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  1. Thanks for the clarification . My main purpose for that was to get Perfect IV.Since it's much easier that transporter RNG lol. And I ended up abusing RNG in Transporter a few days ago.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum.Sorry I moved the post here with a hope to get more accurate answer. I use PKheX to transfer Pokémon from VC games to USUM.When I transfer pokes from VC games I usually increase some EXP. to get the nature I want. But when I transferring some shinies from Crystal To UM , I noticed they had the extra EXP. not eliminated .I remember when I used bank in the past,It used to eliminate those EXP. Am I doing something wrong? Or this is how it's supposed to work?  And another question.Is the PID created completely random or as how the bank does?  I'm worried about the legitimacy of those mons as I soft reseted for them a lot and thought I should ask in here.. Any help much appreciated Thanks
  3. Are you using a microSD to SD adapter? If so try moving the switch upwards on the adapter.If it doesn't help try formatting the card
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