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  1. Yeah if it fell in the range of 0-7 on a modified game, that potentially means you probably encountered ‘an actual shiny’. (I say probably because it depends on whether you used cheat codes or modifications that also messed with other data of the mon) yeah 3DS games doubled the odds. Range is from 0-15. anything that is range 8-15 in NDS/GBA games get their values changed when transferred into 3DS game, to keep their non-shininess consistent. (imagine if they were non shiny before, and became shiny after transfer. GF can’t have that..)
  2. This is the latest and final one. I am no longer working on this then passion project.
  3. You gotta check the save individually. I feel like I can’t specify each individual instance. Ask the seller for their story, see if it checks out. If they can’t even provide a believable story, don’t bother. maybe it’ll be easier to provide us whatever info you get, if you feel you aren’t a good judge.
  4. Different Groups of event Pokémon have different RNG generation patterns. It can involve PID, IV, held item, OT name, TID, OT gender. It really depends on which event Pokémon we talking about. Tho even getting those values won’t be much help if you don’t know the correlation. As far as I know it isn’t fully documented clearly. It’s probably somewhere, just at an unclear “need to search for it” state as for other telltale signs, can range from stuff like does the fella have wonder cards? Is the mon in their dex? Do they have x999 for items? You know, the usual.
  5. Yes and no. If you know the RNG correlations you can try checking it out. Maybe ask the person for their story to see if that checks out. Maybe ask for photographic proof. Maybe check if the save has other telltale signs of receiving event or hacking.
  6. Yellow format isn't PB8. It's PK1. Launch PKHeX in hax mode, in 2 windows. 1 window be FireRed, another window be Yellow. Then drag the mon from FireRed into Yellow.
  7. unrelated to topic you were quoting. Post has been split out. Also, check our saves area, and check out our USUM flag importer. It might take some work, but you can get the file you want by importing all the mons you want, and importing the correct event flags.
  8. I'm gonna try to simplify it. Imagine every Pokémon having a hidden unchangeable value, and that value and range from 0 to 4095. In GBA/NDS games, if a Pokémon has any value between 0 to 7, it would be shiny. Those methods you mentioned don't change the value the Pokémon can have. It simply expands the shiny limit of 0 - 7, to let's say, 0 - 255. So let's imagine we have a Pokémon with value 255. In the modified game, it appears shiny. However, if you transfer or trade the Pokémon back to any non-modified game, the Pokémon will be (correctly) non-shiny, as the shiny range is only from 0-7. [255 > 7] Does that explanation help? For modifying Gen 8 saves directly, yes you need a modified Switch
  9. If we're going by written by me, only the 3DS ones (as per what I recommended earlier). The NDS ones are "visual only", and won't carry into future titles or unmodded games (pretty sure I have that specified in the guide too). The other trainer's name. It literally just stores the name. Not trade. Transfer. You cannot trade directly from 3DS into Switch. PKHeX allows conversion of pk7 into pk8 by dragging the mons from a gen 7 save (or any other generation, really) into a SWSH save.
  10. Either works. Even if your mon was illegal, unless it is super illegal, you won't get obliterated by HOME or Bank. They got terrible hackchecks. However, for the sake of discussion, I'll be continuing with a 'strictly completely legal and correct' mindset. For the record, for most mons, the met date of a mon don't truly matter; they could be met at any date due to the fact you can change your NDS/3DS to a large date range. So they just need to caught within the date range. Going by your example. Suicune received on 31/01/2022 Gen 4. Suicune -> Gen 5 (via Relocator) -> Met date changes to 02/01/2022 [Met Date changes with Relocator/Poke Transfer] I will recommend against using cheats. A lot of games have PID correlations for the mons. While Gen 5 isn't one of them, there's a weird quirk with the PID having to end with odd/even due to OT Gender or something, and the cheats tend to ignore that. The 'shiny rate 100%' for 3DS games we have is probably a better option, just don't use it with wonder cards. As long as your trainer name and nickname don't have weird characters, that would be a purely optimal option. Tools > Data > Dump Boxes in the Gen 4 save, then Tools > Data > Load Boxes in the Gen 5 save. If I'm not mistaken PKHeX should do it for you. If it doesn't, then yeah remove those items with batch editor. Do note that some forms are dependent on items, so check through all your mons after that. Same thing, just trade the mon into another save, and change the Species. The key difference in Gen 6 and up is you need to fill in the field Latest (Not OT) Handling Trainer. If this field is empty, this mon hasn't been traded. Also, I don't think I've answered anything pertaining to Gen 8?
  11. If anyone has an idea, and wanted to reply, they would have replied. Stop bumping the thread if you're not getting a reply
  12. Please be patient, I had other things to do that took priority. Anyway, looking at the save, it doesn't look like you saved into it. Please save using the game's menu, instead of state saving using the emulator.
  13. Assuming the EC of the original you uploaded was unmodified, I restored the original stats. Anyway, it appears that the Carkol encounter has no guaranteed stats. The way the RNG in SWSH works, is that if there's no guaranteed stats, you cannot have flawless IVs. It was a simple fix. Just give it the original stats, then hyper train all that aren't 31. Functionally they are the same in battle. 839 - Coalossal - 4B28249A5FD3.pk8
  14. I may be mistaken, but I think the latest stable build hasn't fully implemented the PKHeX.Drawing.dll changes yet.
  15. Make sure you're running the plugin on the latest dev build. The plugin was already update to deal with the changes. :3
  16. Did I miss up the uploads. Derp. Will get it sorted out later
  17. I can’t remember if the Carkoal static has guaranteed IVs. I’m assuming not. Stuff without guaranteed IVs can’t roll for flawless. Anyway good luck. It’s not rocket science, but you definitely need to have patience and some reading ability to tackle it.
  18. There’s no need to fear the worst as long as you edit it correctly. just have whatever random IVs the encounter can have, then hyper train the rest. In this day and age, there’s no real reason for flawless IVs.
  19. I was editing the post to include the link. It’s up now XD
  20. Check our tutorials on PID mismatch. Note that not every encounter scenario can yield 6 perfect IVs.
  21. I can’t be sure, but seems reasonable. Remove the caught/seen in Pokédex, then load that save, and send a Spinda out in battle. Win the battle, check the Pokédex, then check if it only shows the one you sent out to battle.
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