look at it.
  14. We can’t just change it. Need to reroll an entirely different entry
  15. No, you won’t get an error using them online, cause they weren’t super hacked. Online hack checks aren’t worth anything; don’t use them as a basis. You likely modified all of them then. My unmodified mons are fine. Also, they likely appeared “legal” (even if they actually weren’t) cause PKHeX previously didn’t check for it. It just means they were illegal to begin with I reckon. If you like, you can upload some of the mons and we’ll look at it.
  16. Mind showing me a screenshot of the IVs for the Xurkitree? Those that you made shiny likely aren’t legal, it’s just their PKHeX can’t validate their correlation (intensive to load all at a moment) so PKHeX likely doesn’t validate it. Doesn’t mean they aren’t illegal. Someone with the software could do that check offline, for each creature, one by one.
  17. Can’t speak for anything else, but it looks like your Xurkitree was modified. Like your modified it’s IVs or something. Max Lair encounters have RNG correlations, and one of your edits broke it.
  18. Press X/Start to launch the menu that appears within the game (not the menu of the emulator). Then, proceed to save the game.
  19. Either import a file that came from GO, or catch one legitimately in GO then transfer that. If you fancy, use this. Don’t change any of the immutables.
  20. You’ve been answered in the other thread
  21. it'll be released when it is released.
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