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  1. It’s a .rar file. Use the program winrar to extract it.
  2. Use the latest PKHeX I see you’re using a rather old version.
  3. Is there a way to get the parents in a Lure Ball?
  4. “Apparently met” VS “met” has been a thing in the game for a long now. ”Met” shows for the trainer that matches OT/TID/SID/OTG. (Think: the Pokémon has the summary being viewed by the literal original trainer) ”Apparently met” are for trainer details that don’t match the Pokémon (think: the summary of a Pokémon received from trade)
  5. Union Circle is the feature that can allow you to 4 members to come together and share a common play session. You can see each other run in the overworld, take part in raids together, and run into each other’s spawns (that includes shinies BTW) etc. When you play Union Circle with a friend, their spawns can and will show up in the common play session. You can then go towards their spawn and catch it. When you catch it, it’ll be your OT and Origin Game. It’s literally how the game works, and PKHeX takes that effect into account. Thus PKHeX is working as intended. If you can’t visualise how Union Circle works, I’m sure there’s a bunch of YouTube videos you could watch.
  6. Given Pokémon Bank requires access to your save, and how R4 doesn’t save the file in the save partition but instead as multiple files in the SD, you can transfer out from an R4. When it comes to transfer processes, the sending game usually has to be a retail cart (or a very very expensive flashcart, or a somewhat one use per flash kind of flashcart), and the receiving game can be a flash cart/repro. So in Pokémon Bank’s case, it would need a retail cart.
  7. Sorry yeah physical is fine with the steps I’ve provided. I’ve modified my own cart like that.
  8. To be clear, are you certain you’re using a flash cart, or you using a physical cart of the actual game?
  9. Besides the flash cart step (I’m not sure if your save will interact with checkpoint, nor if the save isn’t stored separately to begin with), I think it sounds good
  10. Yup, only if you first enter from SWSH. It’s because they are checking which child is populated first. do note that HOME logs everything and do this at your own risk.
  11. @atlantislelouch back up a cart normally (even if it has dummy progress). Then replace the save with your current 6AO save. make sure it is named main (with no extension) and be the only file in the folder. The file you extracted is good for usage, just need to rename it before you use it.
  12. Upload the save here and let us take a look. Doesn’t matter if it failed. Just drop it here so we can advise further
  13. I use a R4 cart with a DS and dump it. Never had issues. don’t know any GBA physical dumpers
  14. yeah I was building up to that conclusion. still, glad it worked out
  15. Yeah no, that's not the way to soft reset and get a legitimate encounter. Go do it properly in game. Given PKHeX currently doesn't validate nor have the algorithm for PLA: if it ever gets discovered, your current one would be flagged as illegal.
  16. yeah that save file is weird. Anyhow clean the contacts on your cartridge then try again I reckon.
  17. How did you obtain this? Something is deeply wrong with your file. It is corrupted hence why it cannot be loaded.
  18. what is this 'reset view method' you're talking about?
  19. That sentence was not coherent. Usage of punctuation is key. Still, I would try to parse your statement. you're welcome At least for Ursaluna BM, I think you can check the IVs without saving, so you can always just SR the game. So, do you mean to reactivate the event flag with PKHeX? PKHeX can't 'soft reset' the save for you, and I am not sure if the event flag is even researched and detailed.. Anyhow, if you intend to modify your save in order to be able to "soft reset", might as well perform 'save scumming'. First, make a save backup from before you caught Enamorus. Then, catch Enamorus, then make a save backup via JKSV, then revert back to the said in the above sentence. Do this around a few hundred times, then check all the Enamorus in all your saves.
  20. maybe your switch is already banned? what error do you receive? show a screenshot. I just use Atmosphere direct from their github.
  21. For 3x 0 IVs, rarer than a shiny, at 1/32768 For 2x0Vs, it is 1/1024, which isn't as bad compared to a shiny, but still.. refer to the next point. To make matters significantly worse, you won't really find out till after you transferred to another game that has an IV judge (since the stats displayed in PLA is different), meaning the game already needs to be saved, means no more legitimate SRing. I'm gonna say no, why would anyone provide a legitimate version of something so rare?
  22. Save dumper to modify saves. Tho I reckon most commercial ROM dumpers allow you to dump saves too.
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