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  1. There isn’t. You gotta manually edit Cresselia to match legal PIDIV correlation. what you can do, is load a Cresselia from the encounter database (PKHeX will give you a basic legal one), then use that as a base and edit it. make sure you don’t edit PID, IVs, IVs, Ability, Height, Weight to keep it legal.
  2. Kindly stop multi-posting. If no one answered you, edit your post into your latest unanswered post. if you go into #help on our Discord, someone is likely around to help you.
  3. I’ll generate one for you later. just know you can’t randomly change IVs. For mons with correlated stats, you can’t just change one stat. Gotta change the whole set.
  4. You don’t seem to understand how RNG and correlated stats works. try changing the IV of your own caught roamer in BDSP, watch it turn illegal. Lol. if you want different IVs, you gotta reroll all the stats.
  5. Just understand this forum doesn’t have a positive record for genning and trade requests in the recent years. For those services, for higher chance of success, I suggest you all try another site or channel. If you still wanna try here, I’ll kindly ask you guys to patiently wait in your own threads, rather then type it any chance you can in other peoples threads. Cheers.
  6. Yes. Just hyper train the IVs. As for 0IVs, generate another one? Also, using significantly hacked mons online is against our rules. I hope that’s not what you meant.
  7. A horrible alternative is to have the game gen it for you. If I'm not mistaken, it starts roaming after you complete the events of 1-3 Island. (The initial Bill sidequest at Sevii islands.) So perhaps find a save early enough at that point, then redo them. Alternative, try to uncheck event flags related to that and see if it lets you do them again. You probably should keep a safe and secure save backup elsewhere before you do that, tho.
  8. Guess you didn't look closely enough. There's literally a button called roamer, and it shows a flag relating to whether it's active or not. Do keep in mind you need to generate a legal PIDIV for it.
  9. Hi. This is a primary English speaking forum, so keep in mind that our responses may appear fragmented (or your messages will look fragmented to us), all due to the translator. PKHeX works for Shining Pearl. However, you would need to have hacked your Switch console, in order to extract your save.
  10. There's a newer PKHeX, you're not on the latest. :3 The latest is 20211127 Also I've yet to upload my updated plugin. It's still in testing for Roaming8b. Also waiting for details on other mons (like BDSP wild encounters) The old PKHeX wasn't checking the mon's PID against the fake Trainer's TID (criteria for shinies for Roaming8b) [The RNG generation actually generates a TID/SID combo, to determine if the encounter can be shiny. It's known as a 'fake trainer'. Max Lairs do the same thing] This affected a legal shiny Mesprit: edit: @MewtwoFanz Cress based on your specs 488 ★ - Cresselia - D53F1585874B.pb8
  11. Based on the work done by giants, I've implemented PIDIV data searching for Overworld8, Max Raids, Max Lair. In my tests, my preliminary testings shows that Roaming8b is working for me
  12. Not that I know of. For now, probably have to manually edit/replace personalinfo entries, and add in the models
  13. "Claimed Mew Icon"? are you trying to receive another Mew on SWSH? You won't be able to if you use the same save. Multiple redemptions allowed, you can just redeem it again..
  14. https://web.archive.org/web/20170923142413/https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/12118-pokémon-generation-i-amp-ii-event-guide-v12/ and https://web.archive.org/web/20160305075550/http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?13318-quot-pok%e9mon-generation-i-amp-ii-event-guide
  15. What Wolfie said fully applies. It just so happens that I'm in the process of updating my plugin, so just testing things out. Try this file, and it should be legal presently. 488 ★ - Cresselia - 8B03741E140E.pb8 Note: you have to be on latest PKHeX for it to show it being legal. I’ve ignored your specifications for now. I may or may not follow them; it depends on how ridiculous they are. An example of what they look like:
  16. @kewra your Mesprit is legal on the latest dev build of PKHeX :3
  17. Yes. Since the 3DS, file name matters for the file you're reinjecting.
  18. Send the save over from your Switch using FTP. Very important, I want the save that you restored to your Switch that is causing issues, that is on your Switch. I don't want a fresh download. Also, I want a screenshot of the files in the folder that you're going to restore. As much as that is a sure fire way, repeated usage of taking out and placing back the SD card can kill the SD card adapter on the Switch (which is replaceable) and that part of the motherboard connecting to the adapter (not replaceable). I won't recommend it. I know it happens, cause it happened to me.
  19. Try setting the transfer type in FileZilla to binary instead of ASCII, then try again.
  20. maybe you restored the save incorrectly. (the way it's named, the presence of other files in the folder etc.) or perhaps your FTP (if you're using it) is shedding bytes from the transfer, resulting in an invalid save being sent back. What are you using to transfer your save to your Switch?
  21. Your game version is probably 1.0.0 and you restored a 1.1.0/1.1.1 save. The saves track game revision and you cannot restore downwards.
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