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  1. 1st one redeemable in Colo, the rest direct to party in Gen 3 main series game, it’s not a wonder card, so you won’t be able to inject as such.
  2. Version 0.1.2


    In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, there are various fixed symbol spawns. Some that the player could interact with and catch, some that immediately flies away when approached, and some that allow players to battle wild Tera Pokémon. Currently, this plugin allows you to view the . How to use Put the plugin into the plugins folder in your PKHeX directory, then access it from the Tools menu. Note: Win 10 might block DLL files downloaded from the internet. In that case right click the plugin file, go to properties and check "unblock" (as seen here). [You may have to unblock, reblock, then unblock again to get it to work] Example of how to unblock: Usages Load a SV save into PKHeX, and load up the plugin. Click on the image to load into the plugin's previewer, and click on the Send to viewer button to send to PKHeX's viewer. Locations for Wild Tera Pokémon are listed. They have full-coloured backgrounds, have a glow around the sprite, and have a Tera star in the top right hand corner. Support For help and bug reporting, go here. Credits Kaphotics for PKHeX.
  3. There is data left from GO sent to the server, on the server side. While we cannot access it normally, it’s definitely there. The easiest example would be to send a mon from GO to HOME, and view the data on mobile. It tells you who the GO trainer is, and that info isn’t tied the PK data, but rather the HOME tracker. While it doesn’t show when traded to a different HOME trainer, it shows back up when traded back. (anyhow, even if it eventually disappears, that just the UI doesn’t show them. The info is likely still on their server)
  4. Yeah I won’t be adding it into Gen 8’s plugin. For now there’s 2 kinds of overworld stuff I can *try* to deal with: 1) Fixed Symbol encounters (wild Tera and non-Tera) and 2) the “random spawns” around the player that the game saves. I’ve made strides relating to fixed Symbol encounters, but it’s not anyway near a state where I’m happy to release
  5. 00000001.sav are typically encrypted saves extracted from the SD card directly. I’m assuming yours is that too. PKHeX can’t work with console encrypted saves. You’ll need to extract the save from your system using an appropriate save manager, like JKSM or Checkpoint, then only then transfer it to your computer. Do note you’re definitely going to need CFW to do that. We have guides on our site on how to use JKSM/Checkpoint: https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/
  6. It technically should exist for emulators, since people do TAS on emulators
  7. There’s a raspberry pi board + clamp that can do it for you on a 3DS, if I’m not mistaken. However, whether it’s still sold is another story.
  8. It’s likely not just the PID. Everything doesn’t match. The PID-IV and stats are correlated, and something in the correlation is broken.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Leanny's plugin for SWSH has not been supported by PKHeX for a few years. The file here is an attempt to update the plugin to work for the current PKHeX.Core. Original Github: https://github.com/Leanny/PKHeX_Raid_Plugin
  10. Can you transfer it to any Game that can extract the Mon? I assume you have a modded 3DS hence why you’re on PKSM. You could use JKSM or Checkpoint to extract a save file, for use with PKHeX. We have tutorials that cover both. This is for JKSM:
  11. While that helps them create a Mew, it doesn't really solve the problem at heart. It sounds like they want to create their own Mew using their own TID/SID. (unless they don't mind what you've given) @Mew1511993 in any case, if you have access to the Japanese Emerald save, you can use PKHeX to load the save and extract the Mew. Or did you mean you're attempting to create the Mew from scratch?
  12. are you able to get a PK3 or it or something?
  13. first, do all this in PKHeX. Next, PID, Natures, IVs are linked in Gen 3. Without fail. Break the link by changing it to something different and you'll get PID Mismatch. Next, PIDIVs generated has to be Method 1, not any other method. Why don't you show us what PID you're trying to get?
  14. Legitimately no. however if you load PKHeX in “Hax mode” (check startup options) it would be possible; PKHeX would provide the best guess and convert down for you.
  15. I don't see the missing OT memory or Geo Problem, but for all your uploaded Pokemon, they all have modified IVs, hence encounter type mismatch. No clue, don't risk it. It is something you cannot achieve in-game, so yes, it is an significant edit.
  16. A illegal but plausible way is to have the Mon enter HOME from SWSH. It generates data correctly when done so, but HOME can detect and track back that you’ve done so. This is also only limited to species that exist in SWSH.
  17. But moves from other games get reset when transferred in SV
  18. Quick question, how do they learn that move in SV?
  19. HxD to edit data blocks extracted from PKHeX. Anyhow I can confirm it can be done: https://discord.com/channels/343093766477053953/354645386746527745/1158686772646129694
  20. No guidance for it, but gotta say it sounds fun
  21. theSLAYER

    Ash's Pidove

    Yeah, the current handler couldn’t be the old OT. change the name of the old OT to someone that isn’t the current save. Change the current handling trainer from the OT to HT.
  22. that would have been the file, but it is mostly blank, as though there wasn't a game played on it.
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